Tanakan: instructions for use, analogues, reviews, price, composition, indications for use

Sometimes patients are worried about even a slight decrease in intellectual abilities, memory impairment, which is a consequence of circulatory disturbances inside the brain. In this situation, a specialist can recommend "Tanakan".

Composition, form of release, packing

Tablets Tanakan Issue is made in such forms:

  • tablets. Ginkgo biloba( standardized extract) is used as an active ingredient. Among the additional components we mention cellulose, talc, cellulose, magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous flake, maize starch;
  • solution used for oral administration. Ginkgo biloba( standardized extract) is also used as an active ingredient. We indicate other ingredients: water( purified), lemon essence( soluble), ethanol, orange essence( soluble), sodium saccharin.

The oral solution has a characteristic odor, its color is brownish-orange. After dissolution with water, it becomes almost transparent. Contained in a vial made of dark glass. Inside the cardboard bundle, a vial + dosing pipette is placed. The

volume of the bottle is 30 ml.

The tablets have a shell. They are issued in a contour squamous packaging. Such packages are placed inside a pack of cardboard. Inside the pack can contain 30 pcs.(2 packs), 90 pcs.(6 packs).


Tablets are produced in France( "Ipsen Pharma").The solution was issued by the Russian Moscow office( Ipsen Pharma).

Indications for use

It is used in therapy:

  • of discirculatory encephalopathies, which have different genesis( post-stroke, senile, consequence of craniocerebral trauma), manifested as sleep disturbance, attention, memory, decreased intellectual abilities;
  • ringing or buzzing in the ears;
  • peripheral circulatory disorders. This pathology can also occur as a complication after Raynaud's disease;
  • vertego having a vestibular origin;
  • neurosensory disorders, which usually appear as a result of diabetic retino- / polyneuropathy and are manifested in ringing in the ears, hypoacusia, dizziness;
  • asthenic conditions. In such conditions, patients have signs of general exhaustion of the body, which are the result of traumatic, neurotic, psychogenic processes.


No investigators have been established.

Mechanism of action

  1. Affects the processes of exchange within cells.
  2. Restores microcirculation.
  3. Increases brain activity.
  4. Increases rheological properties of blood.
  5. Restores cerebral circulation.

The medication is vaso-regulating. Its positive effect on the tone of the vascular system was noted.

Instructions for use

tanakan in drops In the form of tablets are consumed three times a day.

In the form of a solution, three times a day, 1 milliliter is used.

If the patient has an asthenic condition, you need to consume thrice 80 mg per day.

The course can last 1 to 3 months.

Side effects of

Side effects can be observed from various body systems:

  • of the nervous system( dizziness, headache);
  • of the circulatory system( tendency to bleeding, decreased coagulability);
  • digestive system( vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea);
  • cutaneous( rash, swelling, redness, itching).


There are no known cases.

Special instructions

According to the experiments conducted, the drug does not show teratogenic effect. Accordingly, it is permitted in pregnancy, breast-feeding.

Description and annotation to one of the analogues of Tanakan:

Drug Interaction

  • A change in the concentration of midazolam after the use of ginkgo biloba has been observed.
  • Care should be taken to use the drug with CNS depressants.

Reviews about

Many doctors and patients believe that this medication is very effective in treating disorders from the central nervous system, its periphery. But the drug is not cheap, so not everyone has the opportunity to buy it.

Prices for Tanakan

The cost varies from 574 to 1619 rubles. The price is set taking into account the volume, form of release, pharmacy rating.


Many preparations are produced based on ginkgo biloba( leaf extract).Here are some of the analogues of "Tanakan":

  • "Vitrum memories".
  • "Ginkoum".
  • "Ginos".
  • "Memoplant".
  • "Gingium".
  • «Bilobil forte».
  • "Ginkgo bilobate leaves".

Cheap analogs of

The cheapest ones are:

  • "Ginkgo biloba".
  • "Memorine".
  • "Ginkgo Caps".
  • "Memoplant".
  • «Bilobil forte».
  • "Ginos".
  • "Vitrum memories".Synonyms of medication
    • «Ginkgo Biloba».
    • "Bilobil".

    Ginkgo Biloba is the active substance of Tanakan, more about it in our video:

    Terms of dispensing from pharmacies


    Storage conditions and expiration date

    Medication is suitable for 3 years. Storage is permissible in a dry, cool, dark place, where children can not reach it. Recommended temperature is up to 250C.

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