How can you get syphilitic sore throat: symptoms, photos, treatment

Angina is an inflammation of the glands and oropharynx. Typical forms of the disease are caused by streptococcus bacteria, but viruses and fungi can also become pathogens. Depending on the type of infection and the stage of its development, the most rational treatment is prescribed.

Syphilitic angina

Complex pathological changes in the oropharynx caused by pale treponema, called syphilitic angina.

Inflammatory reactions occur against the background of the main disease - syphilis and are difficult enough to respond to therapy.

The visual difference between the syphilitic form is that a gray rash appears on the palate, and on the glands ulcers form with even edges.

The color of the palate acquires a cyanotic red color, which is not typical for streptococcal and viral forms.

Simultaneously with changes in the oropharynx, other signs of syphilis appear on the body, but in the first weeks the symptoms often resemble an ordinary cold. In general, this disease is capable of simulating many infections.

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Causes of the disease

The main condition of infection is getting the pathogen on the mucous membranes or on the damaged skin. You can get infected only from the sick, and there may not be any external manifestations of the disease. The most frequent causes of infection are:

  1. Random unlimited sexual relations( the sexual way of spreading of syphilitic spirochaetes is the main one, as during sexual contact the best conditions for getting pale treponema into the body are created).
  2. Intrauterine infection.
  3. Negligence of doctors in blood transfusion.
  4. The household transmission path in contact with the patient should also be considered, but it provokes the disease much more rarely than the above-described reasons.


  1. Pustulose-ulcerative( the rash is transformed into ulcers).
  2. Papular( on the tonsils, palate and tongue papules are formed( nodules above the skin level)
  3. Erythematous( separate areas with enlarged capillaries are allocated on the oral mucosa)

Sore throat with syphilitic sore throat

Provoking factors, risk group

Syphilis issocially determined disease The following factors affect the number of infections among the population:

  • The lack of a system of hygienic education among people at risk
  • Sexual contact without an individualprotection against contraception
  • Insufficient awareness of adolescents about the consequences of promiscuous numerous connections

The risk group includes:

  • People who neglect sexual hygiene( drug addicts, alcoholics, women of easy behavior, sexual minorities)
  • Cosmetic salon workers( hairdressers, tattooists,cosmetologists).
  • Physicians( obstetrician-gynecologists, dentists, pathologists, surgeons).

Symptoms and signs of sore throat

In adults

Incubation period( 3 - 4 weeks)

  • Minor increase in glands.
  • Redness of the throat.

Primary period( about two months)

  • Inflammation of lymph nodes.
  • The affected gland swells and significantly increases in size, syphiloma appears on it, it can also appear on the palate or palatine arch. Syphiloma is a red rounded ulcer, dense at the base. It is characterized by the absence of inflammation and painful manifestations.

Secondary period( two months later)

  • The affected gland greatly increases in size.
  • Gray eruptions spread across the palate.
  • The rash also appears around the neck and along the edge of the forehead.
  • Symptoms at this time may be similar to acute bacterial tonsillitis or viral lesions of the throat( temperature 39 ° and above, pain in the pharynx, severe malaise).

Tertiary period

  • Infection spreads to other organs.
  • The palate acquires a cyanotic color.
  • The rash is converted to ulcers.

Symptoms with the development of the disease are aggravated.

In children

Symptoms are the same as in adults, but the possible consequences are much more serious.

Symptoms of syphilitic sore throat


The disease proceeds slowly, therefore a long time may go unnoticed. Often, her symptoms are confused with other diseases( stomatitis, streptococcal angina, pharyngitis, throat cancer), so at the first suspicion it is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis.

An experienced specialist recognizes syphilitic sore throat already at the stage of development of syphilis, but laboratory confirmation is required:

  • Smear from the tonsils.
  • Complete blood count.
  • Blood test for syphilis( Wasserman reaction).
  • Puncture of the lymph nodes.

Treatment of

Syphilitic tonsillitis is extremely dangerous and difficult to treat, therefore, stationary treatment conditions are desirable. Out-patient treatment is also possible, but only under the constant supervision of a venereologist. The complex therapy directed on elimination of a syphilis and its complications is provided.


  • The disease is treated primarily with large doses of strong antibiotics. After primary syphilis therapy can not be interrupted for several months, after the secondary - several years. The course of medicines is prescribed by a dermatovenereologist.

Because of the duration of the illness, the therapy is carried out in several stages, one course may not have the desired effect.

  • For the removal of local symptoms, the throat is rinsed with antiseptics( chlorhexidine, furacilin, manganese, camomile, calendula, soda).
  • To eliminate the consequences of intoxication, it is necessary to drink more water.
  • The intake of antibiotics should be accompanied by the use of vitamin complexes.
  • Often used drugs to maintain cardiac activity.

Folk remedies

Treatment of syphilitic sore throats with folk remedies is unacceptable!

It is possible to use rinses based on natural components, but without medical advice this should not be done. Otherwise, the symptomatology can get erased, and the treatment of the disease is significantly delayed and aggravated by a number of serious complications.


Physiotherapy treatment is included in complex schemes and supplements the use of antibiotics.

  • Inductothermia of the lumbar region with simultaneous prescription of etazol( 8 - 10 procedures).
  • Microwave therapy( 15 procedures).
  • Laser treatment( 15 procedures).
  • Magnetotherapy( 16 - 25 procedures).

For these procedures, there are a number of contraindications:

  • Cancer.
  • Hypertension of the third stage.
  • Pregnancy.

Treatment and complications of syphilis:

Features of treatment of angina during pregnancy

  • For the prevention of congenital syphilis, repeated serological examinations are conducted in pregnant women. If a syphilis is found, the expectant mother is obligatory for inpatient treatment.
  • If the disease was earlier, then preventive treatment with penicillin drugs. Preparations of the same group are used at the initial stage of therapy. If they are intolerant, other groups of antibiotics are prescribed.
  • In the case when treatment is performed correctly and in full, the risk of giving birth to a sick child is reduced to 5%, but after giving birth the baby remains under medical supervision.
  • If the doctor does not contact the doctor in time, the risk of giving birth to a dead child increases to 40%.

Possible complications, what is dangerous is the disease

  • Meningitis.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Chronic inflammatory processes in the genital organs.
  • Infertility.
  • Lesions of the spleen.
  • Nervous system disorders.
  • Heart disease.
  • Enlarged liver.
  • Hair loss in the head.
  • Nose deformation.
  • The appearance of syphilitic gum.
  • Fatal outcome( usually caused by brain damage).

Prevention and precautions for communicating with a patient

If someone from a family member has been diagnosed with syphilitic sore throat, it is imperative to observe strict personal hygiene and ensure that there is no physical contact with the patient.

Also, everyone who has had sex with a person who is ill, must undergo serological tests( donate blood for syphilis).

The general preventive measures include:

  • Refusal from intimate relationships with unfamiliar partners.
  • Use of personal protective equipment.
  • Examination of a venereologist after accidental contacts.

Health workers should regularly conduct:

  • Surveys of people at risk, pregnant women.
  • Lectures for young people about the danger of infection.


Syphilitic angina, being one of the manifestations of syphilis, refers to severe, intractable diseases.

The issue of full recovery is decided individually, there are no criteria for the cure of syphilis, long-term observation plays a decisive role here.

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