Antipohmelin tablets: instructions for use, analogs, composition

Food supplement Antipohmelin is effective for preventing a hangover. The drug minimizes the negative effects of alcoholic intoxication, regains good health after the celebration with the reception of alcohol.


Antipohmelin belongs to the group of food additives ANTIP developed by the Institute of Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Research Institute of Health. Producer of the additive Alliance SPS, Moscow.

This biologically active additive( BAA) is not a medicine, it serves as a supplier of organic acids necessary to reduce the symptoms of a hangover, manifested by disorders of acid-base, water balance, poisoning with products of alcohol metabolism.

The tool is a domestic development, but it is successfully used abroad under the name RU-21.A foreign analogue from the Russian agent is distinguished by the presence of B vitamins, which are required for the utilization of toxins.


Antipohmelin is a complex agent, its active compon

ents are:

  • organic acids - amber, fumaric, ascorbic;
  • of sodium glutamate;
  • glucose.

Food supplement is available in the form of tablets with lemon flavor, chewing pastilles. The content of ascorbic acid is 42% of the daily norm, succinic acid - 50%.


The main indication of Antiporechmelin is the elimination of hangover symptoms. But dietary supplements are also used to prevent intoxication. In this case, the agent can be combined with enterosorbents. They relieve diarrhea and partially reduce the symptoms of poisoning.

Polysorbent, enterosgel, activated carbon is usually used. Between receptions of sorbents and a food additive should pass not less than 1-2 hours.

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How the

works The main cause of the disgusting state of health the morning after the feast is the presence in the blood of acetaldehyde, formed during the cleavage of the ethanol molecule. Antipohmelin slows the formation of acetaldehyde, inhibits the work of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which destroys alcohol.

This avoids the simultaneous release of toxins into the blood, allows the body to process acetaldehyde without the appearance of signs of alcohol intoxication.

BAA promotes the rapid destruction of the formed acetaldehyde and formed during its further splitting of acetic acid into carbon dioxide and water. The cleavage occurs mainly in the liver, and the agent thus protects the liver cells from the damaging effects of acetaldehyde and acetic acid.
Due to sodium glutamate, dietary supplements provide energy for the brain, liver, heart muscle.

The agent stimulates the synthesis of endogenous, self-succinic acid, strengthens the body's resistance to the action of alcohol.

Instruction for use

Instructions for the use of antipuria For the treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, take 1 to 4 tablets daily for 5 days. The course of treatment can be prolonged if the symptoms of intoxication do not disappear. Antipohmelin drink with food, well washed down with both water and apple juice.

The success of treating a hangover depends on the dose of alcohol taken and the characteristics of the patient's metabolism. But in any case, to achieve improvement in health, it will take at least 12 hours after drinking alcohol.

For the prevention of alcohol intoxication the way of application looks like this: after a feast, drink 1 tablet before taking alcohol and during the feast drink at the rate:

  • 1 tablet for 100 g fortified drinks, vodka, cognac;
  • 1 tablet for 250 g unfastened wine.

The maximum allowed number of tablets is 4-6 pcs.during the feast.

Contraindications, side effects

Supplements are contraindicated for children, pregnant women, with lactation.

Antipohmelin can not be used for cirrhosis of the liver, allergies to components of the composition. The agent is not used for stomach ulcer, exacerbation of pancreatic diseases.

Do not exceed the dosage of the drug. In case of an overdose, upset stomach may occur, the appearance of allergic skin rashes.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The disadvantage of Antipohmelin is the prolongation of intoxication. BAA reduces the severity of the symptoms of a hangover, but does not eliminate the actual intoxication.

Physicians' reviews

Antipohmelin contains organic compounds necessary for the body in conditions of alcohol poisoning. The action of dietary supplements is clinically proven, does not cause side effects, it is safe for health.

It is proved that the food additive speeds up the destruction and elimination of alcohol by 30%,

Analogues of

Antipohmelin analogues include Antipohmelin Antip, glycine, Alka-Seltzer, aspirin, Zorex, Alko-buffer, Alkoklin, Doctor Pokhmelin.

And, although a universal remedy that allows you to drink and not be sick of a hangover, has not yet been created, Antipohmelin and nutritional supplements of this kind allow you to quickly restore the well-being and rhythm of normal life.

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