Products for diarrhea( from diarrhea), which can be eaten, fixing dishes for stomach upset in adults, which help with liquid stools?

This is a common occurrence in both adults and children symptomatic as diarrhea, can be cured only if the right diet is observed. No wonder many are interested in what products with diarrhea can be eaten, as they help to fix the loose stool, and which should be completely excluded from nutrition until all signs of the disease stop. The diet menu with this pathology is based on such dishes that relieve inflammation and do not irritate the damaged mucosa, and are also easily digested, facilitating the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

To understand what foods are recommended for eating a stomach disorder, remember the purpose of a diarrhea diet. Its main provisions are the normalization of the intestine and the decrease in it of putrefactive, inflammatory and fermenting processes. Also, a properly selected food system should protect the gastrointestinal tract from mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli. With diarrhea, these provisions will correspond to products that do not cause fermentation in the intestine and do not enhance the secretion of gastric juice, and also contribute to the consolidation of a loose stool. It is thanks to them, an intestinal disorder quickly enough to be cured. Also, to facilitate the work of the intestine, there are only minimal portions of diarrhea, but often( fractional meals).

What foods can I have with diarrhea?

The list of permitted products for diarrhea in adults is significantly less than that forbidden in this disease. But still there are not so few of them to diversify the meager menu assigned to the patient during diarrhea. What exactly products help from diarrhea and are resolved by experts to the use by the adult patient?

  • There are daily biscuits made from white bread. In nutrition with diarrhea, they are necessary, since they help fix the stool masses, sucking in excess water;
  • Allowed for use in diarrhea and meat. Just do not forget that it should be represented by low-fat varieties - chicken, rabbit and veal;
  • Fish is also recommended by dieticians only lean;
  • From dairy products with diarrhea, you can only skim kefir and fresh calcined cottage cheese;
  • There are disorders of the stomach and fruits, especially bananas and apples without skin.

All of the above fixing products for diarrhea not only facilitates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, but also contributes to its speedy cessation.

What dishes should you cook with diarrhea?

From the approved products to a patient who has suffered from a stomach disorder, it is quite easy to prepare a varied menu. What kind of healthy dishes are offered by nutritionists? The most popular among many people affected by diarrhea are the following:

  • Meatballs, meatballs and cutlets are prepared from meat. Only instead of bread in mincemeat it is desirable to put boiled rice, and also not to add garlic, pepper and onions. Souffle from boiled meat, also recommended for use with diarrhea;
  • Fish can be consumed as a whole piece, and in the form of cutlets. But seafood in the diet menu is not welcome;
  • As a first dish with diarrhea, you should always prepare soups. Which of them will best affect the inflamed intestine? Of course, mucous, with the addition of oatmeal, rice or semolina;
  • Porridge for diarrhea is prepared exclusively on water. Dairy products, butter or cream, are added only after acute diarrhea has ended;
  • Vegetables during diarrhea should be consumed only in the form of a mild puree or broth added to the soup;
  • In small quantities, you should eat eggs. With diarrhea, it is best to make a steam omelet;
  • What kind of fruit is preferred for a disorder of the stomach, and what dishes should they cook for a diet? It is best for this pathology to stop its choice on apples that can be baked. But be sure to remember that before cooking with them you need to peel.

Specialists also recommend preparing dishes with diarrhea from the permitted products in accordance with certain rules, thanks to which food that has got into the intestine, will not provoke an exacerbation of diarrhea. The main one will be that the heat treatment of food should be spent for a longer time than with the usual diet and only by methods of boiling in water, steaming or baking without a rosy crust in the oven. Also, all products for patients with diarrhea should be thoroughly shredded in ready or raw form and untreated to a puree state. Do not forget that during cooking, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene, so as not to put into the gastrointestinal tract from poorly washed hands an additional portion of pathogenic microorganisms that can significantly increase diarrhea.

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