Herbs for the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Herbs for ulcerative colitis Ulcerative colitis is such an uncomfortable autoimmune inflammatory bowel disease that almost does not lend itself to complete cure. The use of only drug therapy is often not effective enough. In addition, with errors in taking medications, other organs can be harmed.

Therefore, with this inflammatory pathology of the intestine, a complex treatment is recommended with the obligatory connection of preparations prepared according to the prescriptions of traditional medicine. Almost all of them are prepared on the basis of herbal dues, which not only do not give side effects, but also contribute to the rapid removal of severe symptoms of the disease, and very effectively prolong the state of remission.

Reviews of patients with ulcerative colitis indicate that the use of herbal decoctions in the treatment of this disease gives the following advantages:

  • The condition of patients using traditional methods of treatment of phytotherapy is much easier;
  • They have reduced blood loss and, accord
    ingly, anemia does not develop;
  • Healing of bleeding defects on the intestinal mucosa is accelerated;
  • Remission of the disease is achieved much faster, and also lasts longer;
  • Depressive manifestations, which often occur with ulcerative colitis, are expressed with the use of herbal decoctions much less.

In addition, the use of traditional medicine recipes can shorten the period of hormone therapy.

The action of herbs in ulcerative colitis

Treatment with herbs for ulcerative colitis Phytotherapy has a wide effect on this inflammatory pathology of the intestine. Thanks to it, not only the unpleasant and painful symptoms of the disease are very effectively removed, but also the healing of the affected areas by the mucosa is accelerated. The main effect of herbs in the treatment of ulcerative colitis is as follows:

  1. With the development of this inflammatory pathology, all patients significantly reduced appetite, which negatively affects their general condition and leads to weight loss. Improve it helps such phytogens, which contain such sokornye plants, such as yarrow, calamus, trifol. They also have a toning, restorative and choleretic effect;
  2. With ulcerative colitis of the inflamed mucosa, additional protection is needed, which is provided by herbs that have an enveloping effect. Among them, the most popular are mother-and-stepmother, wheatgrass, linden and kiprei. Licorice is prescribed only during remission, since its enveloping properties are not so pronounced;
  3. To stop diarrhea, always accompanying ulcerative colitis, it is necessary to pay attention to such herbs, in which the astringent effect is strongly pronounced. Among them it is necessary to note a bloodlet, a snake mountaineer, a leaf of a hazel, cones of alder and a bark of an oak.

In addition to the above, in the treatment of ulcerative colitis is also widely used herbal preparations, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and hemostatic effect.

Polyvitamin teas, which are used in the remission phase of ulcerative colitis, have also proved successful. For them, herbal collections of dog rose, nettle, cherry and cranberries are used.

Herbal medicine for inflammation of the intestine is used not only through ingestion. Well-established herbal medicine and with rectal use. Vegetative collections contribute to the rapid healing of defects in the intestinal mucosa, which are caused by ulcerative colitis when used as enemas. In addition, they are very effective in relieving pain, itching and edema with inflamed mucous membranes.

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