Colitis of the rectum - symptoms and treatment, how to treat with candles?

Among all diseases of the colon, colitis of the rectum( proctitis) according to the frequency of manifestations is in the top three most common. The danger of this disease is that it often runs unnoticed, with unclear symptoms, but can lead to extremely serious consequences - rectal cancer. Therefore, it is so important to identify this disease in time and begin effective treatment.

Inflammatory process of the mucosa in the rectum, mainly develops pathogenic flora penetrated into it through the anus or from the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract. Among the reasons for causing colitis can be called:

  1. Violation of the regime, unhealthy lifestyle, skewed toward spicy, spicy, salty foods, baked goods with food.
  2. Frequent enemas, prostate massage, resulting in mechanical damage to the rectum.
  3. Small pelvis diseases caused by infections.
  4. Stenosis in large numbers.
  5. Hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus.
  6. Diseases of the digestive tract of various origins.
  7. The course of radiation therapy.

In acute colitis of the rectum, the superficial layer of the mucous membrane with pronounced symptomatology is affected and the flow is very rapid. In the absence of treatment for colitis or non-compliance with medical recommendations, the disease passes into a chronic stage with a lesion of the deep layers of the mucosa. Symptoms of acute colitis of the rectum depend on its type and are divided into:

  • catarrhal-hemorrhagic;
  • is catarrhal and purulent;
  • polyposis with polyps in the rectum;
  • erosive colitis.

Depending on the type of inflammation, there are spot hemorrhages, purulent discharge on the inner surface or ulcers, erosion. Characteristic signs that signal the presence of an inflammatory process are pain, itching sensation in the anus, tenesmus, as well as bloody, purulent discharge and pain during defecation. In severe cases, bloody diarrhea, high fever, low back pain, perineum, pelvic area are possible. For chronic colitis there are two phases of development - exacerbation and remission. Exacerbation is characterized by pain in the anus during defecation, discomfort in the region of the hindgut. When remission of the course of the disease, colitis, the symptom of the disease is the secretion of mucus from the anus.

Treatment of colitis of the rectum

Diagnosis of the disease on the basis of special studies after the patient's treatment to the doctor with complaints. In this case, a rectoscopy is performed, followed by a study of the biopsy material, cytology of the feces, and palpation of the anus. The appointments of the doctor include:

  • unconditional adherence to the diet;
  • drug therapy;
  • hygiene procedures.

If there is no effect in conservative treatment, resection of the damaged mucosa becomes necessary. The main, fundamental point in the treatment of colitis of the rectum is a diet that plays a significant role in the prevention of the disease. The diet provides fresh sour-milk products, light soups, grinded lean meat, with a minimum content of fiber-rich cereals, vegetables and fruits.

The goal of drug therapy is to kill the infection by using antibiotics. Identification of the pathogen is carried out by examining the contents of the intestine on the pathogenic flora. The specific choice of the most effective drugs is determined on the basis of a test for sensitivity to antibiotics.

Spasmolytics( No-shpa, Riabal) quickly eliminate pain syndrome. Effective for relief of symptoms in colitis of the rectum, a candle with methyluracil or sea buckthorn oil. Hygienic measures are included in the complex of measures against colitis of the rectum. For the removal of inflammation put enemas based on broths of chamomile, succession. Their beneficial effect consists in the removal of inflammation, the leaching effect on pathogens. To this end, appoint sedentary baths, a warm shower on the crotch. It is also useful to perform douching procedures with solutions with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In modern pharmacology, a number of suppositories with different compositions and with a wide range of effects are proposed. Among the most effective, you can call the Ultraproct suppositories based on fluocortolone, accelerating the healing and repair of the mucous membrane, reducing itching and swelling. To treat inflammation after the operation, Natalside suppositories are ideal, the active ingredient of which is a natural polysaccharide from brown seaweed. To determine how to treat colitis of the rectum, what means and medicines should only the doctor. Self-medication can lead to irreversible health consequences.

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