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Being a remedy for allergic manifestations with a wide range of applications of the latest generation, Telfast allows you to quickly get rid of the external manifestations of many types of allergies both during periods of exacerbation and during remission to preserve the resulting therapeutic effect. The Telfast drug is considered to be useful for the treatment of even neglected forms of allergic diseases, which is due to its balanced composition and relatively few side effects.

Available in the form of tablets, the drug is easily applied and does not require special conditions for use in complex treatment, which makes it possible to quickly eliminate external manifestations of allergies of different nature. The cost of this product is considered one of the most affordable for most buyers, which can also be called one of the advantages of Telfast tablets, about the instructions for use, prices, reviews and analogues of which we will tell you today.


Telfast is sold in pharmacies without a medical prescription, which allows you to purchase it if necessary for all those who experience discomfort for allergies. Dosage form - white tablets coated with a film membrane. The form of the Telfast tablet is oblong, on the surface of the tablets there is a stylized version of the letter "e".

The drug is sold in polymer blisters, in each there are 10 tablets. Blisters are in a cardboard box, it contains the most necessary information for the buyer: the name of the product, the expiration date, the manufacturer.

The box also contains detailed instructions that allow you to study the composition of the product, contraindications and indications for use, as well as possible side effects when taking. The treatment regimen is usually prescribed by the attending physician-allergist, however, if you purchase the product yourself, you can independently determine the necessary dose of the remedy and the duration of treatment, taking into account the current status and external manifestations of the allergic disease.

It's hard to immediately tell how much Telfast costs, because it is not sold in every pharmacy in Russia.

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Composition Telfast

The composition of the drug can be called the most balanced. Active substance is fexofkenadine hydrochloride. The active substance in it is presented in the most digestible form, which allows you to get the expected result sooner. The accompanying components provide the possibility of manifesting all the properties of the active substance.

Telfast contains the following components:

  • propylene glycol;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • purified starch;
  • microcrystalline cellulose.

The composition of the surface shell includes iron oxide red, sodium dioxide, silicon dioxide, macrogol, povidone.

Pharmacological action of

A high degree of effectiveness of Telfast is due to the perfectly balanced composition of the drug. The active component instantly binds to plasma proteins, neutralizing the pathogenic microflora and preventing the manifestation of allergies.

Thanks to the rapid assimilation by the body of the drug, its effect manifests itself within an hour after taking the tablets, and the possibility of adjusting the dose depending on the general condition of the patient provides the possibility of the most effective treatment of allergies.


The high degree of effectiveness of the Telfast drug is due to its composition, which is the most balanced, as well as the mechanism of action ensuring the fastest penetration of the active substance into the blood and getting it into the desired area. When neutralizing allergens, there is a decrease in manifestations, which are typical for allergies of any nature.

The absence of depressive effects on the nervous system allows Telfast to be used to treat people whose activities require increased attention and lack of sleepiness during the day.


The active substance binds plasma proteins, removing the allergen product from the blood and quickly removing allergic manifestations. The decay products of the components of the drug are carried out with the help of the liver, as well as with urine.

Instructions for the use of Telfast for children and adults are given below.

Indications for use

Use of the drug Telfast is justified for allergic reactions, when allergic manifestations are noted: pain in the eyes, constant lacrimation, runny nose, skin rashes are likely.

The indications for the use of the drug include the following conditions:

  • hives of chronic and acute form, including dermograph;
  • chronic renite;
  • exacerbation of seasonal allergies.

Idiopathic conditions in which there is an increase in allergic manifestations in nervous overexcitation, stress and anxiety are also well amenable to cure with Telfast. It is also used for 2 days before vaccination against Papilloma virus.


Use of the drug Telfast may not be recommended if it is hypersensitive to any component of the drug, for children, and it should be used with great accuracy during childbearing and breastfeeding.

Also to contraindications include the following conditions:

  • kidney failure;
  • worsening of kidney function and urogenital system;
  • cardiovascular lesions of advanced stage of development;
  • decreased ability to hematopoiesis.

Instruction for use

The use of the drug in question is quite simple: the dosage form in the form of tablets requires only washing with water. Admission is carried out 2-3 times a day, depending on the intensity of allergy manifestations, the dosage of the drug may vary. The duration of treatment is usually determined by the attending physician, and it is from 4 to 12 weeks of continuous use.

  • Adjustments require taking Telfast medication for children and seniors.
  • When treating idiopathic conditions with manifestations of allergies, 2-3 tablets are taken twice a day. The treatment period is 4-5 weeks. In the absence of positive dynamics in the treatment or appearance of side effects, Telfast should be discontinued and replaced with an antihistamine with a similar effect.
  • With seasonal allergy Telfast is prescribed 2 tablets 2 times a day, the duration of use is 4-6 weeks.

Side effects of

  • When using a significant dose of the drug, or with increased sensitivity to the components of the remedy, there may be side effects such as skin rashes in limited areas, the appearance of reddening of the skin, an increase in allergic reaction.
  • On the part of the gastrointestinal tract, bloating, meteorism, nausea and sometimes vomiting are often noted. Minor gastric bleeding may occur, which alone pass when the drug is withdrawn.
  • Eczema, urticaria, skin hypersensitivity, peeling and soreness, and skin swelling are also likely side effects when taking Telfast.


Overdose cases with Telfast are not frequent .If an excessively high dose of the drug is likely, such manifestations as vomiting, digestive disorders.

These manifestations are eliminated quickly and do not cause significant harm to the health of the patient.

Special instructions

  • The use of Telfast during pregnancy and lactation requires special care because of the high risk of adverse events and the probability of penetration of the active substance into the child's body. Dosage and duration of admission in these conditions should be determined by an allergist, and during the treatment should also monitor the overall condition.
  • In children under 9 years of age, the dosage is reduced in comparison with the adult dose of the drug. The usual dosage for children is 1 tablet 2-3 times a day.

Drug Interaction

The use of Telfast is possible in complex therapy, which allows to obtain pronounced results of treatment in a short time. Means with a similar antihistamine effect increase the effectiveness of Telfast.


  • According to the opinion of the majority of patients suffering from frequent allergies of different origin, the Telfast preparation should be classified as the most accessible today and having a high degree of effectiveness. This is due to the composition of the facility. Telfast received good reviews due to ease of use: the optimal form offered in the form of tablets, Telfast is easy to use.
  • A small number of adverse events is also an important advantage of the drug. As the composition of the drug is balanced, the active component gently affects the body, neutralizing the pathogenic environment and destroying traces of its destruction.
  • Rapid elimination of the main symptoms of allergies, rapid recovery of normal health and affordable cost of the drug are important benefits that are noted by many buyers and people suffering from frequent allergic reactions.
  • The possibility for complex treatment and elimination of allergic manifestations is important for those who want to get the most pronounced result in the shortest possible time. This allows us to stabilize the condition more quickly, preventing the possibility of aggravation of pathological manifestations in rhinitis of allergic and idiopathic nature, with hives.

Than it is possible to replace Telfast from an allergy, we will tell below.


To agents with a similar antihistamine effect, such modern tools as:

  • Allegra,
  • Fixadine,
  • Beksist-Sanovel tablets.

Controversy is on the topic of what is more effective, Telfast or Erius, but to a consensus they did not come.

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