High fever and severe sore throat: causes, symptoms, treatment

Pain sensations in the throat occasionally occur in adults and children. Sometimes they are characterized by an increase in temperature. To determine the cause of this condition, you should consult your doctor. The specialist will prescribe diagnostic tests and select the therapy.

Sore throat and temperature

This symptom usually accompanies angina, colds and viral pathologies. This condition is felt as burning and perspiration. Pain can be sharp and sharp. Sometimes there are pulsating sensations.

Reasons for

There are a lot of reasons for this problem. To cope with the problem, it is important to establish a provoking factor.

Preliminary diagnosis by the nature of pain


There are quite a few forms of this disorder, for each of which specific manifestations are characteristic.


This form of ailment has a rapid and acute development. Catarrhal angina begins suddenly and is accompanied by weakness and perspiration in the throat. Gradually, swelli

ng in the throat increases and pain occurs when swallowing.

At visual examination you can see an increase in palatine tonsils. The palpation of the neck in the submandibular lymph nodes causes intense pain. Discomfort in the throat significantly increases when swallowing. After several hours, the temperature rises, reaching 39 degrees. In addition, people complain of chills, aches, headaches.


This type of angina has a more complicated course and often leads to complications. The key signs, in addition to sore throats, include joint damage, fever, headaches and weakness.

All signs are much more pronounced than with catarrhal process. Many patients complain of increased salivation. To treat this type of sore throat should be in a hospital environment under strict medical supervision.


This type of sore throat is also a serious ailment, which leads to a serious deterioration of the human condition. The temperature can rise to 40 degrees. In addition to the headache, there is discomfort when swallowing. Pain syndrome often gives in the ears.

With lacunar angina reddening and swollen mucous tonsils. In the lacunae appears a white or yellow coating, which includes dead cells and bacteria. On examination, palatine arches swell and blush.


This form of ailment is rare. With the development of phlegmonous tonsillitis usually suffers only one amygdala. For pathology, purulent melting of the tonsils and an increase in temperature up to 41 degrees are characteristic.


This tonsillitis also belongs to the category of rare diseases. To its appearance results infection with staphylococci, often in combination with viruses. Pathology has an acute onset - with chills, pain in the muscles and joints, and discomfort in the heart. Often there are headaches, insomnia, chills, weakness.

A person feels severe pain when swallowing, which is given in the ear. Saliva production is also significantly increased. The temperature rises to 40-41 degrees.


The appearance of ulcers with a gray bloom is a distinctive manifestation of such an ailment. In this case, one amygdala is affected. Ulcerative necrotic angina is practically not accompanied by an increase in temperature. Pain in the throat is not expressed.

Types of angina

types of sore throat

Acute pharyngitis

This disease can be of viral or bacterial origin. In addition to pain in the throat, it is accompanied by an increase in temperature and general weakness. Often there are headaches, cough, conjunctivitis, rash, rhinitis.


At the initial stage of development of viral infections, there is a pain in the throat, nasal congestion against the background of normal temperature. As the disease develops, the temperature may increase. Also often there is a runny nose, dry or wet cough.

How to quickly fight a cold, see in our video:


When developing laryngitis, people complain of stiffness and numbness in the throat. These symptoms are due to pronounced edema. As the disease develops, severe pain occurs, and it becomes difficult for a person to talk. After a few hours, the voice can generally disappear or become barely audible.


This ailment also belongs to the category of viral pathologies. At the initial stage of the disease, there are sore throats and body aches. At the same time, the temperature remains normal. On 2-3 days the temperature rises to 37 degrees.


This is a serious enough pathology, which is accompanied by the formation of gray-white films on the mucous throat. They can not be removed with a cotton disc or spatula.

Paratonsillar abscess

In this malfunction on the mucous throat, it is possible to visualize protrusion, which is accompanied by severe pain. Lymph nodes on the neck increase and hurt. At the same time, turning your head towards localization of the abscess is problematic, since there is serious discomfort.

When pus spreads through the intermuscular zones, pain occurs in the chest. This indicates the development of a dangerous complication - mediastinitis.


This pathology is transmitted through saliva. In addition to severe discomfort in the throat, there is a strong chill. If the treatment is started on time, the prognosis of this pathology is quite favorable.

Throat pain, Dr. Komarovsky's advice:

When to call an

doctor urgently Specialists need help in such cases:

  • dizziness and respiratory failure;
  • changes in the stool - the appearance of bloody impurities, constipation;
  • causeless weight loss;
  • pregnancy;
  • hoarseness in the voice;
  • chills;
  • fever;
  • the urge to vomit.


To identify the causes of pain, you need to perform such manipulations:

  • examination of the throat with a pharyngoscope;
  • X-ray of the cervical and thoracic parts;
  • HIV test;
  • swab from the throat;
  • assay for the detection of streptococci;
  • Estimate of the amount of acid in the esophagus.

How the throat looks when you are visually examined


The choice of treatment tactics depends on the type of pathology and causative agent of the disease. However, there are a number of general recommendations that minimize the symptoms of inflammation in the throat:

  1. Rinses. For this you can use solutions of salt, soda, broths of medicinal plants - eucalyptus, sage, chamomile. In addition, there are pharmacy products that can be used for rinses. These include alcoholic tinctures of propolis or chlorophyllipt. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to cleanse the tonsils from bacteria, pus, food and achieve a small antiseptic effect. To do this, use a warm solution.
  2. Antibacterial or antiseptic sprays. Chlorhexidine, an inhalipt, will be an excellent choice. Anesthetics will help cope with the pain syndrome - for example, strepsils +.
  3. Tablets and lozenges. Sedation of these funds will help to cope with the infection, as well as it is an excellent remedy for sore throat. Begin their use from the first day of pathology. Chlorophyllipt in the tablet form has antibacterial action. Lozenges strepsils or doctor IOM help to achieve antiseptic or analgesic action. It is worth remembering that a child under 3 years old absorbable candy can not be given.
  4. Drugs for strengthening local immunity. They include, in particular, tonsilotrene for resorption. Thanks to its use, it is possible to quickly regenerate lymphoid tissues.
  5. Antipyretics. To reduce the temperature, you can use paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  6. Antibiotics. Such a remedy should be prescribed by a doctor. It is absolutely necessary to undergo a full course of therapy.

How to cure a sore throat in one day:

Than the state of

is dangerous. Late treatment of a doctor can cause complications. Ordinary sore throat often develops into chronic tonsillitis or even paratonsillar abscess. Sometimes the pain syndrome becomes so strong that a person can not swallow saliva. The accumulation of pus must be removed promptly. For this, it is necessary to open the area of ​​defeat.


Prognosis directly depends on the cause of discomfort. In viral pathologies, it is usually favorable. If you do not start therapy in time, there is a risk of complications.

Prevention of

To minimize the risk of throat disease, a number of rules should be followed:

  1. Refuse smoking. The exposure to tobacco smoke makes mucous membranes weaker and more vulnerable.
  2. Add a variety to the menu. It is advisable to eat a lot of foods with vitamin C. It is a strong antioxidant that helps strengthen the immune system.
  3. Humidify the air. Very dry air leads to irritation of the throat, which provokes the appearance of micro-traumas. This creates conditions for penetration into the mucous pathogens.
  4. Frequently wash hands. Most harmful bacteria enter the body with dirty hands.
  5. Take vitamins. With constant ENT pathologies, you need to take immunomodulators.
  6. Dressing for the weather. Subcooling leads to a narrowing of the vessels and a breach of the protective barrier of mucous membranes.

Pain sensations in the throat can be a symptom of dangerous diseases. To cope with the problem, it is very important to determine its causes.

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