Names of capsules for the treatment of hemorrhoids and enteritis

Capsules are used to treat hemorrhoids. When they are used, a high level of effectiveness of therapy is characteristic. This is due to a unique composition that not only favors normal blood flow in the affected area, but also normalizes the rheological parameters of the blood( its fluidity).Also capsules allow to stop painful reactions caused by inflammatory lesions of hemorrhoids. In addition, such drugs strengthen the walls of the vessels and restore the tissues of the rectum.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids capsules with the following names are used.

Capsules from hemorrhoids Troxevasin

Troxevasin is considered one of the most effective drugs. They quickly eliminate the pain syndrome and reduce the size of the nodes due to accelerated outflow of stagnant blood. Capsules are used in chronic form and during an exacerbation of hemorrhoids. The basis of Troxevasin is the substance of rutin. It affects the blood vessels, strengthening blood circulation. Ruthin increases the tone of smooth muscles and the permeability of veins. To enhance the effect of capsules against hemorrhoids recommend taking additional ascorbic acid.

The drug lowers the viscosity of the blood. These capsules are effective not only in the treatment of hemorrhoids, but also reduce the likelihood of blood clots in the vessels.

In addition to routine, Troxevasin contains troxerutin( from which the name of the drug occurs), titanium oxide, gelatin, lactose and magnesium stearate.

The drug is administered one capsule twice a day with meals. In this case, the exact dosage should appoint a doctor. For the prevention of exacerbations of hemorrhoids, they recommend taking one medicine every day. Therapy lasts no more than one month.

Treatment of hemorrhoids is better to supplement with ointment Troxevasin. This combination provides a rapid elimination of the symptoms inherent in the diseases, and the recovery of the patient.

Troxevasin should not be taken if lactose insufficiency is diagnosed. In addition, the use of this drug is limited to patients who have problems with the work of the liver and gall bladder.

Capsules from hemorrhoids Proctosedil

Capsules for treatment of hemorrhoids Procosedil are intended to eliminate pain syndrome. The drug has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects. Due to the fact that the active substances of this drug improve blood circulation, the hemorrhoidal nodes decrease in size.

The above effects are achieved due to the fact that Proctosedil contains glucocorticosteroid hydrocortisone and antibiotic framicetin sulfate, which has a wide spectrum of action. The latter substance prevents further growth of pathogenic microorganisms and re-infection. The antibiotic affects gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria.

In addition, these capsules against hemorrhoids include esculoside, which reduces fragility of vessels and increases their elasticity. Proctoside additionally removes spasm of the sphincter and swelling due to the action of benzocaine and butambene.

This medication is used in the treatment of exogenous hemorrhoids and in the presence of cracks in the perineus( perineum) region. Capsules are administered rectally two times a day. After achieving positive dynamics( reducing swelling and pain), the amount of medication taken is reduced to one per day.

Proctosedil is not prescribed to pregnant patients and those who lactify and feed the baby with this milk. It is also not shown to persons with a fungal lesion of the perineal zone and in case of excessive susceptibility of some ingredients of the agent leading to allergies.

Treatment of hemorrhoids with capsules Ginkor Fort

Capsules are prescribed for exacerbations in case of hemorrhoids and enteritis( these 2 conditions may accompany each other).This drug is effective at any stage of the disease due to the fact that it contains heptaminol and troxerutin. Both substances accelerate the outflow of venous blood from the dilated nodes. The medicine eliminates puffiness, increases the elasticity of the connective tissue veins of the veins and stops pain reactions and spasms.

Ginkor Fort also contains silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, gelatin, which perform a potentiating role. The combination of these substances prevents exudative secretion from the lesion.

The drug takes in the process of eating food. A large amount of water for drinking is an indispensable condition for optimal pharmacokinetics, while not chewing. Dosage of the medication is prescribed individually, based on the characteristics of the patient's body and the current form of the disease. The time required for the therapy is prescribed by the doctor.

Ginkor Fort is a tool that can be taken without fear, becausethe organism perfectly tolerates it. In rare cases, an allergic reaction occurs. He is appointed pregnant under condition of constant monitoring by the attending physician.

Ginkor Fort can not be taken with hypertension. In addition, the drug is contraindicated in children.

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