Diet in the treatment of giardiasis: what can and can not be eaten, the nutrition menu

Necessity in observance of a dietary diet arises at various pathological conditions. And various diseases assume an individual approach to the selection of the diet. In some cases, the ailment can be cured by the proper selection of diet therapy.

To similar pathologies carry a lambliasis, which is provoked by the simplest parasites( lamblia).Lambliasis invasions cause the development of an intestinal infection that disrupts not only the digestive processes, but also the activity of other intraorganic structures.

Giardiasis can be infected by eating unwashed vegetables or berry, as well as fruit crops. Also, the parasite can enter the body with drinking water or in contact with animals.

Adult individuals actively parasitize the small intestine structures. When lamblia falls into the large intestine, they are converted into cysts, which together with the feces come out. So the parasite enters the external environment, where it becomes a source of infection for a person.

The effectiveness of therapy depends on the timeliness of the pathological process and the correct approach to the choice of drugs. Although treatment is based on the intake of antiparasitic drugs, diet therapy is also of great importance.

What can not be eaten?

Parasite begins to multiply faster if the patient experiences a special love for flour products such as pasta, bread or baking, as well as semolina. Also like parasites and sweet, so patients will have to give up ice cream, sweets or jam, cookies, honey, sweet drinks, etc.

Also it is not necessary to eat with lambliasis milk porridge, butter, sweet fruits like bananas or melons, drink milk. Also, patients will have to give up sausages and all kinds of pâtés.

In general, the list of banned food contains products like:

  • Smoked foods or fast food;Meat, fish or vegetable canned food;
  • All kinds of soda, even minerals;
  • Spicy spices and a variety of condiments;Bean type beans or peas;
  • Vegetables or root crops, which can exert an irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

What can I eat?

Ljamblii very much do not like acidic environment, therefore in a ration at ljambliznyh invasions must be present sour and sour-milk products.

It is recommended to cook various compotes from sour berries and fruits, but without the addition of sugar, you can eat these berries and fruits in raw form.

Acid products increase gastric acidity, which helps to get rid of the parasite more quickly.

You can eat boiled or stewed fish and low-fat meat every day, unsweetened cottage cheese, natural yoghurt and cheeses, porridge cooked on the water and other dishes that do not contain forbidden ingredients.

It is useful to eat stewed carrots or beets, tomatoes, cucumber salads. Without any restrictions, you can use sour apples, oranges, lemons, sour berries such as currants or cherries, blackberries or cranberries, etc.

It is allowed to use rye bread, which is better to dry slightly.

We also recommend vegetables without starch, but with a high content of fiber, for example, cabbage and zucchini. Useful eggs, vegetable soups, fresh salads from vegetables, dressed with vegetable oil( preferably linseed or pumpkin).

Such a nutrition program should become the basis of a daily menu for the entire period of therapy and preventive follow-up after treatment. Eat this diet 4-5 times a day, but in small portions.

Choose for yourself the most optimal hours for meals and eat at this time every day. This approach to nutrition will help to quickly restore the intestinal microflora, which will contribute to an early recovery.

Menu diet for giardiasis

Drawing up a diet menu is a whole science, because you need to combine certain products according to certain rules.

  1. In the first 14-20 days of anti-amliasis therapy will be aimed at stopping active multiplication of the parasite and supporting the body in its getting rid of intoxication. In these three weeks, the basis of the diet should be fresh vegetables, porridge on the water, baked apples and compotes of dried fruits.
  2. Water must be present in the diet. In day it is necessary to drink not less than 1,5-2 liters of simple water which will help to deduce more quickly toxic components from an organism.
  3. In the next 4-6 weeks, the diet is aimed at removing parasites from the body. Therefore, the basis of the daily menu will be acidic foods and foods enriched with fiber, for example, vegetable salads with vegetable oil or porridge on the water, various citrus fruits and sour berries.
  4. The final stage of diet therapy is to strengthen immunity and prevent the repeated reproduction of parasitic microorganisms. To do this, doctors recommend eating more protein foods like fish and meat, cottage cheese and seafood, as well as eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in a variety of vitamins.

As for the approximate menu, it is better to eat porridge on water and drink berry juice for breakfast when treating lambliosis.

The second time you can have breakfast baked in the oven apples. For lunch, it is better to cook soup on a weak broth from chicken or turkey meat with vegetables. On the second it is better to choose buckwheat with meat, and from drinks - compote from cherry or currant. For a snack fit biscuits and yogurt kefir, and you can have supper chicken steaks, carrots stew and tea.

These generally simple actions will help to avoid a lot of problems like prolonged treatment of giardiasis or repeated infection with parasites.

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