Vegeto-vascular dystonia in children: how to recognize the disease at an early age and how to treat it

Vegeto-vascular dystonia is manifested in a decrease in the vital activity of blood vessels. Usually this condition is caused by malfunctions in the work of organs and tissues responsible for supplying nerve fibers and cells. Modern medicine considers this disease as a borderline between a healthy and a sick organism.

Causes of vegetative-vascular dystonia in children:

  • This pathology in children is caused mainly by social causes. They are associated with the accelerated development of the pace of civilization, the need to adapt to the modern conditions of mobile life.
  • New food products and household chemicals contribute.
  • Even on the psyche of the child due to the increase in information flows today there is a lot of pressure.
  • Constant growth in the volume of curricula, stressful situations in school and family.
Social causes are leading in the development of this pathology, but also highlight a genetic predisposition.
We are talking about various diseases that are transmitted genetically and can provoke a violation of the vessels, resulting in children developing vegetative-vascular dystonia. But genetic causes are not the main ones.

Features of the symptoms of

In children, this pathology is often found already in the preschool age. The symptomatic picture at this age is difficult to establish, because it is blurred by the child's motor activity and frequent changes of mood.

But medical experience allows to diagnose this pathology in children at early stages of its development. It is important to eliminate all negative factors in a timely manner in order to reduce the risk of the disease.

Types of AVR in children:

  • Hypertensive
  • Hypotonic
  • Mixed

When diagnosed, a neurologist calls attention to the main symptoms that will indicate the defeat of a particular vegetative part of the nervous system. Depending on the localization of the lesion, the above-described types of the disease are distinguished.

The treatment is most difficult for pathology of a mixed type. Pressure in this form of the disease varies widely, which creates difficulties in the appointment of a certain group of drugs.

And do you know what are the symptoms of cerebral ischemia? Causes, factors of the development of the disease.

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How to recognize the IRR in children: what should alert

Despite the mixed symptoms, there are some characteristic signs that should alert the parents. Particular concern should be caused by the passive activity of the child, the lack of traction to the movement and the knowledge of the new, a sharp change in mood, a growing sense of anxiety.

The main symptoms are tearfulness and apathy. Characteristic violations of sleep - a child or a lot of sleeps or suffers from insomnia. Some children experience panic attacks, dry skin, fever without cause and shortness of breath.

This is important! These conditions can not be called specific and they can manifest themselves in other diseases. But, if one of these symptoms appears, you should consult a pediatrician and undergo an appropriate examination.

Than Dangerous VSD

If parents ignore this syndrome and do not turn to a doctor on time, complications are possible. In children, various psychosomatic pathologies can develop. They can cause psychological or physical disadaptation of the child.


This disorder is difficult to diagnose in children. At the age of five to seven years, children are very mobile and are often characterized by a change of mood. These two factors determine the main difficulties in diagnosis. To this is added and the fact that in children under the age of eleven, the pulse, as a rule, is increased. Normally it comes only to twelve years.

Exceptionally careful observation of your child's behavior and communication with him will help parents notice any changes in order to turn to the doctor in time.

Diagnostics includes the exclusion of pathologies of certain body systems.

For this it is necessary to undergo examination from a neurologist, an endocrinologist and a cardiologist.
The initial vegetative tone of the baby is evaluated, vegetative reactivity values ​​are evaluated. The initial condition is assessed by the analysis of complaints, the results of the ECG, the EEG of the brain.

Timely diagnosis is very important, because if the time to eliminate the factors of development of the IRR, the child will be able to properly develop and avoid many problems in the future.


Non-recommended therapy.

With mild symptoms, doctors prescribe this way of solving the problem. Because the pill is a chemical with side effects.

The components of this type of treatment are:

Compliance with the strict regime of the day. It is necessary to sleep for eight hours, walk in the fresh air and minimize the time at the TV and computer;

  • Exercise exercises with those loads that the doctor will allow. It can be swimming and skating, skiing, tennis, other outdoor games;
  • Psychotherapy is used to help a child deeply relax his nervous system and eliminate emotional tension;
  • Massage will also help, especially the collar zone, electrophoresis;
  • A balanced diet should include enough minerals and vitamins. In the diet of the child should not be a lot of sugar and salt, you must exclude fatty meat and bakery products.
  • You can practice herbal therapy and acupuncture;

Drug therapy

It is useful in cases when vegetative-vascular dystonia takes a severe form and prevents a child from living and studying normally. This is a group of drugs that contain the necessary amino acids involved in metabolism. Often prescribe Kratal, which can be treated children from six years. The drug has a natural natural basis and improves the child's working capacity, his emotional state.

Excellent help to cope with the disease medicinal infusions of motherwort and valerian.
They have a calming effect and normalize the function of the hypothalamus, the brain stem.

Take infusions for the night in the form of infusions diluted with water. Usually the course of treatment lasts about a month. In particularly severe conditions, stronger drugs can be prescribed that reduce the excitability of the central and peripheral nervous system.

What you need to know about the prevention of

Starting prevention of vegetative-vascular dysfunction in children is necessary as soon as possible. It consists in organizing the correct regime of the day and nutrition.

It should be noted that constant physical exertion, hardening and active lifestyles contribute to their contribution.

It is extremely important to have a calm, friendly atmosphere within the walls of your home. The child should be taught how to react properly to stressful situations.

You can also teach the child certain ways of relaxing and self-hypnosis. Some parents believe that the VSD passes with age, but in fact, if the pathology has occurred one day - it needs compulsory treatment.

VSD is a balancing act between health and illness. Therefore, is important in time to consider the symptoms of violations and consult a doctor. Exact diagnosis can be made only by a specialist, he will also prescribe the right treatment. Parents should create favorable conditions for the child in order to overcome the illness together and return to a healthy and happy life.

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Video, which shows the opinion of Dr. Komarovsky about vegetative-vascular dystonia in the child :

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