White lilies: varieties with photos and names

Lily is a flower, widespread in all countries of the world. Its different varieties are adapted to the climatic conditions of a particular country. Thanks to the long-term work of breeders, there are about 5 thousand varieties of plants. The queen of this family, by right, flower lovers can consider a white lily. It affects not only its snow-white, sparkling petals, but also its medicinal, aromatic qualities. Herbaceous plant is grown in gardens, pots, put on window sills, one of the subspecies grows directly on the water. White lilies, varieties( photos) with the names of which are found in this article, are very popular among fans of ornamental crops. Their fragrance is cherished for many perfumers, and the healing properties manifest themselves very well.

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Description of different varieties of white lilies

White lily,growing in gardens, up to 1.5 meters high, have very lush, fragrant buds, look beautiful. In addition to such standard flowering crops, there are several more varieties of white lilies.

Lily room

To grow a plant at home, without using a lot of space to accommodate it, every housewife can. Breeders brought out a new variety of this culture - a room lily. It is small in size in terms of growth, has fairly compact buds, it smells nice, but the garden flower aroma is more intense.

Please note! To grow a lily planted in a pot, it is necessary exclusively in dark places. Only after the appearance of the first, green branches, it is necessary to carry it to the windowsill, ensuring good lighting.

Lily home in a pot is ideal for urban dwellers who do not have a separate plot of land to engage in gardening. When planting bulbs in a pot, fans of these flowers should follow such recommendations:

  • flowers like a soft, fluffy soil that mixes with fine sand;
  • to get a thick bush, it is necessary to plant a few bulbs, at a considerable distance from each other;
  • germination should be done in a dark place, and the growth of the flower itself should be accompanied by a constant presence of light.

Homemade plant perfectly adapts to the room conditions, quickly accustomed to them, blooms for a long time, has an attractive appearance.

Water lily

Incredible beauty is possessed by white water lilies. Their person can meet, passing near small ponds or ponds, the intensity of water movement, in which the minimum. Such flowers have the following characteristics:

  • are located directly on the sheets;
  • have a bulk bud that opens well;
  • in the middle of the flower is a large number of yellow stamens;
  • leaves are large, round, glossy;
  • propagates by vegetative means or seeds.

The plant is resistant to different temperature conditions. In contrast to the garden version has a faint flavor.

Please note! The water white lily breeds very quickly. If they do not get rid of it, it can completely cover the reservoir. The seeds of the flower fall into the water, sprouting from it, and the root system has the ability to divide.

Asian, Oriental and hybrid varieties

White flower cultures are very popular with people all over the world, but not all climatic conditions allow their cultivation. That is why scientists constantly bring out hybrids that have increased resistance to specific climatic conditions, a more attractive appearance, strongly pronounced aromatic qualities.

Oriental white lilies are very high, they love the atmosphere of partial shade, cope with temperature changes. Plants are perennial, reproduce by dividing bulbs, seeds. Each species has its own characteristics, is intended for growing in specific conditions. For planting in the territory of Russia, Asian varieties of white lilies are used, because they are the most adapted to the climate of the country.

White therapeutic lily

It is a white therapeutic lily used as a medicinal and perfume product. It grows in moderately shady gardens, has medium-sized flowers, in the middle of which there are several stamens. It is these lilies that have an incredibly beautiful aroma, are actively used in cosmetology.

This sort of lily requires constant attention. The plant will not grow together with weeds, requires enough moisture, and the ground near the flower should be periodically loosened. For medicinal and cosmetic purposes, only the flowers of the plant are used.

This is important! For problematic skin it is necessary to use the alcoholic tincture of the flower. It has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, restorative action that will help to solve cosmetic problems quickly enough.

Usage for cosmetic and medicinal purposes

Useful properties of a white bud were also known to our ancestors. Flowers have such healing abilities:

  • skin softening;
  • rapid wound healing;
  • disposal of skin inflammation, acne;
  • expectorant and analgesic effect;
  • tonic effect for the nervous system;
  • lightening of pigmented spots and traces of acne on the skin.

Most often, alcohol based tinctures based on culture. The application in the perfume and cosmetic industry is quite extensive.

Alcohol tincture

For the preparation of alcohol solution, which struggles with skin problems, it is necessary to take one part of the plant flowers and three parts of alcohol or strong vodka. All this is placed in a glass dish, insist for a month in a dark, cool place. To prepare tinctures are taken only fresh flowers of the plant, which have no damage.

Ointment from white lily

The product is perfect for care of dry and oily skin. It is prepared in this way:

  • take 75 grams of flowers and the same number of leaves of the flower;
  • half a liter of vegetable oil boil on a water bath;
  • flowers and leaves pour hot oil;
  • insist on the sun for one month, periodically shaking.

Oil is used to care for the whole body, has a pleasant aroma, softens the skin, removes irritability.

Please note! For the treatment of bronchitis or other colds, white lily flowers must be mixed with honey. For forty flowers, a kilogram of honey is used. Flowers are passed through a meat grinder, mixed with honey, use a means for ingestion.

In addition to its attractive appearance, pleasant aroma, white lily is an excellent assistant for people with colds, skin problems. Not all varieties of this flower have medicinal properties, but it is the necessary variety that is grown in almost every garden. Lily is a flower that brings not only aesthetic pleasure, but practical benefit. To grow a flower is not difficult, the plant requires minimal maintenance. There are varieties that can be grown indoors, such lilies are of compact size.

For cosmetic, perfume and medicinal purposes, the plant is used constantly. It does not need to be planted every year, and the variety of varieties will make it possible to translate all ideas about landscape design into life.

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