Varius gel from varicose veins: all lies and truth, customer reviews

Varicose veins on the legs are quite common. The disease affects a large percentage of the population and, unfortunately, many drugs are powerless in the fight against this ailment. But what do people who face varicose face to face? After all, his treatment is a laborious and expensive process that takes a long time. Is it possible to do without surgery and is there a tool that can solve the problem quickly and at no extra cost? The answer is unequivocally positive. A new unique tool "Varius" gel from varicose veins is a real breakthrough in medicine. What is this medicine and what is the mechanism of its action, we will analyze further.

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Why is it important to treat varicose veins?

The pathology associated with degenerative processes in vascular tissues is commonly called varicose veins. Previously, the disease was not considered a serious ailment, and his treatment was not paid due attention. Most often the disease affects the veins located in the lower limbs, but cases where pathological processes develop in the vessels on the hands, abdomen and other parts of the body are not uncommon.

But still, the damage to the vessels of the legs occurs much more often. Untimely treatment of this disease can cause quite serious consequences, both in men and in women. The fact is that with the narrowing of the veins, a decrease in the elasticity of their walls, as well as a violation of the venous valves, there is a disruption of the normal circulation of blood. Improper operation of valves contributes to the development of stagnant processes, which can lead to thrombi, ulcers. Also, with improper treatment, there may be the appearance of diseases such as phlebitis, thrombosis and other serious pathologies.

In addition to ugly appearance, varicosity is accompanied by such manifestations:

  • discomfort and feeling of heaviness of the limbs;
  • swelling of the feet;
  • legs can hurt even at rest, especially often the pain is noted at night, as well as after heavy physical exertion;
  • painful sensations when walking and in tight shoes;
  • tingling feeling, seizures;
  • may have itching and redness of the skin in the lesions;
  • veins become noticeable, swollen, the skin acquires a bluish tinge.

Symptoms of varicose significantly reduce the quality of life of the patient, spoil the mood, many patients can not fully live and work because of the evolving problem.

Important! When the first signs appear, one can not ignore the disease. The success of the treatment will depend on how early you begin to act.

Thanks to the "Varius" tool it will be possible to stop degenerative processes, restore the normal functioning of the venous valves and restore youth and health to the legs.

Action of the gel

This product was developed taking into account the peculiarities of varicose veins. Antivaricose gel "Varius" penetrates deep into the skin, has a healing property and is able not only to remove swelling and soreness, but also to eliminate the causes of the disease. With regular application, the tool performs the following actions:

  • significantly reduces the ugly venous network, which is visible through the skin;
  • provides adjustment of normal blood flow through vessels and capillaries;
  • has a positive strengthening effect on the walls of the vessels;
  • eliminates edema;
  • gives leg ease;
  • struggles with a symptom such as pain and heaviness in the legs;
  • prevents the formation of blood clots;
  • prevents the onset of seizures;
  • feet again become beautiful, and the skin is smooth and healthy.

All these actions were achieved thanks to the unique natural composition of the medium, over which the scientists have worked hard.


For quite some time scientists and physicians worked on a unique composition of the drug. Manufacturer of the drug Russian company FleboGosCenter. The main task of the company was to create a product that would not have harmful chemical additives, but would act only on the basis of natural components. Long efforts and numerous clinical tests helped to release the gel from varicose, which has no analogues in the whole modern pharmaceutical market. The structure of the remedy included the following components:

Bee venom

Long since the products of beekeeping were famous for their medicinal properties. The poison of bees is gentle, but at the same time it can effectively cope with such problems as puffiness, inflammation, pain. Also, this product is able to prevent the formation of blood clots. Elements included in bee venom contribute to the excellent strengthening and restoration of blood vessels and capillaries.

antlers Concentrate This substance can be obtained from the horns of deer. Even in ancient times, Tibetan monks successfully used this material to treat many diseases. Nowadays, concentrate is widely used to fight blood clots. It is also possible to establish blood flow and strengthen the walls of blood vessels by natural means.

Ginkgo Biloba

Excellent removal of spasm of veins, causes vessel walls to tone, increases their elasticity. Thanks to this component, it is possible to achieve elimination of toxins and toxins, as well as to improve the blood composition, enriching it with the necessary trace elements.

Important! All components have undergone careful processing and high quality selection. The scientists took care that the "Varius" gel was completely safe and did not cause allergies.

Instruction for use

In order to get rid of the problem you need a course of treatment with the drug, which should last from 3 to 4 weeks. The application of the cream should be correct and regular. Next, consider how to apply the tool to achieve the best result.

  1. Wash affected areas of skin and pat them with a towel.
  2. Take a small amount of the drug from the tube and distribute it evenly over the areas where the varicose extension is visible.
  3. Rub the ointment carefully and gently, this will eliminate the occurrence of complications.
  4. Do not cover the skin for some time after application. This will ensure better absorption and achieve optimal results.

Important! There are some contraindications that should be considered when applying the remedy. Prohibition can be the presence of allergies to gel components, pregnancy, as well as open wounds on affected areas.

Where and how to order "Varius" gel from varicose

Many buyers are concerned with the question: is it true or divorce this remedy and how to find deception? The fact is that you can not buy the "Varius" in the pharmacy. This is a unique medicine that can be ordered only on the official website. So, answering the question: where to buy the goods, in order to avoid forgery, you should answer - you need to do this only on the official website. Buying on the manufacturer's website, you will get the following advantages:

  1. Optimal price.
  2. Exclude forgery.
  3. Only high-quality and original products.
  4. Availability of all necessary documents and quality certificates.

Buying "Varius" through an online store, you can place an order in Perm, Orenburg, Kaluga, Moscow, as well as in any other city. On the quality and effectiveness of the drug testify numerous positive feedback from customers who have already evaluated the effect of the cream.

Official site


Margarita Abramova( 45 years old Moscow)

"I learned about the gel" Varius "not so long ago. However, already in a short passage of time I felt his miraculous result. Varicose veins suffer more than five years. During this time I tried many different medicines. Even expensive means did not yield the expected results. In the legs all the same, there was a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, and a terrible vascular mesh just gave no peace."Varius" helped to cope with the problem and feel significant improvements after only 3 weeks. What was my surprise when a relatively inexpensive remedy could relieve me of most of the symptoms of varicose veins in such a short passage of time. Definitely recommend medicine to everyone who has encountered this ailment. "

Victoria Pavlovskaya( 35 yo Minsk)

"In the past, I professionally went in for sports, but after the injury, I had to leave these classes. After the operation on my right leg, I had varicose veins. The appearance of the legs was simply awful. Swollen veins and ugly vascular mesh have become a reason to love pants even in the summer. The doctor advised me "Varius" gel from varicose veins. Little believing in success, I still bought the medicine. I want to note that I did not even pay attention to the first results. But when, after another day spent on my feet, I noticed that there was no pain and discomfort, I realized that the remedy really works. After going through a course of treatment, I use a cream for prevention, with loads on my legs. I recommend this tool to everyone. "

Reviews IRecommend about Varius

Reviews of doctors

Arthur Terekhin( phlebologist, Novorossiysk).

"On the remedy for varicose veins, I can only say positive feedback. Few means in our time are really effective and safe for patients. The composition of the cream is completely natural, which is a very important condition for successful treatment. Many of my colleagues, including myself, recommend this drug for the treatment of varicose veins on the legs. My patients, who tried the drug, notice a significant improvement in the course of the disease, already in a short passage of time. This gives every reason to believe that the "Varius" gel is an effective and safe preparation ".

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