Constipation, dizziness and headache, can the headache?

Patients suffering from chronic stool delays note that very often prolonged constipation accompanies dizziness. Many people are interested in such a relationship of signs and the reason that they can appear in humans together. There is nothing surprising. Anyone faced with this delicate problem is aware that prolonged stagnation of stool in the intestine always provokes an intoxication of the body. It is with the fact that when the stool stalls, the patient's organism is poisoned with toxins released by stagnant in the intestines and decomposing calves, and it is connected with the fact that the patient begins to get sore and dizzy with constipation. The longer the stool retention lasts, the more negative signs it causes. A general weakness and apathy appear in the person, work capacity decreases. Also, with prolonged poisoning of the organism by stagnant calves, fever may rise and fever may appear.

It is often possible to hear the question of whether a headache can be aching from constipation and how to get rid of this symptom, because dizziness, accompanied by discomfort and pulling sensation in the abdomen, not everyone can safely withstand. Such unpleasant manifestations greatly violate the habitual standard of living. When these symptoms appear, consult a specialist first to find out which pathology has caused chronic stool delay. Only correctly conducted diagnostics will help to find out the prerequisites for the onset of chronic constipation and the accompanying dizziness. If the expert does not reveal any serious diseases that have affected the appearance of such signs, all therapeutic measures for their elimination can be carried out at home. Most often, the following measures are recommended:

  • Restoring normal bowel function and stopping the appearance of such a negative sign, which can cause dizziness, like prolonged constipation, can be achieved by changing the diet. It should completely eliminate the severe, provoking stool delays and increased gas production of food. The basis of the menu should be dishes rich in fiber and dietary fiber;
  • Frequent constipation and dizziness and headaches will stop even when a person begins to lead a more active lifestyle. Physical exercises and long walks allow you to keep the muscles of the intestine in a tone, which prevents the occurrence of delays acts of defecation.
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