Belching, hiccough, heartburn with stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is accompanied by a variety of different symptoms, but the most pronounced is belching, heartburn and hiccups. Controlling your own health, you can prevent the development of a certain disease. Symptoms that characterize stomach cancer can be triggered by the appearance of a tumor in a specific area of ​​the esophagus.

The most frequent manifestations of gastric cancer are digestive disorders:

  • belching;
  • heartburn;
  • hiccup.

When these symptoms appear, it is necessary to consult a specialist, as they cause discomfort and contribute to the progression of cancer. Let us consider them below.

  • Belching allows gases to escape from the stomach through the mouth. In stomach cancer, a person does not always have the ability to control a belch, it can appear at any time;
  • Heartburn is a burning sensation in the epigastric region and is one of the factors that causes stomach cancer;
  • Hiccups are characterized by involuntary convulsive contraction of the diaphragm, at which air enters the respiratory tract and the vocal cords contract. The presence of this process in humans indicates that it has a lesion of the digestive organs caused by stomach cancer.

Tumor in the stomach is characterized by the presence of putrefactive burp, accompanied by a "rotten" odor. This is due to a long delay in food in the stomach, where there is a decreased acidity, as a result, it stagnates and decomposes, which contributes to the frequent occurrence of eructations.

Heartburn, which constantly appears in a person, indicates the presence of stomach cancer. It is characterized by a burning sensation in the digestive system and arises from the ingress of an acidic medium from the stomach into the esophagus. Frequent manifestation of heartburn entails the development of a tumor in the stomach, so it is recommended to contact specialists to solve this problem.

Hiccups are accompanied by a sound characteristic of her. When the diaphragm is shortened, a rapid inhalation is carried out, which is interrupted by the closure of the glottis. Cancer of the stomach causes persistent development of hiccups.

This oncological disease can be caused by the presence of symptoms such as eructation, hiccough and heartburn, but with the early detection of these processes in the human body, you can prevent its further development.

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