Vareniki at pancreatitis, whether it is possible lazy, with a potato?

As is known, with such a disease of the pancreas as pancreatitis, it is better to refuse dishes from the dough. And can you include vareniki in your diet?

In this case, everything depends solely on the form of pancreatitis. So, with chronic pancreas disease lazy vareniki are allowed, which can be made from low-fat cottage cheese with flour and egg. Occasionally, you can also afford vareniki with other fillings, for example, meat or potato. But it is better to refuse cabbage, since in this case the load on the pancreas will be too significant, which is inadmissible to people who are suffering pancreatitis.

But with the acute form of this disease, vareniki, as, indeed, dumplings, as well as other dishes from the dough, are under strict prohibition. And even the minimum amount of such a difficult and difficult to digest product, with pancreatitis can cause a lot of harm and cause severe pain.

Thus, with chronic pancreatitis, vareniki, especially lazy ones, may well be part of the diet. Refuse them only if the disease is in acute form, and therefore it is very important for patients to comply with the strictest diet.

Lazy vareniki with potatoes with pancreatitis

During the remission of pancreatitis, the patient is allowed to eat lazy vareniki. To prepare this dish does not require a lot of effort and time. For preparation it is necessary to take sugar, flour, cottage cheese, egg. All of them are mixed. From the ready dough prepare the sausage, which must be cut into small pieces. Lazy vareniki are boiled and placed in the oven for a few minutes. There is this dish you need in a hot form.

Despite the fact that the dough for people suffering from pancreatitis, it is not desirable to use, some doctors recommend adding vareniki with potatoes to the diet. To prepare the dish, it is necessary to roll out the dough very thinly, and put the fillings in the middle more. This is because the potato has many beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect on the treatment of the disease. With the use of this product, pancreatic enzymes are not produced at all. The composition of the vegetable includes potassium and proteins, which ensures its excellent digestibility.

Despite the beneficial effect of this vegetable, do not eat dumplings with potatoes in pancreatitis without the permission of the treating doctor, otherwise it can lead to adverse effects.

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