What is the disease of presbyopia of the eye and how to cure the pathology

3 Corrective measures

With timely access to a specialist, there is always the opportunity to carry out corrective measures and restore vision. The most common correction methods are:

  • optical;
  • microsurgical;
  • laser.

But before the beginning of any corrective actions the patient necessarily undergoes a number of diagnostic tests:

  • visual acuity check, here either special tables or devices can be used;
  • refractometry, with the help of the device, the refractive power of the eye is studied;
  • ophthalmometry, the radius of curvature of the surface of the cornea is studied;
  • tonometry, measured intraocular pressure and the ability of the eyeball to deform.

When all research results are received, the patient is sent for consultation to an ophthalmologist.

The most popular method so far is the use of glasses in presbyopia. The ophthalmologist has developed a special system of glass strength parameters for myopic people, which will allow to correct vision at different ages. So, if vision problems started at the age of 40 years, lenses +0.75 - +1 dtpr are recommended, in case when the disease progresses, then each subsequent 5 years, lenses are assigned to +0.5 dtp. If the patient did not treat the correction problem before the age of 65, but let the disease into its own right, then after 65 years such measures are not already conducted.


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If the patient has hypermetropia, then the degree of farsightedness is added to the value of the lens. Each ophthalmologist, when assigning corrective lenses, not only uses the developed system, but also applies glass to the eye in practice to make sure that the choice is correct.

Also very helpful in adjusting glasses that are designed for different kinds of work. It can be lenses with different refractive angles, with several foci, which allows you to work with objects near and far.

An integrated approach is an essential condition for corrective actions. Patients are given vitamin therapy, they offer special gymnastics for the eyes, reflexotherapy, electric stimulators, various eye simulators.

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As one of the treatment options, an ophthalmologist may be offered a surgical intervention.

With the help of the latest devices, the cornea affects the formation of the multifocal surface. This provides a near and far focus.

In the case when the lens is so old that it can not perform its immediate function, the doctors offer intraocular correction - a complete replacement of the lens for an artificial lens.

As a treatment option, refractive surgery can be used. This operation is aimed at changing the shape of the cornea of ​​the eye.

The most popular types of refractive surgery are:

  • Laser.

With the help of a special tool in the cornea, the eyes are made with a flap. Through it, remove the inner layers of the cornea, which makes the domed shape of the eyeball steeper. A feature of this method is exposure to the cornea without the use of high temperatures.

  • Keratoplasty.

Using radio frequency energy and high temperature, microscopic spots around the cornea of ​​the eye are made. This method is used less and less, since the time for which vision is restored is very short.

  • Subepithelial laser correction.

Here the effect is carried out on the cornea with a laser, but the epithelial flap is put in place.

  • Photorefractive surgery.

Here the removal of the epithelium of the cornea of ​​the eye occurs. After a short period of time, it is restored and occupies a normal position.

1 What changes occur with the eyes in the disease

Since this disease is typical for people aged 40 or over, the explanation of the development will be the physiological changes in the eyeball and lens. The crystalline lens suffers physico-chemical changes: dehydration, loss of tissue elasticity, densification. All this leads to the accommodation of the eye.

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The eye is a complex system that allows a person to clearly see objects located at different distances. The picture itself starts to form in the eye as soon as it passes through the cornea, which is a natural lens having a certain optical power.

The image is then passed through the eye fluid and enters the pupil. In the lens, the image is transformed into the retina in an inverted form and from here it follows the nerve impulses to the brain. It is there that the final processing of the image takes place.

When a person undergoes age-related changes in the eyeball, lens or cornea, problems with seeing objects at different distances may appear. It is these violations that are called presbyopia.

As shown by numerous medical studies, this disease is spreading more and more in many civilized countries. Presbyopia is especially bright in the USA and Europe. It is here that you can meet every second aged over 40 in glasses or lenses.

2 What causes the development of the disease

A person can not stop the natural aging of the body, including the lens. Age changes occur gradually, and the first signs do not always cause anxiety in a person, which leads to delay in treatment.

