Rehabilitation for chronic gastritis

Inflammatory disease of the stomach mucosa, accompanied by dystrophic changes in the gastric mucosa - a chronic gastritis, affects today the majority of the world's population.

Chronic course of the disease affects the gastric mucosa, disrupts the glands and secretion of digestive juice. In patients, the level of acidity shifts, then towards lowering it, then towards increasing it. Food can not be fully absorbed. Also, the motor activity of the stomach is disturbed. Long-term treatment or rehabilitation of a patient with chronic gastritis is mainly aimed at prevention, reducing the frequency of relapses, normalizing all functions of the stomach.

Effective methods of rehabilitation for chronic gastritis

Prophylaxis and rehabilitation for chronic gastritis is carried out through an integrated approach to treatment, which helps to prevent exacerbation and hospitalization. These include:

  • drug therapy;
  • diet therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • exercises physical therapy and massage( in some cases);
  • traditional medicine;
  • elimination of bad habits from the patient's lifestyle;
  • sanatorium treatment.

There are also drug therapy as a method of rehabilitation, which includes the following drugs.

  1. Antibiotics - can relieve the stomach of infections and bacteria that cause the emergence of various types of gastritis.
  2. Means that regulate the functioning of the glands of the stomach and normalize the level of acidity, stop pain syndromes, stimulate metabolism, improve digestion;
  3. Means that reduce the activity of enzymes, neutralize the hydrochloric acid that is formed, remove acids.
  4. Isolation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach stimulates tinctures of wormwood, plantain, which contain a bitter taste.
  5. The multivitamins are necessarily included in the treatment package.

Diet therapy as a method of rehabilitation for chronic gastritis involves the use of a properly selected, balanced diet, which will be directed to treatment of the disease and its prevention. A competently selected set of products in the patient's menu sates the body with all the necessary nutrients, without damaging the mucous membrane. This includes a sparing diet.

Physiotherapy as a method of rehabilitation of chronic gastritis is carried out only during remission of the patient. During the rehabilitation period, the patient is prescribed the following procedures: mud treatment, epigastric applications from paraffin and ozocerite, electrophoresis, galvanization, UHF and others.

LFK and massage as methods of rehabilitation for chronic gastritis are also popular. Therapeutic physical culture, in the first place, include light loads of a recreational nature: long walks, easy running, swimming. To exercises of improving character it is possible to carry: общеукрепляющие, relaxing, respiratory gymnastics. Easy and deep massage of the abdomen to improve blood circulation to the patient can be done independently at home. Often, taking into account some forms of gastritis, a course of massage in a polyclinic department is appointed by a specialist. To conduct exercises of therapeutic gymnastics and massage is also possible during remission.

Methods of rehabilitation through traditional medicine are relevant to this day. After all, the mass of methods of traditional medicine can prevent the exacerbation of the disease and smooth its course. Usually a patient with chronic gastritis, after consulting with a therapist, can use various recipes at home.

It is necessary to eliminate bad habits during the rehabilitation period and after it completely get rid of them. Alcohol and smoking should completely disappear from the patient's lifestyle both during and after the rehabilitation of chronic gastritis, as these are irritating factors in the gastric mucosa.

Perhaps the most pleasant way to get rid of ailment is sanatorium treatment as a method of rehabilitation of the disease. Some forms of chronic gastritis have indications for spa treatment. Treatment is also recommended during remission. The patient shows drinking mineral water( under the supervision of a gastroenterologist), water procedures, sun baths, water rubs, baths with mineral water.

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