Constipation and itching in the anus

Very frequent complaints of people suffering from regular constipation, is itching in the anus, which appears after a bowel movement. Why can such negative symptoms arise, and how to avoid it? The causes that provoke unpleasant symptoms that violate the patient's quality of life can be both external and internal, but none of them carries a serious danger to health. This pathological discomfort arises in man due to the fact that difficult acts of defecation cause irritation of the walls of the anus with hardened calves. Because of this, small scratches and cracks appear on their surface. This becomes the main prerequisite for the fact that the constipation that has started causes severe itching in the perineum. To prevent the emergence of discomfort in the anal area, the necessary preventive measures should be taken. All of them consist in restoration of normal work of the digestive system. Acts of defecation in a person should become regular, the feces have a proper consistency, and hiking to the toilet does not deliver painful sensations. In the event that the patient stops constipation provoking irritation of the walls of the anus, there will be a constant sensation of itching in him.

Patients with similar unpleasant symptoms are often interested in what kind of treatment can help in this situation. When you see a doctor and identify the true cause that provoked the appearance of constipation with itching in the anus, the specialist will be assigned a corresponding pathology complex therapy. But you can cope with the problem yourself. To do this, first of all, you need to adjust the diet. From it, all products that contribute to the occurrence of stool disorders should be excluded. Also it is necessary to pay attention to a way of life. Those people who are characterized by low physical activity, it is necessary to increase it by including daily morning exercises and long walks in the regime of the day. This will help keep the intestines in a tone, prevent the occurrence of constipation and, accordingly, irritation of the walls of the anal opening with stout calves.

To prevent the occurrence of constipation in the anus, the following rules will help:

  • After any emptying, carefully clean the anus area with soft tissues;
  • Toilet paper should not contain dyes and fragrances;
  • It is necessary to exclude from the diet all irritating products.

Only after the patient regulates the diet and lifestyle, normalizing the chair, and also begins to observe the necessary hygiene measures, he can get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon as the itching in the anus caused by problems with the stool.

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