Is it possible to eat fried sunflower seeds with pancreatitis and cholecystitis( pancreatic diseases)?

Pancreatitis( inflammation of the pancreas) can occur or worsen for a number of reasons, one of which is a violation of dietary nutrition. Therefore, the question: is it possible to eat sunflower seeds with pancreatitis, doctors unanimously answer - no. But this categorical ban applies only to sunflower seeds, which are very high in calories, so they are contraindicated in the patient with the pancreas.

Flaxseed, pumpkin, sesame seeds in pancreatitis should not be eaten in pure form and in large quantities, but you can safely add to salads, cereal bread and pastries. After all, seeds contain fiber, microelements, vitamins, polyunsaturated healthy fats, as well as vegetable protein, which is not contraindicated by doctors in pancreatitis. For example, pumpkin seeds contain protein containing essential amino acids that the body can not produce on its own. Therefore, these substances can enter the body only through food. It is no accident, people who adhere to strict vegetarianism, advise to include in their diet different varieties of seeds as a source of high-grade protein.

Especially doctors in inflammation of the pancreas recommend adhering to a protein diet. After all, with exacerbation of pancreatitis, the production of food enzymes decreases due to the edema of the diseased organ, and substances that split the protein are produced not only by the pancreas, but also by the stomach and intestines.

For a long time, healers in the treatment of impotence, cough, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas used not very popular among people seeds of melon. And now phyto-therapeutists at pancreatitis recommend eating melon seeds, especially if the cause of pancreatic inflammation is in gallbladder disease. The substances that make up the melon seeds open the blocked sphincters and gallbladder valves, and also purify the liver, since yellow( burnt out) bile is excreted. Therefore, when pancreatitis melon seeds can be eaten without restriction, but only raw or dried. Dry the seeds should not be in the oven, but in a natural way in the air.

If the taste of raw or dried seeds does not like, then you can prepare a tasty and healthy mixture: mix one part of melon seeds in a mortar and five parts of honey. When pancreatic, this mixture should be taken fifteen minutes before eating one tablespoon.

What is dangerous fried sunflower seeds in pancreatitis and cholecystitis?

The main causes of pain in the epigastric region, and later - the occurrence of pancreatitis is the abuse of fried foods and fatty foods, in general. Accordingly, with pancreatitis and cholecystitis, it is necessary to reduce to a minimum( no more than 30% of daily intake) the quantitative consumption of such products.

As for the seeds, they clearly can not be called a lean product. Violation of the same medical prescriptions for pancreatitis and cholecystitis can only aggravate the symptoms of inflammation.

It is known that when cooking heat seeds, the useful properties of the product volatilize, so that the raw sunflower seeds, regardless of the species, are a more useful product in all senses. About how useful fried seeds are, draw conclusions independently, if health is expensive!

To the lovers of fried sunflower seeds:

  • 1 glass of this product is a double portion of pork shish kebab
  • 1 glass of raw seeds improves sleep
  • daily norm for a healthy person - no more than 2 tbsp.spoons
  • instead of frying them can be dried in the oven
  • fried industrially sunflower seeds contain dangerous carbohydrates( benzopyrine)
  • even cooked seeds without skin are rapidly oxidized, so they should not be bought cleaned
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