As evidenced by nausea, fever combined with headache and chills

Thermodynamics or tumor?

Why does such a disease occur? In the body there are special receptors that are responsible for maintaining the optimal temperature of the human body. It happens that these same receptors fail and the system ceases to function. The person raises the temperature, the head hurts quite a long time and completely without bright reasons for it. There are no signs of an infectious disease, no disruption in the endocrine system, or any trauma that could contribute to infection. But the headache and temperature can last very long, up to two weeks. Paradoxically, this phenomenon is most often observed in young people who have a predominantly melancholic type of temperament, behave in a closed, detached and uncommunicative way. What can I advise a person who is in this situation?

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You can apply such unusual methods of treatment as hypnosis and acupuncture, but in much more effective ways, according to doctors, is tempering, correct mode of the day, full sleep and rest time, balanced nutrition consisting mainly of natural products cooked at home. If to talk about drug treatment, then for the beginning the patient should consult with the doctor about the advisability of such treatment and only then make a decision on the purchase of certain medications.

If a person can not cope with headaches, he stably maintains a high fever, loss of appetite, worsens the general condition of the whole body, a person loses weight abnormally quickly, then he needs to see an oncologist. It is not necessary that the tumor will be malignant, it may well be benign, but it is still worth consulting with a specialist, since headache, temperature and vomiting can testify to a tumor process in virtually any part of the body.

2 Intoxication of the body

This is a state of the body in which it tries to fight an infection of a different nature, with toxins that have got into it. In what way is this process expressed? A person has a headache and nausea, chills, vomiting. Usually, immediately after vomiting, a person becomes easier for a while. If this is a common poisoning, then soon it must pass, the main thing - to prevent the process of dehydration. To do this, you need to drink water, cranberry or cowberry mors or tea as often as possible, even if you do not feel like thirsting and drinking. But you need to remember that if you force yourself to drink liquids in large quantities, then vomiting will arise. Therefore, you need to drink slowly, in small sips, but often enough. During treatment and a few days after it, you need to adhere to a special diet, excluding heavy, fatty foods, sweet, heavily salted, smoked, pickled foods, all dairy. We must also remember that it is not recommended to overeat at this time categorically.

But if this condition occurs very often, then this may indicate chronic hepatic or renal failure, as well as a number of other, no less serious diseases. This person has a direct way to the clinic to see a therapist and to examine the whole body.

3 Hypertensive disease

If the head hurts from the very morning, completely unbearable in the back of the neck, then this is a clear sign that such a person has hypertensive disease. A person can complain about chills, fever, dizziness. Sometimes he may experience vomiting quite unexpectedly, since he did not have any previous nausea. Very often in old age there is such a process as clogging of blood vessels with plaques. This is due to the fact that in his youth he led an incorrect lifestyle, poorly fed, consumed poor-quality food, poor in fiber and other mineral substances, did not go in for sports, led a sedentary lifestyle, drank and smoked. Therefore, the body simply lacks oxygen in the blood vessels, so it compensates for it by increasing the pressure.


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If a person has encountered such a problem for the first time, then it is necessary to call an ambulance. If this occurs systematically, you will have to constantly monitor the condition of your blood pressure, visit a doctor and take those medications that he prescribes.

4 Dysmenorrhea

This condition is familiar if not to all, then to almost all women. This is painful menstruation. Usually this condition occurs at the very beginning of the menstrual cycle and is characterized by unbearable pain in the lower abdomen. This can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as a general weakness of the body, vomiting and nausea, chills, headaches, dizziness, drooling, fever, and fever, in which it throws in heat, then in cold. Why such a condition arises, only a doctor can say. For a start, a woman can take an anesthetic drug, or a drug that removes spasm, go to bed and try to sleep. But in the near future, she should consult a doctor, so that he clearly identifies the cause, told how to deal with this and prescribed appropriate treatment.

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5 Influenza or acute adnexitis

Very often, when the head is aching, the temperature rises and vomiting is present, it can be assumed that this condition is caused by an infectious disease.

When it comes to influenza, it must be remembered that especially in the first days of the course of the disease, there will not be such manifestations as cough, runny nose or sore throat. It will be only very bad overall health, nausea, weakness, lethargy, chills, the desire to lie and move as little as possible. In this case, the patient may have a headache, and also symptoms such as vomiting. If the symptoms do not stop, then the patient should be urgently hospitalized, as it can be not about the classic flu, but about a new version of it, such as gastric flu. Why does intestinal flu occur? This may be because of the household way of its transmission, because of dirty hands, food and raw water. This disease practically does not pose a danger to a strong, healthy organism of an adult, but can become deadly to an elderly person. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the prevention: do not drink raw water, often wash your hands using antibacterial soap.

Acute adnexitis is a disease that is characteristic only of women. It occurs because microorganisms that are constantly in the genital tract of a woman, begin to behave aggressively against the weakening of immunity. Or, such an infection is recorded mechanically during abortion, labor, examination of the uterus, scraping. Since in this disease, in addition to its main symptoms, the abdomen is very sore, the woman wants to drink anesthetic drug and for at least a few hours to stop her anguish, but you can not do this categorically. At the first suspicions of adnexitis, you need to seek help from a doctor, and taking a drug that relieves pain can make it difficult to identify the disease and make an accurate diagnosis. The only thing that can be recommended to a woman in order to ease the pain is putting cold in the abdomen. For example, a bottle of cold water or ice wrapped in a towel.

Headache - an objective sign of diseases of all kinds, having learned to deal with it, it is easy to understand in time why an attack occurs.

This will help to cure a very dangerous illness on time.

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