Traditional treatment of intestinal colitis - means, methods, homeopathy

Along with the organization of healthy nutrition, a lot of influence with inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, on improving the general condition of the body, normalizing the work of the intestine and eliminating pain, have folk remedies. Traditional treatment of colitis is very effective and there are many recipes and recommendations for the use of medicinal herbs, various products tested for a long time and proven effective.

Such a serious disease as inflammation of the colon, while observing a special diet and medicinal fees recommended by folk medicine, can be cured without the use of medication and surgical intervention. However, it should be taken into account that, after achieving an improvement after a two-three-week course of phytotherapy, in no case should we stop.

A stable result in the form of a final recovery and the cessation of the inflammatory process in the treatment of folk methods by intestinal colitis may be achieved only for a long time, for at least a year. The following requirements are imposed on herbal infusion:

  1. The property of enveloping damaged areas of the colon and rectum.
  2. Stop bleeding.
  3. Provide wound healing effect.
  4. Softness of action, avoiding irritation and so inflamed mucous membrane.

Therefore, herbs used in the treatment of intestinal colitis folk remedies, make special demands. Selection of the composition of the medicinal collection for the treatment of colitis of the intestine is made on the basis of the properties of a particular plant, the properties of vegetables or fruits( berries) to affect small changes.

Folk remedies for colon colic

For example:

  1. Nettle improves blood clotting, cleanses the intestines from putrefaction, relieves inflammation.
  2. Peppermint with antibacterial action removes inflammation, spasms and improves psycho-emotional state.
  3. Chamomile has a powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial effect, relieves spasmodic phenomena.
  4. Snyt helps to cope with constipation, has a wound-healing effect, removes inflammation and calms the pain.
  5. Dried blueberries are used to fight cancer cells and purify the intestines from putrefactive bacteria.
  6. Yarrow with bactericidal properties stops diarrhea.
  7. Purity is used to heal ulcers, relieve inflammation and relieve nervous tension.
  8. Pomegranate tincture stops diarrhea, relieves inflammation, destroys pathogens.
  9. St. John's wort is indispensable for restoring intestinal motility, fights with purulent impurities in feces.
  10. Wormwood is used to clean the colon from destructive microorganisms.
  11. For the healing of wounds, the removal of spasms and inflammations use a mountain bird bird.
  12. Alder has astringent and wound-healing actions, stops internal bleeding.

Prepares decoctions and tinctures from individual herbs or their collections, taken in equal proportions. If necessary, to strengthen the healing properties in a certain direction increase the proportion of the desired grass.

Treatment of intestinal colitis with folk methods

The use of folk remedies for intestinal colitis depends on the form of the disease and the nature of the course of the disease. In acute inflammatory process in the large intestine is useful strong brewed large leaf green tea. Its strong antimicrobial effect makes it possible to relieve severe inflammation. To stop diarrhea, take a tincture of one spoonful of St. John's wort on a glass of boiling water, infused for 30 minutes. Take the tincture three times a day before eating one third of the glass.

Very useful in the treatment of acute colitis infused on a water bath( 20 minutes) a glass of water with four spoons of chamomile flowers. Take the drug also on a third of the glass before each meal. With the relapse of non-ulcerative inflammation, medicinal preparations from St. John's wort, nettle, cleanser, mountaineer pepper are recommended, which improve blood coagulability and promote the quick healing of ulcers. Very effective in healing wounds, ulcers and regeneration of enema cells with sea buckthorn oil. Make them at night, entering into the rectum a small pear 50 ml. On an empty stomach in the morning take 1-2 tbsp.l.sea ​​buckthorn oil.

The acute course of the disease is accompanied by heavy fluid loss and salt imbalance. To compensate for losses, a special saline solution consisting of 1 tsp is recommended.table salt and 8 tsp.sugar, dissolved in one liter of boiled water. Take it to 100 ml every half hour and until the diarrhea stops. With strong locks recommend infusion of soaked in steep boiling bran, taking it in its pure form or adding to food. Start with the reception of 1 tsp.three times a day, gradually increasing this dose to 2 tablespoons for each reception. Recipes for the use of traditional methods of treating colitis of the intestine, there is a huge number, and they are selected based on the individual characteristics of the organism and the pathogenesis of colitis.

Homeopathy in Colonitis of the Intestine

Inflammation of the large intestine, which has become chronic, requires a long and persistent treatment under medical supervision. To date, homeopathic preparations of individual use are becoming increasingly popular. From the usual traditional treatment, including folk, treatment by a homeopathic physician differs not just by suppressing symptoms, but by eliminating the causes that caused the disease.

The advantage of homoeopathic monopreparations from intestinal colitis lies in the fact that other associated diseases that develop against the background of intestinal colitis are treated. The difference between the homeopathic method and the use of folk remedies lies in the way the medicine is prepared from natural raw materials. Manufactured by special sophisticated technology, mono preparations, in comparison with broths and tinctures, operate hundreds of times stronger, and therefore much more effective. In the preparation of medicines, not only plants, but also minerals, tissues of animals and humans are used.

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