High temperature for stomach cancer

Elevated body temperature is observed in 2/3 of the total number of patients who suffer from cancer of the stomach. This disruption of the normal functioning of the body, despite its rather extensive nature of occurrence, is one of the main signs of the development of stomach cancer and, in combination with other specific symptoms, can become an alarming signal for oncologists.

At the initial stages of stomach cancer, the temperature manifestations are subfebrile. Periods of temperature increase often alternate with periods of its normalization and depend on both the general condition of the patient's body and certain exacerbations that may accompany the disease.

In cases of severe gastric cancer( stage III-IV), the temperature can reach fairly high markings on the thermometer. The reason for this increase is the reactive absorption by the human body of all possible protein products produced by a cancerous tumor. In addition, the tumor can develop foci of necrosis, which also have a significant effect on the normal level of body temperature.

Some experts believe that frequent increases in temperature may indicate infection of the tumor, which leads to increased stress on both the gastrointestinal tract and the body as a whole. In such situations, the patient, to alleviate his suffering, is prescribed a course of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs.

The temperature of gastric cancer can be a consequence of a number of other infectious diseases caused by non-compliance with personal hygiene rules, or a virus attack. Symbiosis of stomach cancer and reactively spreading infections significantly complicates the task for oncologists, since it is difficult to reduce heat to such a patient because of excessive pressure on the patient's body from several diseases at once.

In the case of a constantly high temperature for gastric cancer at the same level, experts recommend that the patient be placed in a hospital, where he will be provided with all the necessary conditions for exiting the critical condition. The nature of its oscillations has a specific character, therefore it is possible to analyze and eliminate them only after a number of diagnostic tests.

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