What kind of cereal in diarrhea( diarrhea) - can buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina, corn?

On the excellent astringent properties and the undeniable benefits of rice in diarrhea, everyone knows. But many patients, especially the elderly and the parents of young children, are often interested in what other cereals are recommended for use in diarrhea and what is their use? First of all, it is necessary to understand the useful properties of this food. They are obvious, because all cereals are produced from grain crops, the positive impact of which on the human body is known to everyone. The irreplaceability of cereal in diarrhea is expressed in the following:

  • Dishes prepared from cereals contribute to the natural cleansing of the body of toxins and wastes that were formed during diarrhea;
  • Thanks to the enveloping properties, the digestive system is restored faster;
  • These dishes contain a lot of "slow carbohydrates", vegetable protein, vitamins and fiber, so they can quickly satiate the body.

But it should be remembered that in order to ensure that the porridge proved to be not only food, but contributed to the prompt elimination of such trouble as diarrhea, the croup should be welded on the water to a viscous ditconcision. In the first place after rice in patients with a stomach disorder, I have semolina. It is used in the medical diet from the 2 days of the appearance of a loose stool. What is useful for semolina porridge for diarrhea?

Get this grain of wheat grain, its very core. With the help of its restorative properties, it is possible to eliminate functional bowel disorder very quickly. This is particularly good for young children and elderly people, who have to adhere to the strict diet required for stomach upset is difficult. It also helps to reduce the inflammatory process on the walls of the large intestine. Cooked manna porridge with diarrhea exclusively on water, without the addition of sugar. You can put honey in it, the therapeutic effect of this will greatly increase. There is it during diarrhea should be on an empty stomach, as it envelops the irritated bowel and prepares it for food.

The second most popular in most patients is corn porridge. With diarrhea, this dish contributes not only to effective cleansing of the intestines from toxins and toxic substances, but also improves the work of the entire digestive tract due to increased fiber content. Also, corn porridge reduces gassing in the intestine and weakens putrefactive and fermenting processes. Just keep in mind that for medicinal purposes, to eliminate diarrhea, it should be cooked on water for a long time, so that the corn grains are completely boiled and the dish has got a viscous consistency.

Useful properties of oatmeal for diarrhea

Oatmeal porridge, cooked with their cereals or ice-flaked cereal on the water, can also cope with diarrhea. It is very useful and has long established itself as a great dietary remedy used for therapeutic purposes for the therapy of liquid stools. Most experts consider dishes cooked from this cereal the most valuable, because the grain when it is cooked does not grind and do not crumble, therefore all biologically active substances and valuable dietary fibers are stored in it. Oatmeal porridge for diarrhea, cooked on water, brings patients undeniable benefits due to the increased content of healthy microelements, vitamins and soluble fiber in it.

The use of oatmeal in diarrhea to improve bowel function is the excellent enveloping properties available to it. Thanks to it, the walls of the digestive tract are well protected from the effects of the rest of the food. Also any dish made from it has a low glycemic index. This means that oatmeal porridge with diarrhea is absorbed by the body gradually. With diarrhea, this property allows patients to not feel hunger for a longer time and do not overload the inflamed intestine. During diarrhea, which appeared due to the inflammatory process in the digestive tract, flakes help well. Of these, in the case of this disease, you can prepare a special curative porridge. To do this, you need to pour 100 grams of flakes for 4 hours with a liter of cold water. After all this is done, put the cook with constant stirring until thick. Use this remedy should be four times a day before eating a tablespoon.

Can buckwheat for diarrhea?

With this groats, a large number of useful substances and trace elements enter the body, among which there is also potassium, which is washed more quickly by a liquid stool during a stomach upset. Also, it contains a lot of digestion improving for various pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract of organic acids - oxalic, citric, maleic. In buckwheat porridge there is also a protein unique for the digestibility of the human body, which is required in the diet of a person suffering from diarrhea. And there are practically no carbohydrates that are contraindicated to the patient with this ailment.

Buckwheat porridge should be included in the diet for all diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by diarrhea, since it has antitoxic properties. This is what helps this group to remove from the digestive tract harmful substances that accumulate in it in large quantities during an illness. Boil buckwheat porridge for diarrhea is recommended exclusively on the water and a longer time. Adding a small amount of milk can only be after the liquid stool becomes quiet.

The small disadvantages of this cereal are that it is capable of absorbing all surrounding odors and toxins as a sponge. Therefore, to choose buckwheat for diarrhea for curative porridge, should be done with extreme care, so as not to cause irritated intestines additional harm. Also, do not overuse this cereal, as it can provoke hypervitaminosis, which will result in constant apathy and fatigue. But there were no allergic reactions from this product in patients of any age category.

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