Drops from ankolizma: Kolme, Proproten 100, Koprinol

It is impossible in our time not to encounter people who abuse alcohol. They are in such dependence on him that they gradually degrade and lose their personal health. How to help a loved one who has encountered this problem?

It happens that people have already tried all the means: they coded the alcoholic in the clinic, they turned to psychics, took advantage of all the national recipes and suddenly find out that there are drops of alcoholism that can be simply mixed in food. Will they help with this problem.

What is better than drops or tablets?

Pharmacists offer a variety of drugs for the treatment of alcoholism, they all disgust alcohol.

You can buy pills that cause vomiting, palpitation, dyspnea with every intake of alcohol, and a person begins to identify hot drinks with negative phenomena.

You can persuade a patient with alcoholism, take pills of a different kind, reducing cravings for alcohol. At us in the country tablets "Пропротен-100" are very popular, but it is not very effective and helps only at an exit from drinking bouts.

Its essential plus is that it is a homeopathic substance and it has no contraindications and side effects. But after his admission, visual acuity is short-lived. Inconspicuously mix the tablets in the food will not work, the patient will feel them on a bitter smell.

Drug treatment is very in demand, but very effective and potent drugs in the form of tablets are very small. Therefore, very popular are drops, specially designed to combat alcoholism.

Their main advantage is that the drops can be used without the knowledge of the patient .The body gradually begins to feel disgust for alcohol.


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The minus of tablets and drops lies in the fact that they are very toxic, and they can be used only for a short period.

It will not be long after they are taken, and the person starts drinking again. Therefore, the patient's consciousness is also required here.

What droplets exist

Drip products from alcoholism produce three types:

  • Disgusting alcohol
  • Decreasing attraction or relieving hangover
  • Alcohol-intolerant

Drugstores can be found in drugstores Stopatil, Vital, Teturam, Anti-ethyl, Esperal, Colm, Caprinol, Proproten-100 and others. Most popular:

Did you know that there are pills for migraine containing tryptane? Principle of action and clinical effectiveness.

Information about which tablets you can drink with dizziness here.


Coprinol is very expensive, but effective drops. Someone treats them as BAD, others consider vitamin drops. You can buy Koprinol only through its distributors, it is not found in the open sale.

In the state registries, this dietary supplement is not registered, and it is impossible to find information about the composition. It is known that it is made from the extract of the fungus dung, with the help of which healers were treating people for alcoholism.

After receiving them, there is an aversion to alcohol, but it can destroy the liver. Also in the composition of the drug contains a vitamin complex and succinic acid.


Among those who could cope with this ailment, the drug Colme from alcoholism has proved itself well. Side effects during its use are almost not observed. There are many contraindications.

When Colme is taken together with alcoholic beverages, there is a strong reddening of the skin, "pulsation in the head and neck, weakness, severe sweating, nausea.

Sometimes blood pressure is greatly reduced, breathing becomes depressed. Observed symptoms depend on the amount of alcohol consumed.

You can take these drops only twelve hours after drinking. It is advisable that a doctor's examination be conducted.

If the drug "Colme" is used for a long time, it is required to constantly check the thyroid gland. The cost of this drug is within 1000 rubles.


Another very popular preparation is Proproten-100.It happens not only in the form of tablets, but also in drops."Proproten-100" is very well studied. More often it drink to remove hangover syndrome.

The patient gets rid of insomnia, relieves mental tension, anxiety. A headache occurs, digestion is restored. To get rid of addiction to alcohol, it is better to take it in conjunction with other medicines.

After taking drugs from alcohol, there are cases of deaths.

Methods and doses of application of

  • Coprinol

Suspension is available in batch flasks. The contents of the bottle are added to food or drinks. During treatment, they better not drink alcohol at all, you need proper nutrition, you need to consume more sour-milk products, fruits and vegetables. Do not interfere with evening walks and moderate physical activity.

  • Drops of Colem

Drops are added to the food, it is recommended to add 15 drops in the morning and the same in the evening. Do not overdose. The drops have no taste, they are colorless, so they are easy to use without the knowledge of the patient. It is a synthetic drug, it does not accumulate in the body and is not oxidized.

