Constipation and hard feces( stool), how to soften the stool masses, what to do?

Constipation and hard feces can cause discomfort and pain in a person. If such a violation occurs for several days, you must carefully approach the solution of the problem. First of all, you should visit the specialists so that they can diagnose, to identify the cause of the appearance of a hard stool.

There are several main causes that cause constipation and hard stools:

  • Incorrect nutrition. If a person consumes insufficient amounts of foods that contain fiber, a malfunction will occur. Fiber can increase the amount of water in the stool, thereby preventing the appearance of a delayed bowel movement;
  • Weak physical activity. This leads to a decrease in intestinal motility and a violation of metabolic processes that can cause hard feces;Excessive consumption of laxatives. A patient who abuses such drugs can not go to the toilet alone;
  • Severe depressive state. In a similar state, even softening of stool with constipation may not help. It is necessary first of all to raise your mood;
  • Chronic diseases. Some diseases can affect the work of the intestines. Violation leads to the appearance of a solid feces.

When there is constipation and hard stools, many people simply do not know what to do. Panic begins, and in the future there is depression. All this will only exacerbate the situation. If the patient does not know what to do with constipation with hard-boiled masses, you need to seek the help of a specialist.

There are cases when there is no possibility to get to the hospital, then it remains to use the national recipes. Since soften the feces with constipation, you need as soon as possible so that no complications appear.

Perfectly with a hard chair will cope the fruits of cumin, corn, olive or sunflower oil. It is enough to use 4 tablespoons of oil 4 times a day. The effect will be noticeable the next day.

Many people are interested in how to soften stool in case of constipation in a faster way. You can use medicines for this. In this case, medicines should not cause diarrhea, addiction and depression. A positive result will appear within 12 hours.

Since soften the stool for constipation, sometimes you need to quickly enough, you can use the enema. Emptying will occur within 15 minutes.

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