Smoking with stomach ulcer. Is it possible? What is the danger of tobacco smoke and nicotine for peptic ulcer disease?

Gastric ulcer is a chronic disease, it is not possible to completely get rid of it. First of all, this concerns patients who are prone to bad habits, in this case - smokers. Smoking in different people differently affects the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. In some, it rises, in others it goes down. It is very difficult to reach balance and protect yourself from manifestation or relapse of cured pathology. So you can smoke with a stomach ulcer or not?

It should be noted that cigarettes exacerbate the disease and contribute to the development of complications. The risk of an ailment among smokers is much higher, since cigarette smoke has a negative effect on the body, namely, the immune and endocrine systems. Also, the main cigarette substance - nicotine - adversely affects the organs of the digestive tract, damaging their mucous membrane, thereby creating prerequisites for the manifestation of pathological formations. In the presence of ulcers, nicotine inhibits the regeneration of cells and the mucous membrane of the stomach, and hence its healing. Thus, ulcers and smoking are a dangerous tandem for human health.

Harmful substances in tobacco affect the central nervous system, which, when irritated, also causes ulceration. According to statistical data, the pathology of the gastrointestinal tract often develops in experienced smokers who have a long working life( at least 10 years).Accordingly, they treat the disease twice as long and three times more often have newly formed lesions in the cavity of the digestive organ. In addition, smoking provokes the discovery of ulcer bleeding - a very dangerous complication, which is eliminated only when hospitalized. From this it is necessary to draw an affirmative conclusion that the stomach ulcer and smoking can not be combined.

Many smokers note a marked manifestation of one of the symptoms of ailment - heartburn. This is due to the fact that smoke and nicotine, getting into the body, cause an increase in the production of gastric juice, the excess amount of which irritates the mucous membrane. Such a process can cause inflammation, which in turn provokes the onset or relapse of the disease.

If the question of whether it is possible to smoke with an ulcer remains relevant, then it should be remembered that mortality among ulcers suffering from addiction is 5 times higher than in non-smoking patients. About 13% of heavy smokers have a modified pathology of the digestive organ - a cancerous tumor. Given all the negative factors of the harmful effects of cigarette substances, it should be clearly stated that smoking with stomach ulcer is absolutely contraindicated.

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