Is it possible to eat ice cream with angina: the opinion of doctors, reviews, benefits and harm

Angina is an acute disease that occurs as a result of infection of the tissues of the palatine tonsils with pathogenic microorganisms. Inflammation, appearing at the site of infection, brings a lot of unpleasant symptoms.

The patient becomes hard to breathe, it is very painful to swallow, there is a high fever and weakness. There are many proven methods that help to alleviate the condition of the patient, including the use of ice cream.

Ice cream - the effect on the throat

The unbearable pain in the throat, the inability to swallow food are the main symptoms of sore throat or tonsillitis. Calm the sore throat will help ordinary ice cream. Yes, it's ice cream!

Slightly melted product has a calming effect on the inflamed tonsils. Sharp pain goes away, unpleasant sensations are reduced to a minimum. Can ice cream really help with sore throat? When it can be used, when it is impossible? Let's understand this tasty, at the same time interesting method of treatment.

What is angina, and how to deal with it, says Dr. Komarovsky:

Opinions "For"

Of course, ice cream is not a panacea for such a serious disease as infectious angina. But such a method of "treatment" on the reviews really helps to relieve the pain when swallowing. In the acute phase of inflammation, ice cream has a softening effect on the sick "glowing" throat.

Opinions "Against"

But still, the use of ice cream in angina, according to doctors, is an extreme method of treatment. It helps not always and not all, and in some circumstances the course of the disease can, on the contrary, cause complications. The facilitating effect on the sore throat is determined by the physical properties of the ice cream - cold.

However, a decrease in blood flow in inflamed areas can lead to the fact that cells of immunity will be less likely to enter the foci of infection, and the disease will grow with renewed vigor.

By the way, delicious fatty fillings contain quite a lot of sugar. This is an excellent nutrient medium for pathogenic microorganisms. Streptococci, which cause tonsillitis, multiply in such environment several times faster. This is fraught with serious consequences: the emergence of complications.

About the benefits and dangers of ice cream in our video:

Benefits and Harms

The use of ice cream often becomes a concomitant cause of angina development, but in the early stages it can be useful.

It should be remembered that eating ice cream is usually best without fillers in the form of chocolate, nuts, pieces of fruit.

Hard pieces can further damage the sore throat. The melted treat should be eaten gently, with a teaspoon or biting off small pieces. Such a gradual impact of the cool food will slightly reduce the pain and soften the dry throat.

After removal of the

glands If the course of the sore throat is complicated and removal of the glands is required, ice cream should not be treated either.

Doctors recommend avoiding this product for 2-3 weeks after tonsillectomy, as well as its dairy counterparts( milk jelly, yoghurts).

Any dairy product contributes to the production of sputum, which can provoke a cough.

This condition can slow the healing of damaged tissues and lead to complications. On the background of a cough, bleeding may occur, which will require repeated surgery.

The opinion of doctors on the removal of tonsils:

Tips and advice

If you still decided to treat angina ice cream, it is better to eat a product with a small amount of fat and sugar. Suitable sherbets or fruit ice cream without the addition of milk, yogurt. Ice cream with pieces of fruit, chocolate, nuts is also not suitable.

You should not eat ice cream more than once a day, even at the onset of the disease. Regular cooling of the inflamed tonsils will lead to nothing good. Also, in no case should you refuse the main treatment in favor of ice cream. Admission of recommended medicines is mandatory.

Recipe for home-made dessert

As you know, home-made ice cream, prepared by own hands, is much tastier and more useful than its store counterparts. Preparing it at home is not difficult. This will require:

  • a glass of milk;
  • egg chicken;
  • sand sugar 2 tbsp.l.;
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar.


The egg is thoroughly beaten with sugar and vanillin with a mixer. During the whipping process, the milk is gradually added.

When the mass becomes completely homogeneous and increases a little in volume, it is poured into a saucepan, then heated on low heat to a boil. But it is necessary to watch: the mixture should not boil.

In the process of heating milk with sugar and egg should be continued to beat. So, when solidifying, ice crystals will not form. Then the hot mixture is cooled slightly, poured into prepared forms and put into a freezer for several hours. While the future ice cream is frozen, you need to mix it a couple of times.

After 4-6 hours home ice cream is completely ready. It can be served with jam, syrup or eaten as an independent dish.

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