Diet for treatment and dissolution of urate, oxalate, phosphate and coral stones in the kidneys

Urolithiasis is a pathological condition with the formation of concrements in the urinary structures, which may have a different composition and variety. Oxalates consist of calcium salts, urates from uric acid, phosphates from phosphoric-potassium deposits.

Diet with kidney stones

The dietary nutrition program is necessary for the normalization of metabolic processes, in particular purine metabolism. In addition, a diet is needed to normalize the mass and improve intestinal activity.

Also, a therapeutic diet is necessary to change the reaction of urine in the necessary direction:

  • In oxalates, it is necessary to limit ascorbic and oxalic acid;
  • Urinate requires alkalinization;
  • Phosphates require acidification of urine.

Such a nutrition program is also useful for weight loss, normalization of cardiovascular and digestive activity, prevention of urinary inflammation. Especially necessary is diet therapy for children of childhood, because a properly selected diet is partially able to replace drug therapy. What kind of diet is more effective depends on the type of stones.

General recommendations

For the treatment and dissolution of kidney stones, it is recommended to adhere to the treatment table number 7. Such a diet presupposes limiting B / M / V and cooking dishes without salt. Categorically refuse from fungi and meat, essential oils and foods rich in oxalic acid.

To achieve maximum effect with diet therapy, you need to follow a dietary diet according to certain rules:

  • Minimize alcohol consumption in men and women;
  • The jaws are drinking mode, assuming consumption of at least 2 liters.water daily;
  • To exclude overeating, it is necessary to rise from the table with a slight sensation of hunger;
  • Avoid consuming diuretics or decoctions;
  • We must give up fatty foods and spicy;
  • If urolithiasis is found in a obese patient, o it is necessary to reduce its weight by consuming low-calorie meals;
  • I'll have to love the sport, adding life to the movement, for example, sports walking, jogging;
  • Avoid stress and hypothermia, strictly follow the recommendations of the urologist regarding the diet;

If there are painful signs of activity pebbles like pulling lumbar discomfort or cutting pain in the kidney zone, then you need to contact a specialist.

Features of nutrition for different types of stones

Stones formed in the urinary system, differ in different chemical composition, because they are formed from different salts. The task of the diet is to exclude these very salts so that the concretions dissolve on their own, without surgical intervention.


Phosphates are the salts formed in excessively alkaline urine. Such abnormalities occur due to metabolic disorders of calcium and phosphorus, typical of endocrine and bone pathologies. To eliminate such salts, it is necessary to oxidize urine with a limited intake of calcium-containing products.

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The main menu components are:

  • By-products and fish;
  • Meat and fat;
  • Groats;
  • Butter;
  • Sour apples and cabbage;
  • Onion and pumpkin;
  • Carrots and more.

Seriously to limit will have flour and dairy products, bread and milk, strawberries, oatmeal and buckwheat. Absolutely prohibited products are smoked meat and marinades, fatty and spicy dishes, bouillon soup broths, fried or spicy foods, chocolate, legumes, cottage cheese and mushrooms, eggs and chicken. It is recommended to drink acidic natural juices or compotes. During the day, the patient should be allocated at least 1-1.5 liters of urine.

Nutritional features for phosphate stones in the kidneys


Urates are uric acid salts that usually accumulate in individuals who have pathologies such as gout, destructive processes, and abusive meat foods. Therefore, patients with ururia are advised to exclude from the menu fish, meat, as well as broths on these products, mushrooms and animal fats, tea and chocolate, coffee, legumes, sorrel and spinach.

Proper nutrition consists of such food components as vegetable and creamy oils, dairy products and cheeses, potatoes and cereals, carrots and beets. Of fruits, it is better to prefer grapes and apples, peaches and pears, nuts and gooseberries. If contraindications are not available, then a day should drink 2 liters.liquid. Salt should be limited to 5-7 gr.

Categorically it is inadmissible at such pathology long to starve or sit on unloading-hungry days. An excellent help diet will be special kidney teas based on medicinal herbs with a diuretic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.


Oxalates are produced in the body under the influence of excessive consumption of ascorbic and oxalic acid. Therefore, dietotherapy involves the exclusion from the diet of products containing similar acids.

Dosage of citrus fruits is permitted. Salt will also have to be limited.

Strongly forbidden products like:

  • Sorrel;
  • Chocolate;
  • Salad;
  • Spinach;
  • For exacerbations, calcium and dairy products must be discarded.

Oxalates are amenable to excretion with the help of medicinal tinctures of currant, grape leaves, pear tree, etc.

Prohibited and allowed products with various kidney stones


Coral or struvite stones differ in intricately complex shapes, repeating the shape of the kidney and occupying its entire cavity. Usually the cause of this stone formation is pyelonephritis. The stones have a phosphate chemical composition and are prone to a rapid increase.

Diet therapy for coral concrements is based on the consumption of baked potatoes, dried fruits and fish dishes, pasta and legumes, meat and bread. But from milk, sour-milk products and semi-finished products, alcohol and strong coffee, sodas and spicy dishes should be discarded.

To reduce the density of urine, it is recommended to drink more liquid, provided that there is no propensity to swelling.
On the video about the peculiarities of nutrition for various types of kidney stones:

Nutrition after crushing and removing stones

Removing concrements from the pelvis by surgery is considered only a temporary measure, as the main factor in the formation of stone are real exchange disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a normal material exchange, in order to prevent a recurrence of urolithiasis in the future.

If the calculi were removed by shock wave lithotripsy( crushing), then strict restriction of the diet is not necessary. But the above recommendations in accordance with the type of stones still need to be adhered to. It is necessary to protect the kidneys from excessive loads, eat easily digestible food cooked for a couple. Prohibited products like smoked meat and marinades, fried and spicy, products with preservatives or dyes, alcohol and other unhealthy foods.

After about a day or two patients, you can eat a secondary broth, berry jelly, dog rose broth. Approximately from the third day, the first table is assigned - a surgical diet containing steam dishes in a cleaned form.

Featured Products:

  1. Lenten calf or chicken, fish;
  2. Yesterday's bread;
  3. Omelets or soft-boiled eggs;
  4. Cereals;
  5. Small pasta;
  6. Potatoes and carrots, beets and zucchini;
  7. Tea is not strong with the addition of cream, compote or barley broth.

Strictly forbidden in the menu: muffins and fatty meat, broths and fried eggs, whole milk, cheeses, beans and yaks, marinades and sauerkraut, spices, canned goods, chocolate, sodas and alcohol. After about 5 days, the patient is transferred to 11 table, when the same products are allowed, only not in the garbled form. Dairy products and all sorts of meat, any vegetables and pasta are allowed. Fatty foods and canned food remain banned.

Therapeutic diet in the presence of concrements should be applied as early as possible, since a healthy diet, taking into account the chemical structure of the stones, will allow the formation of new concretions, and already existing stones gradually dissolve. But the doctor can correctly choose the diet therapy on the basis of the data on the chemical composition of the stones.

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