Treatment of constipation at home with laxatives, how to treat folk methods, how to quickly cure the intestines of an adult, what to do, effective medicines, how to clean?

From such a delicate problem as constipation, at home, you can get rid of quickly enough without resorting to synthetic laxatives, and using improvised folk remedies, only if it is not caused by any serious disease of the internal organs. To find out the true cause for a long time of delays in defecating the quality of life, first of all it is necessary to turn to a specialist, and only then, according to his recommendations, to choose the most effective methods of self-treatment. But it is not always possible for an adult person to urgently turn to a specialist to solve this delicate problem. In this situation, after a three-day absence of urge to defecate, emergency measures should be taken. What to do with constipation at home? The methods by which you can rid the intestines of unpleasant sensations and normalize its work without resorting to special medicines are quite a lot:

  • Changing the diet and including in the daily menu a large number of foods containing vegetable fiber;
  • Lifestyle change, increased physical activity;
  • The use of natural laxatives.

Applying these methods, you can quickly remove the constipation at home. If you make a habit out of their use, a problem like prolonged constipation can be forgotten forever. But still, in order for their action to begin, some time must pass. And what if the adult needs immediate treatment of constipation at home? The first thought that will visit patients with this problem will be about running to the pharmacy for saving laxatives. Stop it! Should not be doing that! Help, of course, will be provided, but it will prove to be temporary, since our intestines become very "lazy" very quickly and the problem only increases. In case of urgent treatment of constipation at home, you need to pay attention to folk remedies that are always at hand.

What should I do immediately with constipation at home?

In the first place, cleanse the intestines from the deposits of fecal stools. For this, an enema is made. There are 2 types of the most popular and having a lot of positive reviews. It is hypertonic, based on magnesia or saline, and oily, with the addition of sea-buckthorn oil. The only thing you should not forget is that you often should not use it to get rid of constipation at home, as it relaxes the intestines. Apply this procedure is recommended not more than once a month. Also, at home, the following measures can be cured of constipation for an adult:

  • An effective home remedy for constipation is kefir with 25 ml of vegetable oil added and steamed, finely chopped prunes. This compound should be drunk at night;
  • You can remove unpleasant symptoms with a light massage of the abdomen, stroking it in a circular motion clockwise;
  • Fast and the next folk recipe can also help. In a glass of warm water to divorce 30 g of honey. This solution should be drunk, then lie on your back, slowly draw in your stomach and relax your muscles with a sharp exhalation. This exercise from constipation at home should be done about 10 minutes.

Also, a person who has encountered this delicate problem is recommended to watch a video on how to treat constipation at home in adults. It's not a secret that the manifestations of this ailment are similar for all, but the methods of disposal are different. What helps one, does not have absolutely no effect on the organism of another. And in these videos, methods are chosen that can help each individual patient to quickly cope with constipation at home. Of these, you can learn a lot of useful information about the fight against this disease. The big plus of these materials is that no one needs to talk about the overtaken person in the most unexpected time of a delicate problem.

Medications for Constipation at Home

Many products are effective agents that are better than any advertised drugs to remove severe symptoms, provoked by the lack of urge to excrement. Faced with an unpleasant problem, you should first examine the contents of the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Most likely, they have everything you need to quickly prepare at home an effective cure for constipation. The following products have a relaxing effect:

  • Any sour-milk products have the ability to restore intestinal microflora. If one or two teaspoons of any vegetable oil are added to a glass of kefir, an excellent laxative will be obtained, which can be treated even in children;
  • Quickly help remove constipation and a home remedy like honey diluted in water. The only condition is that you do not need a one-time reception. It should be taken as a habit to drink a glass of water every morning, in which a tablespoon of honey is diluted;
  • For active work of the digestive organs, fiber is essential. It contains a large amount of bran. This product is not able to help emergency cope at home with constipation, but its daily intake will significantly improve the functioning of the digestive system. Bran is considered one of the best means to remove stool disorders. To properly prepare them, you should do the following. A small amount of bran is poured into a deep bowl and, with constant stirring, is poured with boiling water until a thick porridge is obtained. It is added to the ready meals;
  • At home, it is very good to use for the treatment of constipation and products containing oats. It can be porridge, jelly or biscuits. Traditional medicine for a quick solution of the problem advises to make an infusion of this cereal. To do this, a glass of oats with a peel is poured with a liter of water at room temperature and infused for 24 hours. After this, the resulting solution is filtered;
  • To cure constipation at home, you can also use a pumpkin. Many consider it one of the best laxatives. In addition to a large amount of plant fiber, it contains all vitamins and trace elements necessary for the life of an adult. Pumpkin in case of problems with digestive organs can be eaten both freshly and in a parsley;
  • In the case when you suddenly need to get rid of an unexpected constipation urgently, at home you can eat prunes or plums. These fruits will help to quickly remove negative symptoms;
  • Very good for solving the problem with a chair using onions and beets. They not only accelerate the activity of peristalsis, but also contain all the nutrients necessary for the body.

This list of products that can promptly eliminate constipation in the home is far from complete. Every person who has firsthand knowledge of this problem should find the most effective ones for themselves and try to keep them at hand whenever emergency measures are necessary.

How to quickly cure constipation at home?

In the event that stool delays become regular, one-time disposal of negative symptoms is not enough. The problem will come back again and again, if you do not take the necessary measures to eliminate it. To do this, you need to completely revise your lifestyle and diet. Here are the best folk tips for the complete elimination of constipation in the home:

  • In our time, most people lead a sedentary lifestyle, which negatively affects the work of the digestive organs. Their functioning slows down, and this leads to the disappearance of the urge to defecate. To eliminate this violation, it is enough to take the rule every morning to do exercises, and also to include in your regime of the day a walk in the fresh air. It is not necessary to allocate special time for this. It is enough to walk every day to work on foot, and not to shake in transport;
  • You can always forget about constipation at home by adjusting the diet. In the daily menu should include a large number of products containing vegetable fiber. In the event that a person can not live a day without a good piece of meat, he should consume vegetables in a boiled or baked form;
  • A good result can be achieved at home, if you are inclined to constipation to start taking mineral waters. They contain a large content of mineral salts and hydrogen sulphide. Mineralku for violations in the digestive organs should be drunk twice a day for a glass before eating. In the case of an atonic form of pathology, it is drunk cold, and when spastic, it is hot;
  • Prolonged constipation is provoked by the management of a wrong lifestyle, the presence of addictions. With this premise it is also easy to manage at home. From any bad habit for the sake of restoring health can easily be abandoned. Also, you should take the rule not to overeat, especially at night. If there is a feeling of severe hunger, you can drink a glass of kefir or eat a fruit.

If you follow these simple tips at home, the problem of constipation will disappear in a short time. And with it, and all the factors that violate the quality of human life will be lost.

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