Allochol and alcohol: compatibility, consequences, reviews of doctors and doctors

Sometimes, with pathologies of the liver and stomach, as well as disorders and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, patients are prescribed Allochol. Treatment with a similar medication is usually quite long, somewhere around a month, so often patients have a question about combining this drug with alcoholic beverages. After all, in life often there are various celebrations and events, the celebration of which can not be canceled or postponed. Some inhabitants and at all try to cure with the help of this drug from hangover syndrome and the effects of alcoholic influence on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to consider in more detail the possibility of combining alcohol with the drug Allohol.

Allochol and alcohol

So, Allochol tablets belong to the group of herbal preparations of choleretic action.

The drug has a fairly wide range of effects:

  • Normalizes bile-forming processes;
  • Minimizes the risk of concrements in the cavity of the gallbladder;
  • Favorably affects hepatic activity;
  • Improves the secretory function of all parts of the digestive system.

Indications for the use of the drug Allochol are pathologies like:
  1. Stone-forming processes in the cavity of the gallbladder;
  2. of cholecystitis;
  3. of the cholangitis;
  4. Dyskinesia of the biliary tract;
  5. of the Hepatitis;
  6. Constipation;
  7. As part of the recovery therapy after surgery on the biliary system and gallbladder.

The drug is taken to alleviate digestive activity, due to its ability to normalize bile secretion and accelerate metabolic processes. The components of the drug act so that the production of pancreatic juice improves, the bile ducts are cleared, and the slag accumulated in the intestine is actively excreted. Allochol is a herbal preparation and consists only of natural components like extracts of garlic and nettles, activated carbon and animal bile. But can you drink it right after alcohol?


If the patient suffers from alcohol dependence, then Allohol is strictly forbidden to take it. Most alcohol dependent patients suffer from hepatic dystrophy, in which the structure of the organ tissues changes. Against the background of such pathological conditions, the use of the drug will lead to prolonged diarrhea and vomiting.

As for a few people who drink, the drug is taken after alcoholic libations and a plentiful feast. At this time, alcohol has already penetrated into the blood and began to be metabolized, and in the intestine is full of undigested food. Therefore, neutralize the negative effects of ethanol metabolites drug just does not have time. Consequently, taking the drug with alcohol and alcoholics is strictly contraindicated.

By the way, according to the instructions, the drug is contraindicated in acute forms of pancreatitis, hepatitis, hepatic dystrophy, ulcerative processes in the duodenum or stomach and the presence of concrements in the gallbladder cavity, kidneys, etc. Also the drug can not be taken with intolerance of its components, obstructive jaundice andcalculous cholecystitis.


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Possible consequences of

When alcohol is combined with Allochol tablets, the following reactions occur:

  • Continuous diarrhea that persists;
  • Nausea-vomiting syndrome, provoked by excessive strain on the liver, due to the mixing of alcohol with the drug;
  • Spasmment of biliary tract sphincters;
  • Chlamydia disorders;
  • Spastic soreness.

In the best case, the action of the drug simply does not follow, but still more often the above reactions occur. In addition, when combined with alcohol, there is often an aggravation of the side effects of the drug like an allergic reaction.

Allochol for alcohol poisoning

When people excessively abuse alcohol, the body reacts to similar liberties with painful sensations in the right hypochondrium, which is associated with the reaction of the gallbladder and liver to large alcohol overloads. If you start taking Allochol, then unpleasant soreness will disappear. This is due to the ability of the drug to stop the harmful toxic effects of alcohol. Allochol removes alcoholic toxins from the body, which allows you to assign its rehabilitation periods for the treatment of alcoholism, but only under medical supervision.

But when the intestine of the patient is packed with ethanol metabolites and the remnants of not digested products, it is necessary to resort to additional cleaning of the stomach, sorbents intake and enemation, or the prescription of a laxative. And the preparations of choleretic action will not be able to provide the proper effect on the patient. Therefore, with hangover syndrome, you can not take Allochol on your own.

And even more foolish to think that with prolonged abuse of alcohol can completely restore health with the help of Allohol. After the drunken use of hot drinks, there are such dangerous consequences that Alloholom can not handle the situation here.


So, you can not take Allochol in combination with alcohol. It is better to wait until the end of treatment, after which you can visit various feasts. Doctors categorically do not recommend taking pills in order to get rid of hangover syndrome.

As for the patients combining Allochol with alcohol, the responses were somewhat divided. To some patients, the drug really helped to speed up the course of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, but there are also those who developed severe vomiting, and then tormented diarrhea for several days. The organism reacts to such a combination in different ways, so it's better not to experiment.

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