How and how is pancreatitis treated, how to treat the pancreas, is the chronic form curable or not?

It is very difficult for a doctor, no matter what qualifications and experience he has, to give an unambiguous answer to the patient's question whether his disease is curable. In addition to the fact that each person has individual characteristics of the body and can react absolutely unpredictably to standard treatment, there are a number of other factors. And the more difficult it is to give any predictions if the disease has passed into a chronic phase.

If we talk specifically about the diseases of the pancreas, then no doctor can guarantee the complete disappearance of chronic pancreatitis. This is due not so much to the inflammation itself, the signs of which are removed quickly enough, as well as the pain sensations arising in such a state, but rather because the changes that have already occurred in the tissues of the pancreas are irreversible. That is why very much depends on when the disease was discovered, what damage it had already brought, and how much the person is interested in a full recovery.

Unfortunately, many patients mistakenly believe that their recovery is purely a result of the doctor's professionalism. It is possible that in some diseases this is true, but the situation is somewhat different when treating inflammation of the pancreas. The doctor's task is to remove painful attacks, to examine the patient for an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment. And then everyone wondering whether cure pancreatitis should realize that serious work begins on oneself. As for pancreatitis, it will be more correct to say that it is conditionally incurable. Those.once in the field of vision of medicine with inflammation of the pancreas, the patient should not forget about the disease for the rest of his life - only so he can avoid relapses and the need for subsequent calls to the doctor.

And the responsibility of those who persistently tries to understand whether pancreatitis can be cured is not only( and not so much) in taking medications. Inflammation of the pancreas requires a complete change in lifestyle, including nutrition, bad habits, physical activity and much more. Therefore, adhering to all the necessary rules, a patient with pancreatitis can, if not forget about his disease, then, in any case, not to exacerbate the destruction of tissues, while preserving its functions as much as possible.

How and how is pancreatitis treated?

Pancreatitis is easy to cure, if in time to pay attention to the symptoms and forms of manifestation of the disease. Acute inflammation is treated only permanently in the clinic. In the process, the patient is kept on a strict diet, supporting with special medications. In critical cases, pancreatitis is treated with surgical intervention, when the deceased pancreatic tissue is removed by surgeons.

With minor pain, you can eliminate symptoms at home. For this, it is necessary to take the drug No-shpa. In cases where it is necessary to suppress increased secretion, it is necessary to take Almagel or Fosfalugel. Quite often, doctors prescribe some enzyme preparations that can compensate for the lack of pancreatic juice. Such medications include Mezim, Festal, Pancreatin. For normal, effective treatment, it is not necessary to choose medications on your own, since this disease requires serious attitude and consultations of professional doctors.

How to treat the pancreas?

To treat the pancreas it is necessary to use exclusively non-carbonated water. An excellent drink with similar problems is herbal tea, rose hips. It is a complex organ that is difficult to medicate, so when you have the first symptoms you should take it seriously and take the necessary measures.

About how to treat the pancreas, almost everyone thinks, since this problem is quite common. To calm down the "interruptions" in the work of the body can diet or a small starvation. In this period the body receives the necessary glucose, which helps to normalize its work. Particular attention should be paid to food. Preference should be given to all kinds of porridges, to exclude from the diet fruits such as lemons, oranges, bananas, as well as any canned foods.

Is pancreatitis treated or not?

Pancreatitis is a common problem that can have different manifestations. With mild pain or exacerbation, the problem is eliminated medically. In critical cases, when the disease becomes chronic, a complete cure is impossible. In such situations, regular diets are prescribed, as well as periodic operations, during which surgeons remove dead tissue.

Exacerbation of chronic inflammation can be minimized by refusing to drink alcohol, heavy food, and special diets prescribed by doctors. With careful compliance with all requirements, patients with chronic( incurable) pancreatitis prolong their lives, on average, for 10 years.

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