Vitamins for eyes with myopia for children

1 What drugs are needed

Technical progress has brought with it such a problem as the development of visual defects. And every year the number of people who have problems with the eyes, is increasing, and the age is getting younger. Today, the percentage of children who need to wear glasses has increased significantly. Therefore, to reduce the risk of developing eye problems in the diet of the child should contain enough vitamins.

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To maintain normal vision, you must eat foods that contain vitamin A( retinol).It is he who is responsible for the normal operation of the retina and the transmission of impulses along the optic nerve. However, it is worth remembering that retinol is absorbed only when combined with fats, so the products must be combined with simultaneous intake of butter or vegetable oil.

Also in the diet of the baby should be present products containing vitamins of group B:

  • B1 - is responsible for the functioning of the optic nerves;
  • B2 - helps oxygen saturation and nutrition of the optic nerves;
  • B6 - has a calming effect on the eyes.

Do not do without vitamin C. It refers to natural antioxidants, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. The use of products with a vitamin C content promotes the normalization of blood circulation, delivery of useful substances and oxygen to the eyes.

With myopia, an important trace element is calcium. It imparts stability to the connective tissues of the eyes.

To ensure that the required set of vitamins is necessary for children to organize proper nutrition. The products must contain the necessary amount of useful substances. However, it is often very difficult to obtain the required rate. Therefore, various vitamin complexes are often used.

2 Therapeutic actions of

The best treatment for myopia in children is a properly organized diet, a correct lifestyle and constant monitoring by the ophthalmologist.

A balanced diet is one of the main sources of nutrients. And if initially to take care of the nutrition of their children, then the risk of developing problems with vision is reduced to zero.

However, practice shows that a small number of children lead a correct lifestyle. As a result, problems with vision begin, most often short-sightedness develops. Therefore, additional vitamins are prescribed. It is also necessary to use them in autumn and winter, when there is a lack of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and berries.

Vitamin complexes contain all the necessary substances and trace elements, which have a favorable effect on eye health.

For newborn babies, it's best to choose Baby Baby. Children aged from 1 to 4 years are recommended to use such drugs as Alphabet, Our Baby, Pikovit. After 4 years, children are prescribed such drugs as Multi-Tubs and Vita Mishki. After 12 years, adolescents are recommended to use Vitrum Vision, and after 14 years it is recommended to use Alphabet Opticum.

There are also various biologically active additives. However, in the world there are always disputes about the effectiveness of such drugs, so the use of dietary supplements is a big question.

Currently, pharmacies can find many different vitamins for children with myopia. However, you can buy the drug only after examination and consultation with an ophthalmologist. In no case should you give your child vitamins, chosen independently.

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