Why children can have a headache in the forehead

2 Provoking diseases

Headache in the forehead in children can cause such infectious diseases as colds, flu, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc. The reason for this is intoxication of the child's body by viruses. Particularly bright pain manifests itself when the body temperature rises. Antipyretics, anesthetics can stabilize the baby's condition, improve his health. Suitable drugs such as Panadol, Nurofen, Paracetamol. Treatment may take several days, but soon the child will recover. Children of school age often have pains that are localized in one place, including in the forehead.

Intensive seizures can be accompanied by nausea, fear of light, dizziness. All this represents the characteristic signs of migraine. You should try to induce vomiting. After this, the migraine usually passes. In addition, this condition can be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, a feeling of pressure on the eyes. It is necessary that the child sleeps. In a dream, the body regains its strength and can overcome the intrusive headache.

It is necessary to provide the maximum comfort to the child: there must be silence in the house, a room for sleep with the windows hung. He also needs to drink a lot. Suitable unsweetened black tea. You can give an anesthetic so that the baby can quickly fall asleep. Children who are prone to frequent migraine attacks should follow a diet: to limit the consumption of animal fats, sweets. Also, they must be protected from excessive emotional stress, severe nervous stress, stress. Parents are advised to contact the pediatrician to prescribe funds that will improve the blood circulation of the brain.

The common cause of headaches in the frontal lobe is an inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. Particularly bright pain is expressed in the morning. The pus fills the frontal and maxillary sinuses, exerts pressure on them. Often a child may complain that he has pain with his head down. This is one of the brightest signs of this phenomenon. The consequences of inflammation can be extremely serious, so you should see the otolaryngologist. Treatment will be required to remove, mucilage, liquefaction, it may be necessary to rinse. After these manipulations, the pain will stop disturbing the baby.


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Inflammation of the trigeminal nerve is an infrequent, but very unpleasant cause of intense pain in the frontal part of the head. In addition, it can be localized in the temples, and the slightest touch to the skin brings pain. It is recommended that the baby be given an anesthetic, warmly wrap up his head and contact the neurologist as soon as possible.

If the pain in the forehead suddenly appeared, vomiting began, the child is shivering, the body temperature is increased - it can talk about encephalitis( inflammatory process in the brain) or meningitis( inflammation of the cerebral cortex).The fainting, convulsions once again confirm the diagnosis. These diseases are very serious. An emergency medical care is necessary, otherwise the outcome can be very deplorable.

Tremors, bruises, head trauma in the forehead can cause pain. Accompanying symptoms: blurred vision, dizziness, nausea. This indicates a possible cerebral edema or hemorrhage. The toddler needs to be put on his back so that it is convenient for him, put ice to the place of injury, call an ambulance. It is likely that it will be necessary to monitor the condition of a small patient in a hospital. After discharge, the doctor will prescribe medications that improve the nutrition of brain cells. It is very important to carry out complex treatment in order to avoid such complications as posttraumatic syndrome. This phenomenon can provoke endless severe headaches.

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A marked headache in the frontal lobe may indicate an increased pressure inside the skull.

This can occur if there is damage, injury, infection in the brain. Confidence in this diagnosis can only be an X-ray of the head. Treatment is prescribed by a neurologist.

When a child complains for a long time for pain in the forehead, it is necessary to urgently undergo a medical examination, as there is a suspicion of the development of a tumor, cysts, other neoplasms.

1 Causes, Symptoms

The problem of finding out the cause is especially pronounced in preschool children. They can not always explain where the pain is localized, what kind of strength and character it is. The child can say that his head hurts, although in fact there is a problem with the ears, eyes, discomfort in the neck.

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Young children may not even say that they are not feeling well. It's noteworthy that when a baby starts shaking his head, his face looks sullen, he wants to lie down, avoid active games. At pains the child can strongly cry, be capricious, behave irritably. Often, the kids grab their heads with their hands or pull their hair. Only school-age children can clearly explain what is bothering them.

In order to identify the cause of a child's poor health, relatives should closely monitor it. Features of behavior can tell a lot. It is necessary to try to find out the localization, the degree of pain, its characteristics. In addition, it is important to notice the signs that accompany this condition: redness of the face, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, sluggish behavior, general weakness. An important factor is the possible attendant circumstances, for example: driving by car, stress, long absence of sleep for some reason, active physical activity, overwork, etc.

There are a lot of diseases that are associated with headaches in the frontal part. The medicine classifies them into general diseases, brain diseases, problems with the parts of the head that are not part of the brain.

3 Conclusion on

Any mother should take care of her child carefully, closely monitor his health. When the baby is disturbed by pain in the frontal part of the head, it can be simple lack of sleep, overwork, stress. Rest and peace can correct the situation. However, in case of permanent, severe attacks with concomitant symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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