Compatibility of Persen and alcohol: possible consequences, reviews, reception rules

The question of combining various drugs with alcohol is very relevant, as many patients take any medications permanently or for a long time, and holidays and feasts happen in our lives is not so rare. A special category is made up of sedative drugs, which experts do not recommend combining with alcohol. One such means is Persen.

Persson and alcohol

Many people today are nervous about the hard living conditions: problems at work, family quarrels, financial difficulties - all this weighs heavily on the nervous system, so many people try to strengthen it with plant sedatives such as Persen. Persen tablets are of vegetable origin. The main components of the drug are extracts of lemon balm, mint and valerian.

The drug is effective in:

  1. Sleep disorders;
  2. Excessive nervous excitability;
  3. Irritability, etc.

In general, the product has calming properties, removes vascular spasm. It is difficult to say unequivocally how exactly Persen will interact with alcohol. The drug relieves anxiety, soothes, which is often necessary for patients suffering from frequent alcohol abuse.

However, Persen is not able to remove the clinical manifestations of the withdrawal syndrome. Many experts have repeatedly argued that this drug is not recommended to mix with alcohol, since such a cocktail can lead to all sorts of complications of a hangover.

Compatibility of

Before judging the compatibility of Persen with alcohol, it is necessary to disassemble in more detail its effect on organic structures. In the composition of the tablets there are plant extracts of valerian root, melissa leaves and mint. In the valerian root, there is an essential oil, which provides a calming effect on the body. The amino acid compounds present in it, such as arginine, gamma-aminobutyric acid and glutamine, ensure the performance of a variety of functions in the body, including neurotransmitter.

Valerian has long been known for sleeping and sedative effects, thanks to which it is actively used for fears, stresses, mental disorders. It reduces the heart rate, dilates the blood vessels, helps lower blood pressure. Valerian is used for uterine and vascular spasms, convulsive contractions and epileptic seizures. Improves the herb secretory gastric function, which favorably affects the appetite. And if along with Persen take a bath with the roots of valerian, then the hypnotic effect will be accelerated many times and intensified.

Melissa is used to treat a variety of ailments such as:

  • Problems with low-tidal organs in the female genital area;
  • Gastrointestinal pathologies( bloating, dysbiosis);
  • Cardiac disorders( hypertension, ischemia, tachyarrhythmia);
  • Neurotic disorders;
  • Pathology of the skin( dermatitis, eczema);
  • Inflammatory lesions of respiratory organs, etc.

The main active substance of mint leaves is menthol, which is:


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  • Antiseptic;
  • Spasmolytic;
  • Painkillers;
  • Soothing agent.

When exposed locally to mucosal neuroreceptor cells, promotes activation of capillary circulation and gastric contractions, which provides an increase in appetite.

Unlike medicinal components, ethanol affects the body toxicly, which leads to serious disorders in the nervous system work. In other words, alcohol suppresses the work of nervous system structures, which is manifested by inhibition, delayed reactions, etc. As a result of mixing substances such as Persen and alcohol, it is difficult to predict the reaction of the body. One thing is for sure - they can not be combined!

Possible consequences of

As a result of the combination of alcohol and Persen, experts predict several possible consequences:

  1. A sound sleep. Such an outcome occurs most often and is considered the most innocuous. Due to the combination of tablets with alcohol, the patient will simply fall asleep. Such a dream will be strong, however, it can not be called healthy. Disturbing headaches in the patient do not pass, but he falls asleep due to the pronounced hypnotic effect of the tablets, and not independently. The patient is asleep, and his vessels still continue to expand, which can lead to unpleasant consequences;
  2. Severe and uncontrolled blood pressure jumps. Such a reaction is typical when mixing drugs with alcoholic persons with weakened cardiac activity, hypertension or vascular problems. Such jumps of blood pressure are fraught with fainting and impaired consciousness, right up to the coma;
  3. Allergic reaction. Sometimes a mixture of hot drinks with the components of the drug gives an allergic response. Symptomatology can be manifested insignificantly, however, it is possible to develop more dangerous conditions like collapse, accompanied by a sharp drop in blood pressure, a lack of oxygen, cold extremities, weakness, etc. Such a state can lead to the patient's death, but fortunately, it is very rare;
  4. Nervous systemic oppression. With respect to dosages and proper administration, taking into account contraindications, such a reaction to Persen is not observed, however, when mixed with alcohol, faster intoxication is observed, sedative effect on the patient is increased. Then there is dizziness, stomach problems, nausea and vomiting, etc.

As you can see, reactions to Persen after alcohol can be different, and to foresee how the body will react to such a cocktail in a particular case is almost impossible.

Is it possible to take

simultaneously? Based on the above-described reactions resulting from the mixing of alcohol with Persen, the conclusion suggests that simultaneous reception of these substances is strongly discouraged. Even if a negative reaction does not follow, then there is no need to wait for positive influence, because alcohol simply neutralizes it.

Many believe that alcohol in a stressful state is considered a necessary measure. Sometimes a glass of high-quality cognac helps to get back to normal and get rid of insomnia, however, the next day, stress will again put pressure on a person, and sometimes with more force. If the decision is made to be treated with the help of Persen, it is better to refrain from alcoholic beverages for the period of intake.

If you need to take medicine, and alcohol has already been drunk, then 8-12 hours is the optimal time when you can use the pill. During this time, alcohol will have time to leave the body and will not be able to react with the components of the drug. And in general, for the entire period of treatment by Persen, the use of alcohol should be excluded.


According to the opinion of doctors about whether it is possible to take alcohol while taking Persen, the strictest ban should be on all kinds of alcohol. If the effect of tablets is necessary on the first stage of alcoholic influence, the patient may develop a fainting condition, his health will worsen, and a collapse will occur. If alcohol begins to interact with Persen in the second stage of alcoholic effects, the effect of the tablets will be neutralized.

Judging by the reviews of patients, few people dared to combine tablets with a hot. However, taking Persen with alcohol, noted the appearance of malaise, severe intoxication, BP changes and other troubles. Therefore, you should not play with health and combine such substances.

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