Donnik: photo of a plant

Donnik is a medicinal plant of the legume family. It has healing properties, therefore it is widely used in folk medicine. It is a short stalk with small yellow flowers. In the flowering period, the flowers collected in the brush completely cover the entire plant. The fruits of sweet clover are beans, which contain yellow seeds. How does the clover look like you can see on the photo of the plant.

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    Species and kinds of sweet clover - photo

    It is knownMany species of sweet clover, but now the most common are the white and yellow clover. Where does this culture grow? Most often in the regions of Russia, Western Siberia, Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Chooses a place near the roadside and along the banks of water bodies, as well as in the steppe meadows. Very often grown on farm plots.

    Donnik white is a two-year-old plant, reaching a height of 2 m, with small white flowers that are collected in narrow brushes. Is a productive mead. The photo shows the plant during the flowering period.

    Donnik yellow is a plant identical to the white clover. The main difference is the yellow color of flowers, as well as a more smooth structure of the fruit. In length, the plant can reach 1.5 m in the second year. The photo also shows that the leaves have a more even outline.

    Description of growth of sweet clover

    This plant is adapted to any soil and unpretentious for special care. But the most comfortable for its growth is calcareous soil. Calm can tolerate dry weather, than it retains its aromatic substances. Therefore, the clover that grows in the shade has a less saturated smell. Excess moisture can gradually destroy the plant.

    Donnik rosette of the first year represents only leaves and stems without flowering. The photo shows the plant at the initial stage of growth. Flowering is already in the second year of cultivation.

    Seeds of sweet clover are found in its fruits, which are beans of grayish color. The seeds themselves often have a yellow color as shown in the photo.

    In the period when flowers appear in the plant, it completely covers them and becomes white or yellow, depending on the species. How the white and yellow clover looks during the flowering period can be seen in the photo.

    Useful properties of the plant

    Donnik is widely distributed in folk medicine. There are many medicines with its use. The healing properties of the plant help to fight against such ailments:

    • gout;
    • purulent wounds;
    • tumors;
    • inflammation of the joints.

    A wide range of actions is based on useful components that are included in the composition of the clover. Broths and teas are prepared from it, used as a way to get rid of insomnia and a diuretic. Modern medicine took not arms this plant and widely uses as an anticonvulsant and treatment for angina pectoris.

    Plant Billets

    Dry inflorescences and plant leaves should be in the flowering period. The Donnik is cut off at the root, brush brushes, tops with leaves and shoots come off. It is required to leave under a canopy, having spread out on a paper a thin equal layer. Leaves in a dry state do not change their color - they remain green. In dried form, the sweet clover has a rich and pleasant aroma. Useful properties of such blanks are preserved for 2 years. It can be used not only in the form of tea, but also as seasonings to fish dishes and soups, which gives them a piquant taste and aroma.

    Interesting! Dried sweet clover is used as an aromatic substance in the alcohol, tobacco and perfume industries.

    Drug Recipes from the

    Plant There are many diseases that can be treated with this plant. Preparation of medications alone can be treated:

    1. Abscess. You will need unsalted butter and fresh plant flowers in the same amount. The oil should be put on a water bath. After it melts, add the flowers. To stir thoroughly. Cooled medicine to use in the form of ointment - to treat affected areas of the skin 3 times a day.
    2. Cough.2 tsp.dry herbs plants pour 2 glasses of water. Insist about 6 hours. After the time has passed, drain. Eat small meals throughout the day.
    3. Problems with the venous system. It will take 2 tsp.dry clover, which is poured with 1 glass of boiling water. Cool the broth immediately drink. The procedure should be carried out 3 times a day. This broth helps normalize blood circulation. Stagnation of milk during breastfeeding. Take 2 tbsp.l.of this plant, pour 1 glass of water. Put the boil on a slow fire for about 30 minutes. The liquid should evaporate exactly 2 times. The resulting broth is combined with unsalted butter in a 1: 4 ratio. Prepared ointment to treat the breasts 3 times a day.
    4. Anesthetic. It will take 2 sweet clover, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse 1 hour. This broth is used as a compress, applying to a sore spot.
    5. Breaking the hormonal background. It should take 100 g of dry herb plants, pour 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol. Infuse in a dark cool place for 2 weeks. After the time, take 15 drops of the obtained tincture before eating 3 times a day, with plenty of water. It should be noted that this recipe is not suitable for pregnant women. After all, the hormonal background is disrupted them often enough.
    6. Frequent headaches. It will take 1 tbsp.l.of this plant and 1 tsp.crushed dried mint leaves. Add 1 glass of water, put on fire, bring to a boil and leave to languish until the decoction is reduced by 2 times. Prepared medicine to strain and treat whiskey during an exacerbation.

    Also, decoctions and tinctures based on clover are used to combat such diseases:

    • acute respiratory infections, bronchitis;
    • kidney disease;
    • is a nervous stimulation;
    • sleep disturbance;
    • intestinal obstruction;
    • inflammation in the joints;
    • hemorrhoids;
    • sprain;
    • inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system in women.

    It's important to know! The healing effect of the sweet clover is 2 times higher than the aloe vera! But you should not abuse this plant. Since excessive ingestion can cause nausea leading to vomiting, as well as cause insomnia.

    Honey from clover

    As this plant has many healing properties, the preparation of honey from it is just a find for the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of the body in tone. It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic effects.

    Honey will restore strength after serious diseases and prevent all sorts of relapses. Will get rid of regular migraines and dizziness. A pleasant aroma and taste will bring pleasure in its use.


    By its nature, the medicinal sweet clover is a poisonous plant. Therefore, excessive consumption can adversely affect the health of such groups of individuals:

    • pregnant women;
    • people with high blood coagulability;
    • with internal bleeding.

    Such people should keep the dosage. Otherwise, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sleep disturbance, and damage to the central nervous system may occur.

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