Causes of headache behind the ears on the left

Almost every person encountered this unpleasant phenomenon.

1 Kinds of painful sensations. The headache does not spare any children, no old men, no women, no men. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Just like the varieties. Most often the headache itself is not a sign of the disease. Simply, it can be caused by fatigue, nervous overexertion, colds. However, there are cases when the headache is a symptom of very serious diseases.


  • tension headaches;
  • pain associated with blood pressure disorders;
  • cluster headaches;
  • Migraine.

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These species account for about 90% of all cases. The remaining 10% fall on pain, which are symptoms of a variety of diseases, including serious ones.

The intensity of this phenomenon is also very different. The pain can be squeezing, shooting, aching, strong and barely noticeable. Localization is also different. The head can ache in the frontal, occipital part, give in whiskey or encircle the entire head like a hoop.

If the head hurts behind the ears, then the reasons for this phenomenon can be quite a lot. Let us dwell on the most common of them, consider each in more detail.

2 Etiology of the disease

There are several causes of headaches, which are behind the ears. Among them:

  1. Epidemic parotitis. In people, this disease is called a mumps. This disease affects the salivary glands, causing their inflammation. Hence the swelling and pain behind the ears. In addition, the patient raises the temperature, there are other symptoms of a viral infection. Treatment should be started immediately, because parotitis is known for its complications, the most serious of which is male infertility.
  2. Otitis. Inflammation of the middle ear can be characterized by rather strong painful sensations, which are given behind the ear, secretions of pus. This disease affects the inner, outer or middle ear.
  3. Lymphadenitis. This is called inflammation of the lymph nodes, which usually happens after the transferred diseases. As a rule, this ailment signals a decrease in immunity and the presence of a foci of inflammation in the body. Among the symptoms - pain behind the right or left ear.
  4. Osteochondrosis. It leads to thinning of the cervical vertebrae, a violation of blood circulation, so a headache may well arise.
  5. Neuralgia. The disease affects the trigeminal nerve, which innervates the lower part of the face. Therefore, with neuralgia, a frequent phenomenon - pain, including behind the ear.
  6. Sinusitis. Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, which can cause pain in different parts of the head. This is due to a violation of the outflow of the contents of the sinus and inflammation of the mucosa.

Also, a carious tooth and a cluster of earwax can cause the pain behind the ear on the left or on the right. Carious cavity in the tooth - the gate for a variety of infections. Therefore, it is necessary to treat teeth in time, so as not to provoke a more serious disease.

Of course, if such a symptom happened only once, then do not panic. But if the pain behind the ears is strong, increasing, while there are other symptoms, then you need to consult a doctor.

3 Manifestation of mastoiditis

Mastoiditis is an infectious disease that affects the mastoid process located just behind the ears. This process has a porous structure that resembles a honeycomb structure, so it quickly fills with purulent contents. This can destroy its fragile structure, which will lead to the destruction of the mastoid process and the penetration of infection into other parts of the skull and into the brain.

The most severe consequences of this insidious disease are:

  1. Meningitis - inflammation of the membranes of the brain, which leads to very serious consequences and even to death.
  2. Brain abscess - the defeat of gray matter. Severe consequences - disability and even death.
  3. Labyrinthitis is an inflammation of the auditory labyrinth. This disease can lead to complete deafness.


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Symptoms of this disease are:

  • temperature increase;
  • general malaise;
  • pain with pressure behind the ear;
  • swelling;
  • hearing loss;
  • secretion of pus from the ears.

Treatment of the disease is carried out with ear drops, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs. It is important to start it on time to prevent the terrible complications of mastoiditis.

4 Therapeutic and prophylactic methods of

The way to treat this symptom will depend on the reasons that caused it. Sinusitis, otitis are treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. With osteochondrosis, massage and exercise therapy are shown. When parotitis requires an antiviral drug, and with lymphadenitis - immunostimulants.

The main thing is not to engage in self-medication and remember that such diseases are fraught with very serious complications. Therefore, without consulting an experienced doctor can not do. It is important to remember that all inflammatory processes, the localization of which is the head, are subject to very careful treatment. This is due to the fact that complications can affect the brain.

As for the prevention of diseases that cause pain behind the auricles, it is elementary:

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  • strengthening of immunity;
  • treatment of viral and inflammatory diseases;
  • no carious teeth;
  • thorough hygiene of the ears;
  • a healthy lifestyle.

In any case, when a similar symptom occurs, it is better to see a doctor. After all, only an experienced specialist can accurately determine how dangerous such a symptom is, whether it threatens with complications and how to treat the illness that caused it. Good health to you!

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