Activated charcoal with a hangover: helps, dosage, contraindications

One of the most effective methods to combat hangover syndrome is activated charcoal. It is a natural adsorbing preparation with high activity and sorption properties. Under the influence of activated carbon, the absorption of alcohol and its metabolites from the gastrointestinal system is significantly reduced. In addition, the drug promotes their accelerated elimination, and also adsorbs gases on the surface.

Activated charcoal with hangover

The drug is externally a porous black tablet, obtained from organic substances - stone, wood and coconut coal. Due to the large number of pores, the preparation has the highest adsorption, absorbing toxic substances, in particular, ethanol and its metabolites. Coal tablets relieve the condition of the withdrawal syndrome, however, they can prevent it altogether if taken before the feast.

Coal is now sold in several forms:

  • Activated carbon - familiar to everyone black tablets available in free sale at any drugstore;
  • White coal - a new form of the drug( it happens in suspension, capsules and tablets), the composition of which is supplemented with drugs that neutralize allergic manifestations, nausea and headaches.

White activated carbon interacts with alcohol much faster. Therefore, this drug helps with hangover syndrome much faster.

White coal photo

Principle of operation

Avoid hangover syndrome much easier than then treat it. Undoubtedly, it is best to control the amount drunk, however, this rule does not always succeed. Avoid hangover syndrome can be by taking a tablet of coal. Take the drug should be before the feast and the next morning after it. Since coal refers to fine-pored carbon and adsorbents, on its porous surface the preparation concentrates foreign molecules that it removes from the body. Coal along with toxins displays useful micronutrients, so after treatment it is recommended to drink a multivitamin course.

How does coal affect organic structures? Upon ingestion, ethanol breaks down, releasing acetaldehyde, which has a very negative effect on the body. Under its influence, digestive processes are disrupted, causing a massive accumulation of undigested food components, which also begin to poison the body. The coal taken before the party will absorb still not absorbed ethanol and toxic substances, why after a few hours they naturally leave the body and can not lead to a bad state of health in the morning.

Coal taken before the feast, promotes the absorption and rapid withdrawal of alcohol and other toxic substances before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Such ability of coal allows to expel these substances from organic structures even before the beginning of their harmful influence that the next morning will help to avoid a hangover syndrome. The components of coal sorb even heavy metals and narcotic substances, various kinds of toxins and drugs of sleeping pills.
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Instruction for use

Take coal, as already mentioned, you can before the celebration and the morning after it. Taking activated charcoal even before alcohol, you can prevent a heavy hangover in the morning. Carbon compounds in the drug will slow the absorption of alcohol metabolites into the bloodstream and reduce their negative effects on the liver to a minimum.

How to take a drug against a hangover:

  • Take charcoal to drink better than an hour for 3-4;
  • The dosage is approximately 5 tablets;
  • After a couple of hours you need to drink 2 more black pills;
  • Just before the feast another one.

Helps the body resist alcohol hot fatty foods. Fat from such food will accelerate the binding of coal and ethanol. But mixing alcohol or drinking it with sodas is highly undesirable.

If the next morning you woke up with a cast-iron head, then, therefore, the hangover was impossible to avoid all the same failed. I'll have to treat it with the same coal. Admission should be calculated by the formula: 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight.

Experts do not recommend taking the drug together with other sorbents, because the coal simply neutralizes their effect, and in the worst case - provokes an undesirable reaction like allergies, etc. Within two hours of taking the coal, it is necessary to release the intestines so that the coal does not begin to give upalcoholic toxins back.


The drug has virtually no contraindications due to its naturalness. It is perfectly tolerated by patients, however, when taking it is necessary to take into account some indications forbidding taking coal:

  • More than 4 days in a row;
  • In gastric ulcers or 12 duodenal lesions, because the drug stains the feces in a darker color than can mask the internal bleeding that has begun in the patient;
  • With a tendency to gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • In the presence of intolerance to the drug;
  • Together with other medicines, because coal neutralizes their effect.

The drug is almost no different from the modern expensive drugs from hangovers. Does coal help with a hangover? Yes, it will help to cope with alcoholic intoxication or hangover syndrome, however, it is not necessary to consider it a miracle cure for all possible toxins, therefore it is necessary to avoid possible exposure to poisonous substances.

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