Devyasil with a delay of monthly

Do you know what is useful for women? He has a unique ability to help with gynecological pathologies. Devyasil with a delay in menstruation - an effective herbal remedy, which folk medicine men recommend to use in the form of tea, broth.

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Tips for using

Decoction is not a panaceaof all female diseases, so take root is recommended when the menstrual cycle is confused for the following reasons:

  • stress. Any fatigue leads to the inhibition of the work of the whole organism, including the cortex of the brain, hormones, hypothalamus, pituitary gland, which regulates the process of separation of the functional layer of the mucous membrane of the uterus;
  • the onset of sexual activity or prolonged absence of it. In girls after the first sex, the whole cycle is usually knocked down, but with a regular sexual life, its cycle changes and is established with time.
  • age is up to 15 years. As a rule, the monthly lingers after the first bloody discharge from the vagina due to hormonal adjustment. Further, it is possible to alternate several short and long, but by 15 years, the cycle is adjusted and has the same duration;
  • weight loss or overweight. Insufficient obtaining of necessary nutrients for the implementation of all physiological biomechanisms in the body or, conversely, uncontrolled consumption of high-calorie and dangerous products promotes the development of hyperestrogenemia. Fatty tissue has its own hormonal activity, which as a result contributes to the development of additional male estrogen hormones and their accumulation;
  • change of climatic zone. Acclimatization does not always happen just by stopping the menstrual cycle, but such cases happen in a single case, then it is adjusted.

Important! If the delay in menstruation occurred against the background of the course of hormonal drugs, the use of decoctions and infusions is excluded. In this case, it is recommended that you reapply to a specialist to select another medication.

These are the main reasons why you can apply the herb in case of a delay, in the rest you should consult a doctor and undergo laboratory tests. Also it is worth remembering that the delayed stimulation of the functionality of the ovaries and the reproductive organ( uterus) can be manifested during the gestation of the fetus.

Why the root of elecampane helps to establish the cycle

To call the monthly in the diet include the root elecampane. The secret of his successful action is in the composition. One of the active ingredients is phytohormone. By chemical nature and synthesis, they are similar to the hormones of the reproductive system and their reception contributes to the activation of the physiological processes of the ovaries and the hollow organ - the uterus.

Important! From elecampane in infusions and broths it is necessary to refuse in case of a pause in monthly because of the hormonal disturbances provoked by serious illnesses.

A whole complex of useful microelements, vitamins, acids, root ethers and rhizomes also contributes to the stimulation of uterine contraction. Use the folk method to call the men before the term must be done with caution, since the plant has contraindications. If this happens systematically, then you should directly influence the sources of the delay, and not remove the symptoms.

Contraindications to the use of

Grass is not recommended for stimulation of the menstrual cycle in case of diseases of the kidneys, heart, vessels.

  1. Also contraindicated during conception, childbearing and lactation.
  2. The therapeutic infusion aggravates the situation for serious gynecological diseases.
  3. With reduced production of pancreatic enzymes and digestion, the decisive decoction will promote the development of diseases such as gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Important! How many it is necessary to drink broth and in what percentage proportions they should be prepared by a personal gynecologist. An incorrectly calculated dosage can lead to poisoning and problems with women's health.

It is also unsafe to take a plant during a month. Strengthening the concentration of estrogen hormones and progesterones contributes to the disruption of women's reproductive health, which can lead to bleeding.

Individual intolerance to plant components should also be considered. After the first reception, it is worth paying attention to the condition and integrity of the skin. There may be urticaria, edema Quincke, itching.

How to brew elecampane to cause menstruation

Any girl, a woman can cook a plant on her own or buy it at a pharmacy. There are several ways to prepare the broth:

  1. Recipe # 1: 1 hour spoon of crushed root is poured into a saucepan with a glass of boiling water. The capacity is set on a slow fire and cooked for 15 minutes. Next, it is removed from the fire, wrapped in a blanket to create thermal conditions for 4 hours. How to use? For 1 tsp.3 times a day, for 2-3 days, until the monthly will go.
  2. Recipe # 2: 1 tbsp.l.poured into a saucepan and poured 250 ml of boiling water, put on a water bath for 5 minutes and poured into a thermos. How to take elecampane for menstruation? After cooling, the broth is drunk 50 ml 1 time per day. Due to the high concentration of active substances, the monthly can begin in a day.

Devyasil in sachets

You can call the monthly ones with the help of a plant packaged in paper perforated sachets. Their advantage is the ease of use and speed of cooking infusion. To saturate the liquid with useful substances, 30 minutes is enough. Drink 50 ml 3 times daily before meals before the start of menstruation. You can also use the instruction, where it is indicated how to drink elecampane, to cause monthly.

Best time to take the grass

When to take the plant, before meals or after? If the course is designed for a 3-time use of natural medicine, then the broth is drunk 20-30 minutes before meals or 1.5-2 hours after, that is, on an empty stomach, while taking into account the peculiarity of the plant in reducing the production of gastric juice enzymes.

With a single dose, it is better to give preference to the morning time to speed up all the physiological processes in the body and increase the effectiveness of the folk drug.

How quickly decoction of the plant

Before the reception, a woman always asks the question: after how many days of reception of elecampane come monthly? Usually the effect is achieved in a few days, and sometimes 2-3 takes. If more than 10 days, elecampane does not help, what should I do? This means that the plant can not affect the hormonal background and stimulate uterine contraction. In this case, mandatory consultation with a gynecologist is recommended.

Female body is so arranged that every month it is prepared for the conception and bearing of the child. A delay of more than 10 days indicates a serious problem with the reproductive organs, and if a failure related to stress, young age, the first sexual relationship or moving to another climatic zone, it is enough to brew elecampane in bags or in a crushed form.

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