Removal of the nevus by surgery, laser, sargitron: effects, photo, reviews, price

Most nevi are not a serious problem for humans, but with any changes, urgent medical consultation is required. He will be able to determine whether the removal of education is necessary or not.

Can I remove my nevi?

Sometimes removal is the only option to prevent the transformation of a birthmark into a malignant tumor.

Frequent indications are:

  • injured or its potential threat,
  • larger sizes,
  • aesthetic mismatch,
  • change in shape, color, texture.

This occurs under the influence of endogenous or exogenous factors. The latter include a visit to the solarium, prolonged exposure to the sun, injuries.

Types of therapy

Methods of treatment are selected depending on the location and type of nevus. Sometimes it is left untouched, but a dermatologist is recommended. If the formation is benign, then hospitalization is not required, but all procedures must take place in a medical facility.

Laser method

This kind is performed in most cases using local anesthesia. The laser is effective in benign formations:

  • intradermal,
  • epidermal.

The method is good because it is carried out very quickly. On average, the procedure takes about five minutes. The doctor cuts the nevus with layers by using a device that has directional laser radiation. It is possible to correct the depth and intensity of penetration of the beam.

Laser nevus removal is non-contact and one of the safest. It allows you to remove the nevus on the face or other areas where the skin is particularly sensitive.

Photo of the laser removal of the nevus on the face

With the laser there is no blood loss, pain, no risk of infection. Most of the moles with complete removal never again on this place do not appear. The wound heals in a few days, in rare cases it takes two weeks.

There are some disadvantages. After removing large birthmarks on the skin there is a white spot. Since the laser vaporizes the cells of the formation, it is not possible to send them to a histological study. Therefore, such therapy is used when the nevi is carefully studied by a doctor and tests are given.

Surgical excision

The use of a surgical scalpel is a classic method in which a fringing incision is performed. It is done so as to hurt and healthy skin. After the manipulation, the wound is sewn up, and the education itself is sent for examination.

The method has proved itself well when the nevus:

  • is very deeply penetrated into the skin layers,
  • has several decomposed parts,
  • is suspected of being transformed into melanoma.

Doctors do not perform such treatment for herpes, infectious or inflammatory diseases. Selective waiting tactics until complete recovery. The procedure is carried out under anesthesia and allows you to safely remove the entire mole.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Time depends on the location of the nevus, its size. In modern clinics, after surgery, silicone absorbable patches are used, making it possible to make the scar after surgery less noticeable.

Cryodestruction of

Such a method makes it possible to cope with the formation of cold. For this, very low temperatures are used, which allow freezing and immediately destroying organic formations.

In most cases, the procedure is assigned when it is not necessary to send a mole to a histology, also applies to the removal of formations in the precancerous state.

Indications are:

  • resizing nevus,
  • pain,
  • bleeding,
  • formation of precancerous cells.

Cold is used on neoplasms located in the upper layers of the dermis. Under its influence, water crystallizes in the cells, and the level of electrolyte and metabolites reaches a critical threshold. This destroys the cell membrane.

The procedure is carried out by liquid nitrogen or cryodestructor. In both cases, the removal takes 10 seconds. The procedure is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia.

The drawback of the method is the lack of the ability to control the depth of influence, therefore, in inept hands, it is possible to burn and scar tissue.


The method allows you to cope with the mole with the use of thermal shock produced by electric current.

In the process, the treated area is moxibusted, allowing:

  • to quickly get rid of the nevus,
  • after healing, get a smooth area of ​​the skin without scar,
  • to investigate the cells of education,
  • to eliminate even the smallest formations.

This method is used on small nevuses or in the presence of a base. Contraindications include: the emergence of malignant tumors, herpes, a violation of skin coagulability, the presence of foci of chronic infection.

Local anesthesia is performed before the procedure. Then the mole is removed using a metal loop, along which the current flows. A small number of cells of healthy skin is also cauterized to "soak" the blood vessels and prevent blood loss.

After the procedure, throughout the recovery, qualitative care for education will be required.

Radio knife

The use of a radio knife is one of the most gentle methods. High-frequency waves form energy, which is used to cut tissue and evaporation of cells. This makes it possible to get a practically invisible trace on the job site.

The main advantage is that healthy tissues are not damaged. The procedure takes no more than 20 minutes and is painless. The radio knife is used on all parts of the body, and the formations can be examined.

Such removal can not be carried out if the skin formations began to turn into malignant tumors, there are herpes or inflammatory diseases. It is contraindicated for those who have heart rate sensors in the body.

The device itself in the process of removing moles, produces disinfection and stops bleeding. It is possible to use a radio-knife to work with precancerous formations.


The device allows you to remove the nevus using a cold radio-knife. The method does not lead to complications, has a low level of traumatization.

Influence on the birthmark is carried out using radio waves of high frequency. Energy leads to rapid destruction of cellular structures.

Use of the method is possible with single and multiple nevuses. However, one of the contraindications is pregnancy. The rest of the restrictions are the same as for the radio knife.

The crust remains on the treatment site, which disappears within a week, leaving a trail, both from abrasion. For its healing, a variety of medicines are used. At the same time, under the ban is a solarium, rest on the open sun.

What could be the consequences?

Regardless of the chosen method, removal of a nevus is a serious interference in the functioning of the body. Before the procedure, it is better to know in advance about the consequences.

The natural changes include:

  • formation of the wound and their coating with a crust,
  • forming a pink spot( young healthy skin).

Cryodestruction is an inexpensive method, but the consequences after it are sufficient. For example, if the nevus is not completely eradicated, a mole may appear again. The use of liquid nitrogen is a burn that damages healthy tissues. In addition, on the ground, not up to the end of the remote formation, a tubercle may appear.

During surgery, it is possible to form a keloid scar, and further infection of the wound is not ruled out. If the nevus is not completely removed, then perhaps not just the appearance of a new one, but also its degeneration into melanoma. Therefore, any manipulations should be performed by a doctor.

Reviews of patients

Despite the fact that many seek to choose a more gentle method of treatment, it is not always possible to refuse using a scalpel. Patients note that this method is painless, and the ability to send tissue to analysis is a big plus.

Despite this, most people prefer a laser, a radio knife. If the doctor has found a melanoma-dangerous nevus, then a method is chosen that allows further investigation of the cells. The most painless in the responses is the radio knife, which acts quickly.

The price of the procedure

The simplest thing is to go to the polyclinic, where the nevus will be removed for free. In this case, a surgical scalpel is used.

When contacting clinics the cost of manipulation will depend on:

  • localization,
  • dimensions,
  • selected method.

Of course, the price for the same manipulation will be different depending on the chosen clinic. Some types of formations require several visits to the doctor, for example, when treating a giant pigment nevus, the operation is performed in 2 or 3 stages.

Price includes:

  • preliminary inspection,
  • diagnosis,
  • operation,
  • use of anesthesia,
  • histology.

How to remove a nevus at home?

Extreme exposure( carving, ripping) should be completely ruled out, as this is fraught with the development of cancer.

For removal at home use:

  • garlic,
  • iodine,
  • ointment with celandine,
  • vinegar, apple juice.

In all these cases, a cotton disc is moistened with a nevus lubricated. All folk remedies require a tremendous amount of time, and the consequences can be unpredictable.

Thus, nevi are neoplasms that can cause harm when performed incorrectly. Therefore, the method of treatment is chosen by the doctor, who decides whether to conduct a histological study.

It is dangerous to remove birthmarks, the following video will tell you about it:

Consequences after deleting the nevus in this video:
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