Why does the headache after eating?

1 Reasons for the occurrence of

The reasons for this may be several:

  • Receiving cold food or drinks. In this case, cephalgia causes temperature stress. Pain of this type begins suddenly, quickly intensifies and lasts no more than five minutes. Often this can be seen in the heat when a person eats ice cream or drinks cold water. In some cases, the "stupor" develops into a migraine attack.
  • Use of foods that contain glutamate sodium. Its regular use can cause a headache that starts with burning in the chest, and gradually moves to the temples and intensifies. When choosing products, you need to pay attention to the composition. Glutamate sodium is labeled as E621.
  • Regular use of fast food. In this food, a lot of harmful substances and carcinogens, causing intoxication of the body, against the background of which the head begins to hurt. In this case, the headache is aching and concentrates in the forehead area.
  • Overdose of vitamin A. Foods that have a lot of vitamin A, provoke a throbbing headache, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
  • Alcohol intoxication. Overcome the headache may be not only the next morning, but also immediately after taking alcoholic beverages. In most cases, it provokes low-alcohol carbonated drinks or champagne.
  • Use of triggers. These are products that can cause a migraine attack. These include hard cheeses, chocolate, smoked foods or carbonated drinks. Hypoglycemia. If the intervals between meals are large, the amount of sugar in the blood is greatly reduced, which can be a provocateur of a headache.
  • Food poisoning. Stale and substandard foods may cause other symptoms of poisoning, such as vomiting, nausea or diarrhea, severe headache.
  • Increased pressure. After a person eats, the pressure increases even more and the headache intensifies.
  • Diabetes mellitus. Even a small portion of sugar, which enters the human body together with food, can cause an attack of throbbing headache.

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2 Treatment activities

If you notice that the head starts to ache after eating, you need to adjust the food:

  • Discard products containing chemical additives and dyes.
  • More to eat fruits and vegetables.
  • You need to eat small meals, and do not make big breaks between meals.
  • You also need to donate blood for sugar.

It is recommended to allocate a certain amount of time and choose several products for use, on which there is a suspicion that they caused the cephalalgia, and wait for the reaction of the body. After a couple of days, you need to make sure that they cause a headache.

Another method is to maintain a food diary. It should record the date, the time of the onset of the headache and the products that were used before the onset of the attack and within a day before it. This will help identify triggers.

If the headache has become a frequent companion, you need to seek advice from a therapist and a neurologist, and this should be done if the pain does not go away within three days.

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