White coating on tonsils in a child and an adult: photo, treatment of sore throat

The appearance of a white coating on the tonsils is not uncommon. This phenomenon specialists often identify in children and adults. It is not a separate disease, it is just a symptom of the disease.

White plaque on the tonsils: physiology

white coating on tonsils Tonsils are represented by a paired organ. They are also known as tonsils. These organs are located between the pharynx, the oral cavity. They have a fairly important role in our body.

They are needed to protect the body, develop immunity, hematopoiesis. Glands can stop viruses, preventing them from entering the body.

This body is considered very sensitive. With a decrease in immunity, the pain in the throat begins, on the tonsils a specific raid appears.

Thus, the neutralization of microbes penetrated into the oral cavity. Tonsils specialists call the "first shield", which blocks the viruses way into the body.

Causes of white deposits on the tonsils:

Possible causes

Normally, the oral mucosa is pink. White coating on ton

sils can appear for various reasons. The appearance of such a plaque indicates the presence of bacteria that adversely affect the protective capacity of the lymphoid tissue. White plaque may indicate the presence of one of the following pathologies:

  1. Tonsillitis. The inflammation of the tonsils is caused by pathogenic bacteria. With a purulent form of this disease, pus appears inside the lacunae of the tonsils. Pus has the form of a plug with yellow or gray bloom.
  2. Diphtheria. This disease is fixed by doctors very rarely. Without timely therapy, it can cause death.
  3. Candidiasis. A high level of yeast-like fungi( streptococcus viridans) provokes the appearance of white plaque. It can cover the glands, tongue, cheeks from the inside. There is a disease with reduced immunity, after taking antibiotics for a long time.

Causes of white plaque on tonsils

causes of white deposits on the tonsils

Aggravating factors

White plaque equally often affects the glands of children and adults. It appears as a symptom of many pathologies( tonsillitis, tonsillitis, candidiasis, stomatitis).The risk group includes people:

  • with reduced immunity;
  • not observing hygiene of the oral cavity.

Additional symptoms

If the raid on the tonsils is not accompanied by a sore throat, any other symptoms, then there is nothing to worry about. If the appearance of a plaque is not accompanied by a rise in temperature, it is better to consult a specialist.

Perhaps these are the first symptoms of the disease. After all, fungal diseases that affect the glands do not cause a rise in temperature. Formed over the tonsils plaque is similar to the curd mass. Such a plaque usually covers the tonsils, the tissues of the oropharynx.

If, in addition to the raid on the tonsils, there is still a high fever, then the angina develops. If the tonsils become denser, erosion occurs, and the temperature does not increase, then syphilitic sore throat is diagnosed. With angina, there are also strong signs of intoxication.

If there was stomatitis, then the patient will have a white coating, sore throat on one side. The heat does not appear.

Sometimes on the film covering the tonsils, similar "purulent plugs" appear in the lacunae. In this case, the patient has an increase in temperature above 37.5.

Sometimes the raid on the tonsils appears as dots. Emerging white dots are a very favorable environment for the reproduction of adenovirus infection.

With the penetration of infection at such points, the disease begins to develop. Therefore, lacunae need to be washed, thus removing the accumulated contents.

About fungal infections in the mouth tells Dr. Komarovsky:


Diagnosis of the disease consists in taking the material from the glands. This material is needed for microbiological research. This diagnostic method is necessary in order to establish exactly the nature of parasitic microorganisms( viruses, fungi, bacteria).

When diagnosing diphtheria, a specialist usually checks the hemogram, conduct a bacteriological study of the secretions that are taken from the focus of inflammation.

The sowing of the material is usually performed no later than 3 to 4 hours after the sampling of this material.

In the photo white coating on tonsils of different etiology

diagnosis of throat diseases


If a specialist in the patient has found signs of a viral illness( temperature to 39, weakness, sore throat + plaque on the tonsils), you will need to take antiviral medications.

To rinse the irritated throat, rinses will do. They can be carried out by means of such means:

  • soda solution( a glass of water + a teaspoon of soda);
  • solution, which consists of warm water( glass) + iodine( 3 drops) + salt( one spoonful).

Rinses will somewhat ease the symptom, but they need to be performed frequently.

If the white coating provoked by stomatitis, you need a tool such as "Stomatidin".It proved to be very effective in eliminating the inflammation of the glands. For pain relief, tablets can be used:

  • "Decathilin".
  • "Pharingosept".

If plaque is provoked by ARVI, it is necessary to carry out treatment with such medications:

  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Immunostimulating.

Very important drink.

In the presence of angina, antibiotic therapy is necessary."Leflocin" is considered to be a very strong and popular means.

If the jammed tubes are formed, the doctor must remove them. To do this, he can use a special syringe with a solution, an apparatus that sucks foreign matter from the glands.

How to remove white coating on tonsils, see in our video:

Complications of

When a white coating on the tonsils appears, the primary function of this paired organ is inhibited. He can no longer fully protect the body from viruses, bacteria. In the presence of white plaque, the weakening of immunity is noted.

If the disease is not diagnosed in a timely manner, do not start appropriate therapy, the disease can go into a chronic form.


In diseases that affect the tonsils, throat, experts usually give good predictions. In the treatment of most infections, an important role is given to antibiotics, immunostimulants, anesthetics.


An effective preventive measure specialists consider:

  • reception of vitamins;
  • timely treatment of colds, stomatitis;
  • strengthening of immunity.

To strengthen immunity, it is necessary to follow such instructions:

  • undergo regular examination by a specialist;
  • to avoid stressful situations;
  • eat right;
  • take complexes of vitamins;
  • observe the correct working conditions;
  • to conduct immunotherapy during the epidemic of colds.
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