What to do with acute pancreatitis - what to drink, how and what to relieve the exacerbation of the pancreas?

Recently, doctors-gastroenterologists have noted a strong increase in the number of diseases of the digestive system in general and pancreatitis in particular. Therefore, many are interested in the question of what to do with exacerbation of pancreatitis and how to relieve an acute attack of the disease.

First, tell you what not to do. In no case should you try to treat it yourself at home. After all, even if you know what to do with the manifestation of the symptoms of this disease and how to relieve the pain syndrome, the cessation of pain does not always indicate a recovery. The absence of pain may indicate simply the dying of the nerve endings in the pancreas, and the foci of inflammation may expand and develop further.

To find out how to relieve acute pancreatitis and what to do in a similar situation, you should consult a qualified gastroenterologist. It is also worth noting that diseases similar to acute pancreatitis, especially during the period of exacerbation of inflammatory processes, are treated only in conditions of a multidisciplinary hospital. The process of treatment requires preliminary diagnosis and determination of the severity of the disease.

The pancreas loves cold, hunger and peace. Therefore, treatment begins with hunger and ensuring the pancreas rest. For this purpose, the patient is prescribed drugs to suppress the secretory function of the pancreas, hunger and supportive infusion therapy. During a hungry diet, a patient with pancreatitis is forbidden to eat, only drinking water is permitted, and non-carbonated mineral water. After the withdrawal of the attack, the patient is allowed to start eating moderately, but this must be done very carefully, starting with a sparing carbohydrate food and gradually introducing proteins and fats into the diet.

It should also be noted that the basis for the treatment of this disease is conservative therapy, which can suppress secretory functions of the pancreas, relieve exacerbation, restore the digestive system of the patient and make his condition more stable.

To make decisions about the method of relieving the exacerbation and what to do in case of an attack of pancreatitis can only be done by a medical professional. Homemade self-medication can further exacerbate the situation.

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