Seeds of dill from worms, zucchini seeds from helminths

Seeds from worms The appearance of worms in the body is a serious problem. However, because of her delicacy, people are not in a hurry to visit a parasitologist( a doctor dealing with the treatment of parasitic infections).In most cases, they try to treat themselves independently, resorting to the help of traditional medicine. It offers many methods. One of them is the treatment of zucchini or dill seeds. These two methods are well tolerated and effective, but only in cases that have not been cleared, and therefore are very popular. In severe helminthiasis nevertheless, it is not necessary to delay with qualified medical advice, becausethis significantly increases the risk of complications.

Seeds of dill from worms are effective due to their chemical composition:

  • A large number of polyunsaturated fats( linoleic, oleic, palmitic and other acids) that help fight free radicals released by helminths. Simultaneously, these fats contribute to the restoration of damaged mucosa. And this is an additional factor of pro
    tection against helminthic invasion.helminths spread more rapidly in erosive and ulcerous areas and ischemia sites
  • Essential oils that disrupt the normal life cycle of the worm. They block many of its enzyme systems, causing death. However, esters can not be affected by helminth eggs, therefore it is very important to adhere to recommendations for preventing self-contamination of
  • Protein, which is used for the repair of damaged cells, and also participates in the formation of local immunoglobulins of the intestine. The latter attach themselves to the cells of the helminths. Such a complex is easily recognized by the immune system and the process of parasite death is initiated.

Seeds are the basis for many recipes designed to get rid of worms. The most effective are the following:

  • Mix in equal proportions dill and cumin. The resulting mixture can be taken in dry form for 1 teaspoonful, or you can prepare a decoction from it. To do this, take a tablespoon of seeds of these two plants and pour a glass of boiled water. The infusion time varies from 20 to 30 minutes. The broth should be taken on a third of the glass. Multiplicity of use( as in the first, and in the second case) - 3 times throughout the day.
  • From dill seeds you can get oil from worms. It is mixed with water and consumed in the morning, following the general recommendations( see below).This remedy prevents rot in the intestines and directly causes the death of parasites. Oily solution should be used and for preventive purposes. Pure oil can be added to salads.

Squash seeds from worms

Squash seeds from worms Squash seeds from worms are used along with pumpkin. They are not inferior in efficiency. This plant product contains a large amount of fats and tocopherol, involved in regenerative processes of damaged mucous membranes. However, the main therapeutic effect associated with santoninovymi compounds. They directly interfere with the life-support cycle of the worm, severely violating it and causing death.

The medicine from zucchini seeds from worms is prepared as follows. Take 50 grams of raw materials. It must be moist and unclean, becausethe greatest concentration of nutrients in the shell and the shell separating it from the core. Seeds are poured into 220 ml of water and placed on a slow fire. They boil for 15 minutes and insist another 2 hours. Take the third part of the glass before each meal.

The additional benefit of zucchini seeds is due to the large quantity of zinc contained in them. This microelement heals areas of erosion on the mucous membranes that formed during the invasion of worms and their life.

Seeds from worms will be most effective if you adhere to the following recommendations:

  • The medication should be taken before meals. This will allow substances that cause the death of parasites to enter the intestine in high concentrations. When mixing them with food, their relative content decreases, so helminth death does not occur. The most important is the reception of seeds from worms on an empty stomach, tk.from the morning the intestine is empty
  • After consuming the seeds, a cleansing enema is recommended after a while. It is necessary to remove the dead parasites from the body. Otherwise, their decay products will cause intoxication, and the human condition will be unsatisfactory. He may have weakness, reduce appetite, skin rashes, etc. Avoid these effects of treatment will help enema, as well as abundant drinking
  • Be sure to prevent self-infection during the treatment of worms with seeds. To do this, you should always wash your hands after defecation and urination, wash agricultural products before use, iron your underwear, etc.
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