Kidney treatment with millet: useful properties, vintage effective recipes of infusions, contraindications

Such cereal, as millet, is available in every kitchen. Surely many people like millet porridge, which in childhood we called chicken. But millet, in addition to taste, is famous for its medicinal properties. In ancient times, the millet was used for effective treatment of the kidneys.

Treatment of kidneys with millet

The healing qualities of millet against the kidneys are known for a long time. In pshena contains a lot of useful microelements, stabilizing the activity of the bladder and kidneys, as well as contributing to the elimination of many pathologies of these organs. Traditional medicine contains many old recipes with millet. A lot of people successfully treated a variety of diseases.

Millet, also called millet, has a unique composition that gives this product such properties:

  • Due to the presence of fats, the use of millet improves the digestibility of incoming nutrients and effectively normalizes the water-salt balance.
  • Amino acid components provide the millet with the ability to provide muscle tissue for normal work, support protein production processes, improve kidney function and cellular functionality.
  • It is rich in millet and on the maintenance of B-vitamins, which accelerate metabolic processes and facilitate the removal of liquid from the cells.
  • The presence of folic acid in millet makes its use incredibly useful, as the acid favorably affects the nervous system activity, restores normal adrenal activity and normalizes the production of proteins.
  • Due to the presence of lipoprotein components, millet restores the exchange of fats and controls the cholesterol level, and also participates in the cellular structure.
  • Also millet is rich in iron and phosphorus, manganese and zinc, magnesium and copper. All these components prevent the onset of atherosclerotic processes, maintain a normal tone of muscle mass.
Ingredients of millet

The healing properties of

Porridge prepared from millet is considered one of the most delicious and most useful. It perfectly satiates the body and provides it with the necessary energy. But it is especially recommended to cook cereals for people who have kidney problems, diabetes and heart pathologies. The product improves the condition of connective tissue structures, strengthens bones and accelerates regeneration. Improves millet and contractile activity of the myocardium.

In addition, it contains millet and iron, which improves the blood picture and increases the concentration of hemoglobin. Contains millet culture and other components like manganese, which accelerates the real exchange processes and has a lipotropic effect. Millet porridge, so beloved by many since childhood, cardiologists and endocrinologists in general consider a unique product.

Croup is assigned as a part of the dietary nutrition program for people suffering from obesity and metabolic disorders, diabetes and other pathologies.

The ancient recipe from millet and the urinary system possesses the greatest influence, having a pronounced anti-inflammatory and cleansing effect. In addition, the use of pyshenki contribute to the dissolution of stones in the kidney structures. But you can get such a healing effect from pyshenki only with regular use of porridge. And if you supplement the menu with millet infusions and broths with the addition of urological herbs, the effect will come much sooner and will have a more pronounced character.
On the video about the medicinal properties of millet:

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Effects on the kidneys

Special attention should be paid to the influence of the pyshenki on the kidney structure.

Millet is effective for such diseases as:

  1. Renal inflammation. For this, a tincture is recommended, for its preparation it is necessary to pour the rump with water, which is then drained and drunk. The drug effectively stops inflammation and has a beneficial effect on the organs of the urinary system;
  2. Cystitis. To treat bladder inflammation, healers are also recommended to drink millet broth;
  3. Effectively millet in the treatment of urolithiasis. For this, it is also recommended to use millet infusion. Within a couple of weeks of this treatment, the concrements will begin to crumble and come out in a natural way;
  4. Helps croup for cleansing the kidneys. For this, the millet is germinated, then dried and cooked from it with traditional millet porridge, only without sugar and salt. Such a porridge restores the urinary system, cleanses its passages from concretions and sand, removes mucous aggregations and relieves inflammation.
  5. With difficulty with urination, it is also recommended to drink millet broth, cook soups and cereals, because it has a strong therapeutic effect.

Folk recipes

People know several of the most commonly used recipes with foie gras for treating kidneys:

  • From stones and cystitis. Mug millet washed with water and poured into a three-liter jar of boiling water. It is desirable to wrap the container in a shawl and hold it for about 24 hours. At the end of the term, a whitish suspension forms in the bank, which is curative. She is drunk in any amount when she wants. When the medicine is over, pour again the same millet with boiling water, insisting a similar time. The product can be brewed several times until the characteristic taste disappears. Then it is recommended to take a new portion of cereals.
  • Anti-inflammatory infusion of millet for treatment. Half a can of 3 liters is covered in foamed and poured with water from a boiling kettle. Wrap up, leaving for a day, then drain the infusion, which you need to drink for a day. The remaining croup can be poured again, and when the characteristic millet flavor disappears, you can cook porridge or soup from it. The course of treatment to continue for at least a week, only then will the first results.
  • For kidney cleansing. Groats need to germinate. The seeds are placed on a tray and lightly filled with water. Top with a foil covered with gauze, waiting for the seeds to poke through, which occurs about two days later. Then the croup is gently washed and dried, after which the porridge is prepared without adding salt and sugar. To taste and enhance the therapeutic effect in the cereal can add cranberries. As a result of the regular use of this ancient recipe, the kidneys are cleansed of mucus and sand, kidney stones are crushed and urinary inflammation is eliminated.

On the video, old recipes for wheat millet for the treatment of kidneys:


Although millet is incredibly useful for many organic structures, not everyone can eat and treat with infusion. As a part of millet there are difficult to assimilate polysaccharide components, therefore, patients with pancreatic and colonic pathologies, as well as low-acid gastritis, do not recommend using croup and dishes with its addition.

Contraindicated folk methods from millet in pregnancy, the presence of hepatic pathologies, etc. Men are not recommended especially to lean on this product, consuming it daily, because the wheat has a soothing nervous systemic effect, so it can somewhat reduce the erectile potential.

The main thing is not to replace drugs with folk remedies, as the croup is not capable of substituting a full-fledged drug treatment. However, millet has a beneficial effect on the body as an additional treatment, speeding up recovery and improving the effectiveness of medications taken.

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