With age, the ciliary muscle weakens, which affects the curvature of the lens. This causes problems in focusing on various objects that are at a distance. If you respond in time to the first symptoms, know the main reasons that contribute to the development of presbyopia, then this process can be stopped.

According to medical theories, it is customary to talk about three reasons for the development of presbyopia:

  • an unbalanced diet that includes a limited amount of vitamins;
  • with the first violations in focusing on the subject, ignoring therapeutic gymnastics;
  • anatomical changes in the eyeball.

Doctors emphasize that the development of presbyopia in each person occurs in different ways, so there are no identical manifestations. But, after analyzing all the symptoms of the disease, we can distinguish the following, often occurring manifestations:

  • problems with the examination of small objects, the first sign is the inability to stretch a needle into the eye;
  • problems when reading a book, the letters begin to merge, or their color seems gray, many solve such a problem with bright lighting;
  • problems with reading, which are solved if the book is pushed further;
  • rapid and systematic eye fatigue;
  • very often in the eyes appears "fog", which prevents clearly distinguish objects.

4 Complex for treatment at home

Each doctor has a set of special exercises that allow you to adjust vision at home. It is extremely important to perform all of them in the established order, with the correct breathing and the required number of repetitions. Visible result will be obtained if such complexes are performed at least 2-3 times per day:

  1. The middle and index finger need to draw eight, with the eyes repeating the movements of the fingers. Rotation is first performed clockwise, then against it.
  2. You need to screw your eyes tight and relax them.
  3. The index finger is placed on the bridge of the nose, and both eyes try to look at it simultaneously.
  4. A label is drawn on the wall or window. The person departs to a distance of 2 m and tries to see it, then returns to 1 m. Such repetitions should be at least 10 times.

The complex of exercises is performed for at least 5 minutes, for 10-15 repetitions of each of them. This allows us to normalize blood circulation in the eyeball, improve the supply of oxygen to it.

Another set of exercises recommended by ophthalmologists to correct or prevent the development of presbyopia:

  1. Draw eyes eight in the air. During this exercise, you can not make sharp movements, all lines of the figure should be smooth.
  2. The index finger should be taken at arm's length. Eyes focus on that finger and then slowly lead it to the bridge of the nose. For 5 seconds, look at it in this position, and pull it back to its original position. During such an exercise, the sight should not be detached from the very finger.
  3. Within 30 minutes you need to look at your finger, which is at arm's length. Then the eyes are closed and they look at this finger for 30 seconds. Such exercises should alternate 5-7 times.
  4. Sitting on a chair, you need to tilt your head in different directions, lingering in each position for at least 30 seconds. Throwing your head, you need to watch to stretch the chin, and not clamped the neck. Such a complex allows improving the flow of blood to the head, which means feeding oxygen to the eyeball.

Already during the first month with regular exercise, eyesight will begin to improve, the systematic fatigue of the eyes will disappear. But do not abandon the implementation of complexes after recovery, such exercises - it is an excellent prevention of presbyopia.

5 Preventive measures

It is not necessary to wait for the age changes in the eyeball to begin, preventive measures should be better spent in youth, to protect one's health, to lead a healthy lifestyle.

People who are approaching the age of 40 should take care of vitamin complexes for the eyes. In them, the obligatory component must be lutein. It is also recommended to use special eye drops, they allow improving metabolic processes in the eyeball.

An excellent option is given by physiotherapy procedures. In order to prevent presbyopia, it is necessary to perform procedures that increase blood flow to the eye and eye tissues that surround it. For this, special "training glasses" can be used. They have at once 4 effects on the organ: phonophoresis, color therapy, pneumomassage, infrasound.

When using the computer for a long time, you should use "Natural tear" eye drops. They help to moisten the dried out eyeball and reduce the tension inside the eye.

Good eyesight is an opportunity to lead a full life. Each of us from nature gives birth to an opportunity to see well, and only a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular preventive measures will allow to keep eyesight and eye work in full order until the end of the day.

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