Causes and methods of treatment of pulsating pain in the head and occiput

1 Aggravating factors

Researches of scientists have revealed curious facts concerning headaches. It turns out that they suffer most people in the world. Different character and localization of unpleasant sensations in the head makes one turn to a doctor. Most often, this is a therapist or neurologist.

One has a headache in the nape, in others it is localized in the frontal part, right, left, behind the ears, in the temporal region or neck. The illness exhausts, gives strong anxiety, does not allow to lead a high-grade life. Sometimes the pain pulsates in the head, and then releases us, but in most cases requires the use of a number of drugs, among them:

  1. Painkillers.
  2. Soothing.
  3. Antipyretic.

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Some people suffer from weather changes, the reaction to which becomes a throbbing pain in the head. With age, especially in women, characteristic pain is noted.

Stagnant processes in organs and systems, poor blood circulation lead to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.

If the pain begins in the back of the head, some people take an analgesic pill and forget that they need to go to the doctor and conduct a survey. Only when the ailment becomes especially intrusive and interferes with normal living, a person thinks about visiting a doctor and conducting diagnostic procedures.

Pulsating head pain can occur for the following reasons:

  1. A sudden increase or decrease in blood pressure.
  2. Inflammatory process in the body.
  3. Head trauma.
  4. Tumor events.
  5. Nervous overstrain, overstrain.
  6. Sunny blow.
  7. Heat stroke.
  8. Intoxication.
  9. Stress.
  10. Premenstrual migraine.

Not always a throbbing headache is a manifestation of serious diseases. In most cases, it is the result of overwork or change of weather. By nature, the pulsation in the head can be:

  • aching;
  • is unbearably strong;
  • weak, barely discernible;
  • sharp;
  • short-term;
  • for a long time.

It is established that pulsating pains are caused by malfunctions in the vessels and the cardiac system, when the cerebral vessels also suffer. Thus the head can be ill in any part. But if there is a pulsation, check the blood vessels and consult with the doctor about this, because the pain may increase with time, becauseaggravation of the course of the disease. If the pain does not go away even with the taking of several analgesic tablets, you need to urgently take care of your health. Strong pressing and dull pain should deserve special attention. When it is accompanied by darkening in the eyes, nausea, vomiting, urgently take measures, up to an emergency call.

Pulsating pain in the occiput in most cases indicates an increased pressure. You need to measure it and drink the necessary medicine. If such an ailment bothers often enough, visit a doctor. He not only gives the necessary appointments, but also advises to measure pressure more often in order to control him as strictly as possible, recommend that he lead a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid a stroke. Pressure is especially important to measure during a period of severe headache.

Frequent pain in the temporal region indicates inflammatory processes of the dental tissue. In this case, throbbing pain in the head comes from the acute course of the disease, but when the pulpitis is sluggish, sharp headaches will not bother.

2 The causes of pain are numerous

When colds often headache. Often this disease starts with a ripple in the head. They are centered in the back of the head. When the pains are noted in the frontal region, it may be a manifestation of sinusitis, sinusitis, a complicated rhinitis.

Pain in the head, the causes of which are caused by glaucoma, is no less frequent. In this case, my eyes ache, they blush, vision falls. Vomiting may begin, nausea may occur. It is necessary to know as soon as possible what level of eye pressure you have. If you wear glasses, pay attention to your well-being after buying new ones. Often pains are associated with improperly selected lenses and diopters. Too strained eye reacts to this by pulsations in the head.


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One of the reasons is hypothermia. But in this case the pain will be short-lived. If you ate ice cream or drank a cold milkshake, you might get a headache for a while. This is due to irritation of the receptors of the posterior pharyngeal wall. As soon as they come back to normal, trouble passes without taking medication.

3 About migraines, a special

The symptoms and manifestations of migraine are pulsations in the head. The disease affects women more often. Attacks migraine in them can last several days, and no means can not eliminate discomfort. In some cases, the pain passes after vomiting. Knowing this, some patients cause it specifically.

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The reasons for migraine to the end of the scientists have not yet found out. Neuropathologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists tend to believe that the ailment is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the organisms of some women. The appearance of migraines, many of them are noted when menstruation approaches or immediately after it.