The effect of the drug manifests itself one hour after taking and is exposed within 12 hours. Coal from alcoholism is taken within three months, it is precisely for this time and the packing of the medicine is calculated.

Detailed instructions you can find here.
  • Drops Proproten-100

Ten drops of propylene are bred in a tablespoon of water and drunk, they are not recommended for eating. From such drops will not refuse any alcoholic, since they perfectly remove the state of a hangover. They have a pronounced taste and smell of alcohol. Packed in glass bottles, a dosage of 25 ml.

How the sick drop acts on the organism from alcoholism

The anti-alcohol effect of coprinol is based on the effect of the fungus coprinus. Its use causes a slight poisoning, redness of the whole body occurs, intense fever, rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, vomiting, severe itching.

The person disgusts not only to smell, but even the sight of alcohol and form a persistent refusal of alcohol. Sometimes there is difficulty in speaking, vision is impaired.

Soon all these signs disappear, but if a person drinks a little, they reappear. Many people are afraid of repeating these nightmares and become teetotalers.

The preparation of Colem also causes negative sensations and the patient has a reflex aversion to alcohol.

Proprotena-100 has a slightly different effect, it affects the "pleasure center" of the brain and reduces the desire to drink."Is 100 forgiven?improves the mood of the patient and helps reduce cravings for alcohol.

Have you heard about you that doctors quite often prescribe the drug "Mexidol" in ampoules for a complex therapy of circulatory disorders in the brain. Let's see how much mexidol costs in ampoules.

Methods of diagnosis of intracranial pressure in adults are well covered in this article.

Information on dizziness tablets under the name "Vestiibo" is given here: http: //gidmed.com/lekarstva/ tabletki-ot-golovokruzheniya.html.

The principle of the action of drops from alcoholism

The principle of the action of drops is based on the development of stable alcohol intolerance. The organism under their influence transforms alcohol into acetaldehyde. He strongly influences the physical condition of a person when he at least drinks a little alcohol: he begins to have shortness of breath, often begins to beat his heart. The patient begins to fear for his life.

Is treatment possible without the knowledge of the patient

Drinking people usually refuse treatment, they sincerely believe that they can stop drinking themselves. Their relatives think otherwise. Therefore, they buy the drops without the knowledge of the patient and pour them into the food. If a person drinks alcohol, then it starts an unpleasant state.

Doctors believe that it is undesirable to treat patients without knowledge, since such treatment is dangerous. These drops have many contraindications, and the body of the alcoholic is in a neglected state, so the side effects will quickly become apparent.

If a person degrades and needs treatment, it is better to do it together with a narcologist and keep him informed of the treatment. Therefore, we must try to convince our loved one and by joint efforts to cope with the disaster. So defeat the disease is much easier.

The main and side effects of treatment with alcoholic drops

Any drops from alcohol dependence have negative main effects:

  • Chest pain
  • Redness of skin
  • Nausea
  • Plentiful sweating
  • Lowering blood pressure

Their character and severity are affected by the amount of alcohol consumed. The acute condition lasts up to an hour, after which the unpleasant sensations decrease. If you do not drink alcohol during the treatment period, these manifestations will not be so acute.

Sometimes there may be side effects, a person feels tired, he always wants to sleep. To get rid of this condition, you can reduce the number of drops, agreeing this question with the narcologist.

It is forbidden to take drops if a person is sick:

  • with diabetes mellitus;
  • epilepsy;
  • with neuropsychic diseases;
  • by diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • has hepatic insufficiency.
After incorrect intake of drops from alcohol, there are cases of deaths.


Reviews of these products are different. Some people expressly oppose the taking of drops and believe that enterprising businessmen are letting them out to make money on the people's grief, they will not save alcohol from alcoholism.

But more good reviews, many people get rid of addiction and start a new life, often written by their happy family, who added drops to food.

Some people think that no drop will help if a person has been improperly raised. But this is an erroneous opinion. Alcoholism is not a manifestation of antisocial traits, it carries a severe mental disorder, because of it the hormonal background is lost, and the patient has an irresistible craving for alcohol.

You can cure alcoholism, the main thing is not to give up.

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