How do you know if there are worms in an adult and a child, the symptoms of the presence of helminths in the body that they exit?

Helminthiasis is a very common disease that can affect not only children but also adults. How do you know if a person has worms? Any disease has its manifestations. Parasite infection has its own specific symptoms, which can nudge the thought. Confirm the diagnosis of specific studies.

If you have an allergy to substances that were not previously allergic to - this may lead to the idea of ​​parasites. Toxins that are released by them can cause severe allergization.

How do I know if my worm is symptomatic?

Various rashes on the skin that can not be explained and do not disappear after treatment. The baby has a rash, how do you know the cause? Another characteristic sign of the presence of parasites is a skin reaction, which can manifest as hives, dermatitis, eczema. The constant appearance of acne, acne refers to this group of symptoms.

Knowing about worms in a person can cause the next frequent sign - a disorder of the stool. Many parasites disrupt the absorption of water in the intestines, which can cause diarrhea.

A person has constipation, how to know if it can be worms? Some of the parasites can disrupt intestinal motility, which causes constipation. There may be alternation of violations.

Find out if there are parasites in the body by bloating. This condition is not uncommon in a sick person and is due to the effect of parasites on the walls of the intestine. Constant swelling, gases can push the thought that there are parasites.

How to know if there are worms, if only muscle aches and joint pains are manifest from the manifestations? Articular pain can be an indication that parasites migrate through the human body with blood flow, causing inflammation of the synovial membranes and muscles.

The fact that weight loss can be learned about the presence of worms in the human body, this is a well-known truth. A few people know that they can cause weight gain. How do you know if you have parasites? Noticing the weight changes on the background of normal nutrition, it is necessary to think about whether you have helminths and will consult a doctor.

If you donate blood, but it shows a decrease in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin, this is not yet a reliable indicator of the presence of parasites. This may indicate a variety of diseases.

Eosinophilia in adults or children can help to find out whether there are helminths in an adult or a child, or not. To confirm the diagnosis it is necessary to pass special tests. For example, to find antibodies in the blood, to this or that kind of parasites.

How to find out about the presence of worms without tests?

In addition to signs on the part of the digestive system, allergies and lesions of the musculoskeletal system, infestations without the results of the study may indicate disorders of the nervous system. If you notice that against the background of one of the above signs there is also nervousness, it can talk about helminthic invasion. Another sign that will tell whether a person has parasites is a violation of sleep, this is due to biorhythms and parasite activity against their nature.

If a person's memory worsens and their ability to work is reduced, he may find out that he has worms. The syndrome of chronic fatigue is a frequent sign of parasitosis. Toxins, which secrete parasites, nutrient deficiencies - all this negatively affects mental activity. There is emotional lability. Often for children, the sign of grinding teeth in a dream is characteristic. It is the response of the nervous system to toxins released by parasites.

How to find out if there are worms in a child?

Does the newborn child have parasites, it is difficult to know. The kid will not say that he is worried. The thought of parasites can be caused by anxiety, tearfulness, bad sleep.

The second important feature that will help to know if a child has worms is a disorder of the stool. It can be a type of diarrhea or constipation. Circles around the eyes can arise against a background of invasion.

Find out if there are worms, if after a night's sleep the pillow is all in saliva - this is another sign of infection. Another thing about whether there are parasites, will say weight loss. In both adults and children, poor weight gain is a sign of the vital activity of parasites.

Are there any other symptoms that you can learn about the presence of worms in humans? In addition to specific signs, there are also non-specific ones. One of these is frequent colds. The kid is constantly ill - this means that his immunity is reduced. This is a possible consequence of the invasion. For confirmation, it is necessary to hand over the feces to the eggs of the worms.

How do you know if the worms came out?

After detection of specific and non-specific signs in a person, carrying out a series of studies and confirming the diagnosis, treatment is prescribed. It can be antihelminthic drugs. Many people practice the use of folk remedies. But how do you know that the worms are cured? Most often you can see it - if the individuals are large and their large number, you can notice them with the naked eye. Children can find this when they are sleeping - on diapers, a sheet can be seen parasites. If it is visually invisible, then it is necessary to conduct research.

The first and simplest is the study of stool. Some time after successful treatment, parasites will be found. It is also necessary to donate blood.

The general analysis can not say directly whether you have worms or they came out. This is an indirect indicator. But when getting rid of parasites, blood counts will improve. For example, the number of eosinophils should decrease and decrease to 0-1.The first week after treatment, the level of eosinophils can be high. After three weeks, the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin will reach normal.

Find out what worms come out of a child can be understood by its condition. He becomes more active, less irritable, begins to actively play, his thinking and memory improve. If, during helminthic invasion, children's progress has decreased, then after the withdrawal of parasitic worms they will become more attentive, they will begin to show interest in learning. In a month the child will begin to gain weight. A sound healthy sleep will return.

How do you know if all the worms came out if the rash does not go away? Dead worms are also toxic to the body. Therefore, the condition may deteriorate slightly for the first few hours until all dead parasites leave. Then, after 24 hours, the rash begins to pass.

How do you know if you have worms after applying the treatment? After a month, you need to repeat the examination. Once again, hand over the feces to the eggs of worms and UAC to make sure that the parasites are removed. Especially it is necessary for those who preferred the national methods of treatment.

Further, to prevent repeated infections by parasites, it is necessary to carefully observe all hygiene rules, to monitor what the child eats, to limit his contact with soil and animals. Do not neglect preventive examinations.

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