The consequences of chronic pancreatitis, what is dangerous disease?

First, we remind ourselves what is chronic pancreatitis. If it's easy, then it's inflammation of the pancreas. With inflammation, the enzymes of the pancreas begin to eat up and digest the gland itself. Gradually, the process reaches the islets of Langerhans, destroying cells that produce hormones such as insulin and glucagon. These hormones are very important for a person's full life. Thus, a person risks acquiring diabetes.

What other effects can chronic pancreatitis cause? With inflammation of the pancreas, the tissue is transformed. As a rule, it is not possible to stop this process, which, in fact, leads to the death of a sick person. Is not it dangerous?

List all the possible consequences of chronic pancreatitis, I want to focus on the most basic and dangerous:

  • Peritonitis, purulent cholangitis and other infectious diseases.
  • Risk of bleeding.
  • Cholestasis( a disease of the duodenum).
  • Thrombosis of veins( spleen and portal).
  • Crisises.
  • Cancer of the pancreas.
  • Diabetes mellitus.

Speaking about the symptoms of this dangerous disease, they mention pain syndrome, a liquid stool with a fat gloss, a digestive system disorder, a significant weight loss, a sharp weight loss, diabetes mellitus, nausea, vomiting and flatulence. Of course, in the presence of such symptoms, there is no doubt that chronic pancreatitis is a dangerous disease that has life-threatening consequences.

However, subject to certain requirements, consequences can be avoided. How? It is unshakable to adhere to the dietary diet prescribed by a doctor! Observing a special diet, a person can live long enough.

Let's say you do not suffer from this dangerous disease. Then how to protect yourself from this serious ailment and its consequences? In this there is nothing difficult: organize yourself a proper diet and healthy food. Eliminate fatty and spicy food from your diet. In no case do not bring your body to the state of intoxication, be moderate in drinking alcohol. Beware of overeating or malnutrition. And be sure that the dangerous chronic pancreatitis and its terrible consequences do not touch you!

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