Liver and pancreas: a diet for diseases

With diseases of the abdominal cavity of the pancreas and liver, an important component on the way to recovery is a long-term diet, the main task of which is to ensure a minimum load on damaged organs, while maintaining a full diet. As a basis for any healthy diet, general recommendations are used that are suitable for a diet of patients with pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis:

  • fractional meals in small portions five to six times a day;
  • restriction of food intake at night;
  • warm food( hot and cold dishes are contraindicated to the sick);
  • dishes cooked without steaming, cooked or baked. With a healthy diet, foods high in purine, cholesterol, acids, nitrogenous substances - that is, all those substances that are formed as a result of the oxidation process of fats during frying - are prohibited;
  • prohibition on alcohol and smoking;

Doctors who prescribe a patient with a diagnosis of liver or pancreatic disease tend to recommend constant adherence to a balanced, curative diet number 5.And during a period of exacerbation of a chronic illness - a more strict table: diet No. 5n, 5a.

The purpose of the diet is to restore the function of the liver and pancreas, the normalization of cholesterol metabolism. For this, nutritionists recommend to exclude from the diet products containing large amounts of cholesterol, essential oils, extracts( meat and mushroom broth) - all that stimulates the secretion of liver and pancreas secretions. The diet of patients should include products containing lipotropic substances.

Many will ask: "What is it?".Methionine, choline, betaine, inositol, lecithin - these essential amino acids, without which cholesterol metabolism is impossible, are called lipotropics. These substances, affecting the liver, can increase the production of lecithin, which stimulates the removal of fat.

Lipotropics are found in non-fat cottage cheese, lean beef, sea fish, chicken eggs and soy. Eating these foods, a person protects the liver from fatty degeneration( lipomatosis), reduces the cholesterol in the blood, the danger of formation in the gallbladder cholesterol stones.

Fruit and vegetables with a high content of pectins( beets, apples), as well as fiber, which affects the work of the intestines, which produces cholesterol, have lipotropic action. Therefore, baked apples with honey and Ukrainian beetroot cooked on the water, will become the right solution for the dietary table of people with liver and pancreas disease.

Buttermilk( the milk product remaining after whipping cream), whey, buckwheat in a large quantity contain lecithin, which favorably influences the metabolic processes.

Daily calorie diet is three and a half thousand kilocalories. Meat dishes and soups are crushed before serving, and porridges are heavily boiled.

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