Nevus Settona: photos, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Sometimes on the skin of a person there is a stain that surrounds the discolored skin. Usually it does not deliver any uncomfortable sensations, so people with this problem rarely turn to the dermatologist.

What is Setton's nevus?

This is a benign formation that appears on the skin of different parts of the body. It is divided into:

  • multiple,
  • single.

The photo shows Setton's nevus

Because of the presence of the rim, this defeat is called the halonovus, which 1% of all inhabitants of our planet have.

The disease is often the result of atopic sunburn. However, studies have shown that with autoimmune problems, the nevus appears more often. This is confirmed by the presence of cytotoxic antibodies in the blood.

Education itself is a small nodule, a different saturation of brown. It differs by clear boundaries and an oval form. Its localization is the trunk or arms, less often the head.

Reasons for the appearance of

The main cause of the appearance are ultraviolet rays, especially when sun burns skin. The fact has been repeatedly proven by doctors.

However, the disease can manifest due to:

  • genetic disorders,
  • destruction of melanocytes by cells of the immune system.

In some cases, the appearance of the nevus is carried out before the development of vitiligo and is found in the immediate relatives of the sick person.

If the number of such moles becomes very large, the doctor may suspect that the inside of the eye is developing melanoma.

Symptoms of

Nevz Setton rarely causes cancer. Moreover, he is prone to spontaneous disappearance.

First appears pigmentary nevus, slightly protruding above the skin. Gradually, a circle of depigmented derma forms around it. Sometimes before this, people notice a slight reddening, which does not cause itching.

The main symptom is staged development. After the appearance of the rim, it gradually dyes into normal skin color. The whole process can take several years.

Methods of diagnosis

The presence of characteristic symptoms makes it easy to separate the disease from others. Complexity can appear only in a situation, if its appearance occurs against the background of vitiligo.

In this case, the dermatologist or oncologist directs the patient to:

  • siascopy,
  • dermatoscopy.

The first type of study is absolutely painless and shows the presence of melanocytes and dermal melanin. Such a diagnosis allows us to establish the true color of the tumor.

Dermatoscopy is performed according to the indications, if the neoplasm has changed shape or pain has appeared. It is also needed when changing the halo color or when the tissues grow around.

In rare cases, a biopsy is indicated. It allows to exclude the presence of malignant cells.

Since the nevus often appears in children, special attention is given to those who have light skin or a genetic predisposition to cancer. If the parents have noticed such a stain in the baby, it is necessary to show it to the oncodermatologist.

Treatment of halonevus

Usually, therapy is not performed, it is just worth periodically visiting a doctor and conducting an independent monitoring of the changes in the halonews.

It is recommended to use protective creams before a walk, to hide the formation under the clothes.

You should definitely stop visiting the solarium.

Doctors do not recommend sticking a patch on the affected area before sunbathing, as it can lead to irritation.

If, for objective reasons, the spot can not be differentiated, an operation can be recommended. Complete excision affects not only the nodule itself, but also the area of ​​healthy skin near it. After the procedure, stitches are applied.

Surgical intervention may be required when locating halonews in traumatic areas. Then there are manipulations with compliance with all the rules adopted for pigmented neoplasms.


If nevus Setton is not annoying, then the forecast is favorable. Due to the spontaneous disappearance of all the symptoms in a few years, you do not remember about it.

If the loss of pigment occurs in the central part or the depigmentation zone appears repeatedly, active surveillance is necessary.

To prevent the growth of education, you do not need to be under the sun in "dangerous hours".Also, doctors recommend avoiding stresses, as emotional shocks can result in autoimmune reactions.

The video shows the removal of moles on the skin of the trunk by the radio-wave surgery apparatus Surgitron:

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