Symptoms of migraine:

  1. Intolerance to bright light.
  2. Negative reaction to sharp smells.
  3. Strong pulsation in any part of the head. AS Vomiting and nausea.
  4. Intolerance of loud and sharp sounds.
  5. Lethargy, especially after many days of torture.

Studies have shown that the stem part of the brain is especially active in people who are prone to this disease. Not always it is connected with hormonal reorganization. Stress, physical and mental overload, alcohol abuse, smoking, drug addiction are no less common causes of migraine. The doctors noticed that the migraine is inherited in most cases.

The disturbed tone of the vessels of the brain is attributed to the causes of migraine. In this case, the pains have the character of an aura, are scattered, do not concentrate in any part of the head. They also affect the vision. It is slightly reduced. Pain can be noted without an aura, but concentrated in the facial part. Such manifestations of the doctor are associated with nervous overexertion.

It is necessary to eliminate migraine and fight with it constantly. Follow the doctor's prescriptions. Thus for the help it is possible to address to the neuropathologist.

4 Other types of pain

Doctors excrete psychogenic pain in the head. It begins when a person overstrains his nervous system or is seriously stressed. Such ailments are also noted with depression, after the transferred stress. In the head it whines, it swirls, there is a general weakness.

In such cases, there are no generally accepted measures. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. With the appointment of sedatives and other drugs will help: a psychotherapist, a psychologist, a neuropathologist.

In the early morning hours or late at night some patients suffer from a Hortonian headache. It is called "histamine".It can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours. In the head, as if burns, a person experiences sharp and very unpleasant sensations. In the eye sockets, the nose is drilling. The ailment does not give a full lie, sit, move. Attacks last from a few days to 2-3 weeks and disappear irrevocably or permanently, and after many years - are noted again. Such manifestations are typical for young men. The causes of the ailment are not clear to scientists.

The inflammatory process in the meninges( meningitis) can cause a headache, which is concentrated in the front and presses in the eye area. When meningitis is feverish, the temperature rises.

The consciousness is broken, vomiting is opened, a person can not make a tilt of the head forward. Similar symptoms are noted when bleeding into the brain. The stroke is accompanied by very severe pain in the head. Subsequently, a person loses the opportunity to lead a full life and often all ends badly. If the patient survives, the rehabilitation process lasts for years. Monitor your blood pressure if you are hypertensive. It will save a life.

Pain in the head can be evidence of any type of brain tumor. Symptoms:

  1. Nausea.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Darkening in the manholes.

Cervical osteochondrosis, radiculitis, any violation of the spinal functions often gives pain in the head. To such a condition leads and otitis. In this case, pain is given to the ear-afflicted ear. It is impossible to prevent the spread of infection in the head area, this is fraught with alarming consequences. You need to immediately contact a lor or a therapist.

Neuralgia, which directly affects the facial nerves, causes pain in the front of the head and face. This leads to poor functioning of the jaw joints from below.

Toxic pain occurs due to poisoning by chemicals, harmful and psychotropic substances, medicines, caustic smoke. Such a pain is caused by a hangover. After heavy libations, the human body is unable to cope with the toxins of alcohol, which affects the operation of the vessels of the brain.

For a long time in the stuffiness and lack of oxygen our body reacts with sharp pains in the head. Inside or outside the room, breathing in carbon monoxide, vapors from paint, harsh perfume or aromatic oils, a person may feel bad. In any case, pain is the signal of our body for an irritant or internal malfunction. It is necessary to find out the reasons and start treatment.

5 Prevention and treatment measures

Do not wait for another attack. So that the pain is not taken by surprise, it is worth taking action. Train muscles, strengthen blood vessels, immunity. Do not abuse alcohol, quit smoking. The greatest passion for doing sports. If you do not have the opportunity, take time every night walking, moderate physical activity, swimming in the pool. Try to drink less pills if there are no good reasons for this. Better use folk remedies for these or other ailments.

Be attentive to your health and follow all the doctor's recommendations if you get sick. This is especially true for high blood pressure( hypertension).In the diet should be present all useful products. Do gymnastics and temper your body.

Positive mood and avoidance of stress effects by all possible methods will very much help to cope with headaches and prevent their appearance.

Consult your doctor about the best vitamins. In the case of migraines and other types of pain, it is important to take A, E, C, D, group B. A primary set of minerals and trace elements is also needed. The doctor will prescribe them.

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